eso companion leveling guide

Best Companion Leveling Guide for ESO

ESO Companion Leveling Guide

Companion Leveling in The Elder Scrolls Online is very similar to leveling your characters! There is one major difference though! Companions can only level up from experience earned from combat kills! This makes grinding enemies necessary to level up your Companion to the maximum level, which is twenty(20)!

This ESO Companion Leveling Guide will show you the best and fastest way to level up your Companions!

To learn more about Companions in ESO, you can read my Companions System Guide! If you are looking for a Build for your favorite Companion, please take a look at my Companions Builds Guides!

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Companions only earn a fraction of the experience characters earn from every kill! Because of this, it might take a while to reach the maximum level! However there are a few ways you can boost the EXP earned by Companions. These ways are similar to how you can boost the EXP earned by your characters when Leveling them up as well!

Training Gear

Before you start killing enemies for EXP gains, make sure that your character is wearing a full set of Training Gear! Training Gear boosts the EXP you earn from every kill by a certain percentage. The better the quality of the gear, the better the EXP Boost you can earn.

A white(normal) piece of gear will offer a 7% boost to EXP, while a Gold(Legendary) piece of gear will offer an 11%! Gold Weapons on the other hand can offer a 9% boost to EXP! So having a full set of Gold Training Armor(seven pieces) and a Gold Weapon will offer you an 86% Boost to EXP!

Improving your gear up to Epic(purple) quality is usually enough though. The cost is significantly lower and the boost to EXP is great as well. 10% from each Armor piece and 8% from weapons, so in total a 78% Boost to EXP!

If you use the Heartland Conqueror Crafted Set you can also get an additional 9% EXP Boost from your Weapon! This raises your EXP Boost to 87%!

You can craft the gear yourself or buy it from other players.

EXP Drinks & Scrolls

Another way to boost the EXP you earn is by using appropriate EXP Drinks and Scrolls! Drinks like Psijic Ambrosia and experience Scrolls offer a boost of 50%-100%-150%, depending on the item you use.

You can craft the Drinks yourself or buy them from other players. You can get the Scrolls as a Daily Login reward or buy them from the Crown Store.

The Drinks and Scrolls do not stack with each other. They do stack though with 100% EXP Bonuses from Events when they are live!

If you combine all these methods of boosting your earned EXP, then you can get an EXP Bonus of up to 345% with gold gear!

Other EXP Bonuses include:

  • 10% from ESO Plus subscription and Ring of Mara(Wedding)
  • 10% from grouping with another player
  • 15% Monster Kill experience from Mora’s Whispers Mythic Item(based off how many books of Shalidor’s Library you have collected)

So in total you can get a 390% EXP Boost and help your Companion level up faster.

How to Level up Companion fast

Since Companions only earn EXP from Combat kills, the best and fastest way to level them up is by grinding enemies! The more enemies you can kill as fast as possible, the faster your Companion will level up.

Areas with several groups of enemies close to each other are the best for this method. These areas will have competition, since other players will want to level up as well there. But they are still the best to level up your companion while earning EXP and gold for yourself as well!

Some of the best grind spots include:

The Vile Manse Public Dungeon in Reaper’s March zone. Consists of two floors and offers a circular route you can follow in each floor. In order to enter the Dungeon you have to accept a short quest in the Villa above first.

Spellscar in Craglorn. North of Belkarth and offers a large area with many groups of enemies around. Great place to grind XP.

Verrant Morass in Greenshade zone. North of Marbruk with several groups of Feral Bosmers to kill around. Easy to kill and fast to respawn.

eso companion leveling guide

These are only a few of the best places you can visit to grind EXP. For a full list of the best places to level up your Companion, you can take a look at my ESO Best Grind XP Spots!

Other ways to level up Companion

Clearing Dolmens and in general World Events around Tamriel, is an alternative but slower way to level up your Companion. This is because Companions only earn experience from kills and will not benefit from the EXP bonus when clearing the Dolmen.

Another more relaxed approach to Companion Leveling is to roam around along with them, exploring new zones and killing enemies that you find. Slower but more relaxing!

Companion Skills Level Up

Companions also have a few skill lines that you can level up! All of them except Guild skill lines, level up from experience earned from killing enemies!

To level up their Guild lines, you will have to complete appropriate Daily Quests!

Guild Skills Level Up

Companion Guild lines level up only by doing Guild Daily Quests. In total there are ten levels of each Guild and every Daily Quests advance the rank by one level. So in total you will have to complete ten Daily Quests.

You can accept the Quests from Bolgrul for Undaunted, Alvur Baren for the Mages Guild and Cardea Gallus for the Fighters Guild.

You can find all three in the Alliances’ Capitals:

  • Elden Root-Grahtwood
  • Mournhold-Deshaan
  • Wayrest-Stormhaven

Alternatively you can use the Companion Guild Commendation consumables from the Impresario to advance the Guild Rank of your Companion! This consumable costs three(3) Event Tickets and makes its debut with the Zeal of Zenithar Event 2022!

It is available for all three Companion Guilds, Undaunted, Fighters and Mages Guild and when you use it it advances their rank to the next level! The Companion Guild Commendation consumables will be available every time an Event is live!

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