ESO Event Guides

Detailed Event Guides for ESO. How to participate in Event Celebrations and earn Event Tickets. Where to go for each Event and what kind of rewards you can earn!

Events are active only a few weeks every year and their rewards can vary. Completing Daily Quests is usually a great source of Event Tickets. A special currency necessary to buy special items, like the Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet and its morphs or one of the many cool Indrik Mounts!

Available Events in ESO

Events in ESO are divided in permanent Events(Events that take place annually) and one-time events(Events that celebrate a new release or a special occasion). Some of the permanent Events in ESO also offer a 100% EXP Bonus, which makes them a great way to level up your character or a new Alt!

The permanent Events of ESO that happen every year are:

Below you can find Several Event Guides for permanent and One-time Events!

Events in ESO are a great way to earn special items, Armor Sets, level up your Character or Companions and in general enjoy the game more!

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