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Champion Points Guide

Champion Points in ESO is an additional progression system after level 50. Once your character hits that level, will continue earning experience in order to unlock Passive and Slottable Traits. Those Traits can help you transform your character into anything you want and become better in a specific role or activity.

Champion Points are important to fulfill the role of DPS, Healer or Tank more efficiently but can also help with other activities like fishing, crafting or stealing. While you have to level up your characters up to level 50 separately, Champion Points are account wide. That means that once you gain a Champion Point, it will be available for all of your characters. This Champion Points Guide will focus on the new Champion System 2.0, available with Update 29 & beyond and will help you understand what Champion Points are and how to assign them properly.

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How to Earn Champion Points in ESO

In order to earn Champion Points you do not need to perform a complicated and unique activity. Just keep playing the game and leveling up like before. Every activity that was earning you levels until level 50, will earn you Champion Points now. Fighting, Crafting, Gathering, Quests and Exploration all reward you with experience that will help you earn more Champion Points faster.

The Leveling up method you were using before to reach 50, will work for Champion Points as well. Enlightenment is also very helpful for gaining Champion Points too! A passive boost to earning experience basically, enlightenment helps with getting those precious Points faster and will help you reach your goals sooner.

Every time you fill your experience bar threshold, you earn one Champion Point from one of the three Constellations. The next time you earn enough experience, you get a point from the second Constellation in the row, the next time from the third and then back again to the first constellation, until you have reached your Champion Points Cap and there is nothing else to gain.

Constellations & Champion Points Cap in ESO

In total there are three constellations in the Elder Scrolls Online:

Warfare is focusing on combat and offers traits that will help you fulfill the roles of DPS, Healer or Tank more efficiently. Fitness is focusing more on Defense and attributes, recovery boost. Craft is focusing more on bonuses to your everyday life in ESO, like crafting, stealing, fishing, traveling and moving around. All three constellations are important and will allow you to create the character of your dreams, based on your Traits choices.

How many Champion Points can you Get in ESO

Like with normal levels, Champion Points also have a Cap, a limit. That limit is at 3600 Points! It might sound like a lot of points to get but you do not need all 3600 to be effective in ESO. The new system is designed with horizontal progression in mind and the ability for players to switch Traits in order to perform differently in and outside of combat.

How Do Champion Points Work in ESO

Stars are the heart of the Champion Points System in ESO. You earn Champion Points in order to unlock Stars and earn their bonuses. Every Constellation has its own unique Stars, which are divided in Passive and Slottable.

However you cannot start allocating points to every Star in a constellation immediately. You must first unlock their paths by assigning points to Stars before them in the tree. For example if you wish to put some points into the Blessed Star in the Warfare Constellation, you have first to assign points to Eldritch Insight and unlock the path. Creating Paths is very important in the new system, since it allows you to reach the Stars of your choice and invest points to them. Be aware! Removing your points from a Star will remove its bonus from you but will also destroy the paths starting from it.

Stars are also separated in stages. Some Stars might have multiple stages. By spending Points to those Stars you unlock their stages and earn their described bonus. The more points you spend, the more stages you unlock and the better the bonus you get.

Passive Stars

Those are Stars that grant you their bonus the moment you assign points to them. You do not have to do anything else. As long as you have points assigned to those stars, you will benefit from them.

Slottable Stars

Those are Stars that you have to slot before you can get their bonus! No matter how many points you have allocated to them, their bonus will be active only when you slot them in one of the four empty spots on top of the constellation.

Every constellation can have up to four only active slottable stars at the same time. This choice is the core of horizontal progression in this new system and will allow you to customize your characters. This is also the reason why not all 3600 points are necessary to be efficient!

Around 500-600 points in each constellation are more than enough to perform every role and enjoy the benefits of the Champion System. All thanks to Slottable Stars and the freedom they provide you. You can swap Slottable Stars in and out any time you are not in combat, at no additional cost.


Some unique Stars work as portals to sub-constellations. These are colored purple and will guide you into another smaller constellation with new Stars. You can apply points to those stars like you would normally and get their bonuses, based on their Passive or Slottable nature.

How to Allocate Champion Points

So how to spend your points? If you have more than 1000, just pick everything you want. If you are just getting started with Champion Points though, you need to follow an allocation strategy!

Your first priority should be to unlock Stars and create Paths. Locate the Slottable Stars you want to activate and unlock everything before them. Assign as few points as possible, just to unlock the path. Spend enough points to get the first stage of a star, unlock it and then move on to the next one in the path.

When you reach your desired slottable star, unlock it with the necessary points and activate it. Unlock all required Stars to create the necessary paths first. Only then start filling out your Passive and Slottable Stars, to maximize their bonus. Slottable Stars will have a bigger impact on your play-style, so start with them.

Champion Points Focus

This Champion Points Guide is not complete without mentioning the available Stars and their focus. Every Constellation has Stars that are focusing on specific roles or play-style. This is what they look like at the moment.


General Combat

  • Passive Stars: Piercing – Precision – Quick Recovery – Hardy – Elemental Aegis – Preparation
  • Slottable Stars: Resilience – Arcane Supremacy – Endless Endurance – Untamed Aggression

DPS (Magicka & Stamina)

  • Passive Stars: Flawless Ritual – War Mage, Battle Mastery – Mighty
  • Slottable Stars: Master-at-Arms – Weapons Expert – Deadly Aim – Thaumaturge – Biting Aura – Fighting Finesse – Backstabber – Reaving Blows – Wrathful Strikes – Occult Overload – Exploiter – Force of Nature


  • Passive Stars: Blessed
  • Slottable Stars: Enlivening Overflow – From the Brink – Hope Infusion – Salve of Renewal – Focused Mending – Soothing Tide – Swift Renewal – Cleansing Revival – Rejuvenator – Foresight – Fighting Finesse


Slottable Stars: Unassailable – Duelist’s Rebuff – Enduring Resolve – Riposte – Bulwark – Reinforced – Last Stand – Cutting Defense – Ironclad


Movement Related

  • Passive Stars: Sprinter – Hasty
  • Slottable Stars: Rousing Speed – Celerity – Thrill of the Hunt – Refreshing Stride

Defense – Block

  • Passive Stars: Tireless Guardian – Fortification – Nimble Protector – Savage Defense – Bashing Brutality
  • Slottable Stars: On Guard – Bracing Anchor – Ward Master – Soothing Shield

Stats Boost – Recovery

  • Passive Stars: Hero’s Vigor
  • Slottable Stars: Strategic Reserve – Siphoning Spells – Bloody Renewal – Boundless Vitality – Rejuvenation – Peace of Mind

Shield Effect

Slottable Stars: Shield Master – Bastion – Arcane Alacrity


  • Passive Stars: Tempered Soul
  • Slottable Stars: Spirit Mastery

Evasion – Survival

  • Passive Stars: Mystic Tenacity – Piercing Gaze – Tumbling – Defiance
  • Slottable Stars: Survival Instincts – Expert Evasion – Juggernaut – Hardened – Slippery – Unchained – Fortified – Sustained by Suffering – Pain’s Refuge – Relentlessness


Money Making – Gathering

  • Passive Stars: Gilded Fingers – Fortune’s Favor – Wanderer – Steadfast Enchantment – Breakfall – Soul Reservoir
  • Slottable Stars: Rationer – Liquid Efficiency – Treasure Hunter – Master Gatherer – Plentiful Harvest – Homemaker – Professional Upkeep


Slottable Stars: Reel Technique – Angler’s Instincts


  • Passive Stars: Out of sight – Fleet Phantom
  • Slottable Stars: Sustaining Shadows – Steed’s Blessing – Gifted Rider – War Mount


Slottable Stars: Friends in low places – Infamous – Shadowstrike – Cutpurse’s Art – Fade Away


  • Passive Stars: Inspiration Boost
  • Slottable Stars: Meticulous Disassembly

I will continue updating this Champion Points Guide as the system evolves.

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