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ESO Leveling Guide

This ESO Leveling Guide will show you the most effective ways of leveling up (group and solo) and help you reach your goals faster. There are many ways to level up your characters in The Elder Scrolls Online but some are faster than others!

The method you choose depends on your favorite way of playing and your goals. If you are new to ESO it is logical to take your time and admire the Lore and World of Tamriel. If you are creating a new Alt on the other hand you will probably want to finish leveling up faster. To level up efficiently you should use all of these methods together and not just stick to one until you reach the maximum level.

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Preparation – ESO Leveling Guide

You can follow every method from the moment you create your character and enter the world of ESO. But if you wish to be more efficient and level up faster, then there are some things you should do first. The following ways that can boost your EXP can also help you to level up your Companions faster!

Experience Buffs

Several experience scrolls and potions exist in the game. Buffs that you should be using if your goal is to reach a specific level, as fast as possible. These items offer a 50% – 100% – 150% boost to your earned experience and are easy to get.

Experience scrolls are available as rewards from crown crates and you can also buy them from the crown store with crown gems. It is possible to get several scrolls for free as your daily login reward as well.

You can buy Ambrosia potions directly from other players or through the Guild Traders, which is one of the best ways for players to sell items and make gold in ESO. If you have the appropriate skills and materials you can even craft the potions yourself. Potions and scrolls do not stack and you can have active only one of those every time. They do stack with event experience buffs though. Because of this, it is faster to power-level a character when one of the game’s events is live.

Training Gear

Using training gear is another great way to gain even more experience. Training gear is increasing the experience you get from kills and will help you level up faster. The better the quality of the gear, the more experience you earn. 7% extra XP for White gear, up to 11% for Gold gear. You can buy training gear from other players or craft it yourself.

To be more efficient it will be wise to replace your training gear every ten or fifteen levels. To avoid unnecessary costs, improving your gear to blue quality only will be enough.

Unlock skill-lines

Finally, before you set out to begin your adventure do not forget to unlock the skill-lines you want to level up along with your character. Unlock the weapons you want to use, armor and guild lines and place skills from them onto your main bar to level them up.

What is the Best Way to Level Up in ESO – ESO Leveling Guide

Questing and Exploring is a great way to become familiar with the game and enjoy everything it has to offer. It is also the best way to casually level up and learn how to play. This more relaxed method, is recommended mostly for new players. Even if you wish to level up fast you can always go back for some questing or exploration to relax. These are the most efficient ways to level up in The Elder Scrolls Online:

1. Clearing Dolmens/Dark Anchors – ESO Leveling Guide

One of the fastest ways to level up in ESO and my favorite way to level up new characters in the game. Most areas in ESO have three Dolmens/Dark Anchors, you can clear repeatedly for a nice experience reward and of course other items.

Usually there are groups of players clearing Dolmens. Groups that you can join and earn experience together. Some areas are better than other when following this method. How good an area is depends on the proximity of the Dolmens to a wayshrine, which determines how fast you can travel to them. In those areas more and bigger groups of players are active, making it easy to join one and level up fast.

The best area is Alik’r Desert with one – two groups almost always active. Other good areas include Auridon, Deshaan and Bangkorai. To travel to any area in the game, all you have to do is talk to the appropriate Navigator NPC. After talking to two or three of them you will have reached your destination and be able to start leveling up.

When you arrive in the area, Alik’r in our example, type /z to enter the zone chat, then +dolmen to receive a party invite from the active groups. Once you join the party, follow the other players, clear dolmens and enjoy your earned experience. Another reason why this method is really good, is because it also levels up your Fighters Guild skill-line.

2. Daily Group Content – ESO Leveling Guide

Once you hit level 10, you unlock the Dungeon Finder and Battlegrounds. Completing your first dungeon and getting at least second place in a Battlegrounds match every day will reward you with bonus experience. The experience gain is massive, especially for new characters, so you should do both every day.

eso leveling guide

3. XP Grind – ESO Leveling Guide

Like with other MMORPGs, XP Grind exists in ESO as well and can be very efficient. The trick is to find a good spot with plenty of enemies(preferably in groups) that respawn fast. You can do this at any level as long as you have some AOE skills available.

Some of the Best XP Grind Spots in ESO are The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Sentinel Docks in Alik’r Desert and Spellscar in Craglorn. For a full list of the Best XP Grind Spots in ESO you can take a look at my Best XP Grind Spots Guide.

4. Skyreach Catacombs – ESO Leveling Guide

Skyreach Catacombs is an instanced group area and a perfect place to power-level a new character. You need at least another person in party with you for this method to work. You can go there with a friend of yours, to level up together, a higher level than yours friend to help you level up faster or you can even hire another player to power-level you. Many veteran players offer their services in the area for a modest fee.

eso leveling guide

Inside the catacombs there are several groups of enemies that you can stack together and kill faster for great experience gains. Follow the circular route, kill the enemies, reset the instance and repeat. You can find the Catacombs in the Craglorn zone. You can travel there by using the Star-Gazer Herald’s cart at your Alliance’s Capital.


What is the Fastest Way to Level Up in ESO?

The Fastest Way to level up in ESO is a combination of different methods that will grant you the best possible experience every day. Grinding enemies at specific spots for XP is one of the best methods but there are other you should follow too! To find more about the best level up methods in ESO, you can read this ESO Leveling Guide!

Where to Grind XP in ESO?

Grinding XP is one of the best ways to level up in ESO! Some of the best places for this activity include Public Dungeons like the Vile Manse in Reaper’s March and Obsidian Scar in Rivenspire. For a full list of the best spots to grind XP in ESO you can read this ESO Grind XP Spots Guide!

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