Bedlam Veil Dungeon Guide ESO

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Bedlam Veil Dungeon Guide

Welcome to my Detailed Bedlam Veil Dungeon Guide for ESO! Bedlam Veil is one of the two Dungeons available with the Scions of Ithelia DLC, along with Oathsworn Pit. Its physical entrance is located on the Western part of the Wrothgar zone. In order to enter the dungeon, by foot(Orsinium DLC) or via the Group and Activity Finder, you will need access to the Scions of Ithelia DLC(purchase or ESO Plus).

This Bedlam Veil Dungeon Guide is focusing on the mechanics of the Bosses you can fight inside. It will also show you where to find all Secrets in the Dungeon and how to solve them. The Dungeon consists of three areas with a main Boss on each area with their unique attacks and mechanics. In the last area of the Dungeon you can also find three interesting puzzles that will reward you with loot, as well as unique buffs to use in the final Boss fight.

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Armor Sets in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

Before you dive into the action, you should take a look at the Armor Sets you can farm inside this Dungeon. Like with every other Dungeon in ESO, Bedlam Veil drops pieces from one Light, one Medium, one Heavy and One Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Maelstrom Arena Mechanics in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

Bedlam Veil is a unique Dungeon that incorporates interesting Maelstrom Arena Mechanics to 4-man group content for the first time! While traversing the dungeon you will encounter familiar mechanics from the most difficult stages of the Maelstrom Arena. These mechanics will appear during Boss fights but also when you try to clear normal enemies. To become familiar with the Arena Mechanics or freshen up your knowledge you can take a look at my Maelstrom Arena Guide!

Bedlam Veil also includes several enemies and attacks first seen in the Infinite Archive. If you have cleared a few Arcs in the Archive you will be familiar with those enemies and the attacks you can expect from them. Feel free to take a look at my Infinite Archive Guide before stepping into the Dungeon!

Main Bosses in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

There are three main Bosses in the Dungeon, one at the end of each area. Each Boss has its own unique attacks and moves. The Bedlam Veil Dungeon Bosses are:

  • Shattered Champion
  • Darkshard
  • The Blind

Keep reading below to find out what their attack moves are and how you can defeat them easily!

bedlam veil
Shattered Champion Location

How to Defeat Shattered Champion Boss in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

You will encounter Shattered Champion at the end of the first Dungeon Area. This Boss is basically a Glass Atronach, that resembles Tho’at Replicanum from the Infinite Archive and uses several similar skills.

Shattered Champion

A relatively easy Boss with a few strong attacks and AOE effects. His main attacks consist of the following:

  • Powerful Heavy Attack that stomps the ground and can knock you down. Block this attack at all costs or get out of the way.
  • Places an effect on you that after a few moments summons an AOE on your location with a hit of its foot on the ground. The AOE remains on the ground and deals damage if you enter inside. Try to place it farther from your group.
  • Summons Glass Fragments, smaller versions of the Boss, that attack you with projectiles. Kill them fast to avoid filling up the small arena and overwhelming you and your group.
  • Summons Blind Path Glaziers(mages) that fire a Beam to the Boss, turning it invulnerable. Kill the mages as fast as possible to continue dealing damage to the Boss.
  • At around 70% of its Health, the boss will summon an outer ring of Glass in the arena. Touching the ring damages you.
  • At around 50% of its Health, the boss will summon another, inner this time, ring of Glass, further limiting the arena size. Position yourself in the open space and continue attacking the Boss.

While its Health is going down, the Boss will start summoning its minions and deploying AOE attacks more often. Kill the Glaziers fast to disable its invulnerable phase and avoid the Glass rings in the arena.

bedlam veil
Hall of Barons

How to Defeat Darkshard Boss in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

You will find the Darkshard Boss in the second area of the Dungeon, the Hall of Barons. In this area you will encounter several Maelstrom Arena mechanics, during the Boss fight but also on your way to the Boss. There is an achievement you can complete here as well. By visiting the five areas on the edge of the map and reading the stone plaques found there, you can unlock the Veiled Historian Achievement! This Boss is a special type of Mind Terror that summons more enemies during the fight.


The three figures hanging beside the Boss are mini bosses the Darkshard will summon when its Health drops enough. This Boss’s main attacks and mechanics are as follows:

  • Darkshard shrieks which results in pushing you back and stunning you. While it shrieks it also summon a ground AOE on its feet.
  • Heavy Charged Attack that turns it invisible right before it hits you. Block this attack to avoid big damage.
  • Darkshard also performs a shout attack in a cone in front of it. The Tank should keep the Boss facing away from the rest of the group.
  • At around 80% of its Health, the Boss will summon Maxus the Many and leave the area. Maxus summons minions in the form of Elementalists(mages) and militants(melee). They will attack you with stationary and a chasing AOE, projectiles and melee attacks. Kill Manus to force the Darkshard to appear again. Now the Darkshard can summon Maxus Militants and Elementalists as well.
  • At around 60% of its Health, Darkshard will summon the Champion of Atrocity and leave the area. This fight resembles a lot Spiral Shadows, the Stage 6 of the Maelstrom Arena. While fighting the Champion of Atrocity, Venomous Hoarvors will appear in the area. Kill them near the webbed Obelisks or shoot the Venom Grenade they leave behind to reveal all Obelisks. Revealing all of them will stun every enemy in the area.
  • Spiderlings will appear as well. Reveal an Obelisk to create a safe area from them and move there with your party. Spider Daedra, Void Lurchers and Webspinners are a few more enemies that make their appearance. Prioritize killing Webspinners so they do not fill Obelisks with Web again. After some time the Champion of Atrocity will enrage. Make sure to reveal all Obelisks and stun her to stop this. Almost exactly like in Stage 6 of Maelstrom Arena.
  • When you kill Champion of Atrocity, Darkshard will return but every enemy that has appeared already will continue appearing. As well as the Obelisks, Spiderlings and Web mechanics.
  • At around 40% of its Health, Darkshard will summon everyone’s favorite. The Argonian Behemoth! This turns the area into Vault of Umbrage basically, which is the Stage 7 of the Maelstrom Arena. Which also means Poison Flowers all around you! The Behemoth does its usual attacks. Spits on the ground to poison and slow you down, stomps the ground, summons Argonian Minders and enrages. Kill one Argonian Minder and enter the other’s shield to survive when the Behemoth enrages.
  • Avoid the poisonous flowers at any cost. If you get near and become affected by their AOE you will die very fast. If that happens get into one of the water pools to negate their poison.
  • Once you kill the Behemoth, the Darksdhard will return. Kill it to proceed. Every enemy and mechanic you have encountered in this Boss fight will be active until the Darkshard is dead.

A more challenging Boss, mainly because of the Maelstrom Arena mechanics you have to remember. The mechanics are happening at the same time and in a smaller area which makes this Boss fight harder.

bedlam veil
Skyvault Map

How to Defeat The Blind Boss in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

The Blind is the final Boss of the Dungeon, that you can find at the end of the last area, the Skyvault! In this area you will also find three puzzles that can offer valuable buffs for the final fight.

The Blind

The Blind is an interesting Boss with a few mechanics never seen before in ESO! It starts with normal attack moves in the area or a cone in front her, that the Tank can easily block while turning the Boss away from the rest of the party. This Boss’s attacks quickly escalate though.

  • Summons a ground AOE at the feet of a player that stays around, dealing damage. Try to move away from your group if you get this.
  • Does a larger AOE attack that affects the area around the player. Block it to avoid big damage. This attack is coming when The Blind starts levitating.
  • Can also summon Mirrorplasms enemies that attack you with projectiles.
  • At around 80% of its Health, The Blind will go to the edge of the area and summon four shadow skeletons. The Skeletons will remain there and you cannot hurt them. While The Blind is at the edge you cannot hurt her either.
  • Throughout the fight each Skeleton will throw AOE at you that will slowly move forward in a line in front of them. Move around the area while fighting The Blind to avoid their AOEs and extra damage.
  • At 60% Health, The Blind will go again at the edge and one of the Skeletons will fire a Beam in a line in front of it. This will happen twice! Avoid the Beam or use the Zephyrus Obscuris to reduce its effect. At this point The Blind also summons Glass Remnants, smaller versions of the Shattered Champion Boss! The remnants attack you with projectiles mostly. The Blind will repeat this at 40% of its Health.
  • After The Blind’s Health drops to 40%, the Shadow Skeletons will start firing their beams randomly during the fight.
  • At 20% of its Health The Blind will go again at the edge and the intensity of the Skeletons’ AOEs will increase.
Shadow Skeletons

A tough Boss fight with several AOEs and effects happening at the same time. You will have to move around to avoid getting extra damage from the Skeletons’ attacks while hurting The Blind!

All Puzzles in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

There are three secret puzzles in the Bedlam Veil Dungeon you can solve. You can find all three in Skyvault, the final area of the Dungeon. Solving them will reward you with a Trinket Chest which contains various items, including pieces from the Armor Sets that drop in the Dungeon. Each Puzzle will also grant you a unique buff:

  • Zephyrus Obscuris
  • Ocular Disperser
  • Catatonic Disruptor

You can find the location of each puzzle on the Skyvault Map above.

bedlam veil
First Puzzle

How to Solve the First Puzzle in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

This first puzzle is rather easy. It asks you to deactivate two lines in order to leave three squares behind. Use the buttons in front of the puzzle to select your desired crystal and the other button to switch with the second crystal. Pick the two crystals that form a 90 degree Corner like the picture above. Solving the puzzle will grant you the Zephyrus Obscuris Buff. With this buff active “When backed up against a barrier, you can destroy threats to the barrier and protect the land in front of you from additional attacks for a few seconds. Shares a cooldown with other magical protection charms”.

bedlam veil
Second Puzzle

How to Solve the Second Puzzle in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

The second puzzle is also easy but trickier. This time you have to deactivate two lines in order to leave two squares behind. Pick the two crystals that form a 90 degree corner inside the square. This will leave behind a larger and a smaller square, solving the puzzle and granting you the Ocular Disperser Buff. With this buff “Protect yourself from hazardous waves and watch as they part before you. Shares a cooldown with other magical protection charms”.

bedlam veil dungeon
Third Puzzle

How to Solve the Third Puzzle in Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO

This one is tougher depending on the available variation. You need to deactivate three lines to leave four squares behind. Solving this puzzle will grant you the Catatonic Disruptor buff. With this Buff you can “Force your Attackers to the ground with a strong gravitational pull! Shares a cooldown with other magical protection charms.” Solving all three puzzles inside the Bedlam Veil Dungeon will also unlock the Maelstrom’s Lockpick Achievement!

Third Puzzle Second Variation

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