Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event Guide ESO

Pan Elsweyr Celebration Event

The Pan Elsweyr Celebration Event begins Thursday, July 22 at 10:00 AM EDT and will run until Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 AM EDT. The Event revolves around the two Elsweyr Zones of ESO, Northern and Southern Elsweyr. To access the zones, the Elsweyr and Dragonhold DLCs or an ESO Plus subscription are required. During the Event, players can earn extra loot and double rewards from completing activities in the two zones. These rewards also include Pages from the new Ja’zennji Siir Style!

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How to Participate

Participation to the event is very simple. You can accept the free “A Visit to Elsweyr” Event Quest from the Crown Store or simply teleport to the two zones and start completing activities.

elsweyr event guide

Pan Elsweyr Celebration Event Rewards

Certain activities in the two Elsweyr zones will offer bonus rewards. To receive extra rewards during the event you can kill Dragons, kill Delve, Overworld, Public Dungeon and Sunspire Trial Bosses, harvest resources.

These activities as well as opening chests, safeboxes or Thieves Troves, Psijic portals, opening a Dragonguard Sanctum Supply Cache and looting enemies or items, also have a chance to reward you with an Elsweyr Coffer. Elsweyr Coffers can contain:

  • Motif and Style items related to the two Elsweyr zones
  • Armor Sets’ pieces from the two zones
  • Treasure Maps for the two zones
  • Crafting Materials and Transmutation Crystals
  • Pages for the new Ja’zennji Siir Style

The first time you complete a Daily Quest every day, in either of the two zones, you will also earn a Glorious Elsweyr Coffer. These contain the same rewards with the normal coffers but have a guaranteed drop of a Motif Chapter Style Page or a page for the new Ja’zennji Siir Style.

Elsweyr Daily Quests

There are several Daily Quests you can accept and complete in the two Elsweyr Zones! You can find three Daily Quests in Northern Elsweyr and four in Southern Elsweyr.

Northern Elsweyr Daily Quests

In Northern Elsweyr you can accept Daily Quest from the NPC Ri’hir, Nisuzi and Battlereeve Tanerline. They are all located in the Capital Rimmen, South of the town’s Wayshrine and you can accept their quests immediately after visiting the zone. There is no need to complete another task before.

  • Ri’Hirr offers Overworld Bosses quests. Defeat a specific boss and complete simple tasks nearby to complete the quest.
  • Nisuzi will send you in Delves around the zone. Search for items, investigate the area to complete her quests.
  • Battlereeve Tanerline will ask you to defeat Dragons! The hardest of the three quest types that requires often a large group to complete.
northern elsweyr daily quests

You can also accept a Weekly Quest in the Sunspire Trial. To accept the quest, visit the Trial and talk to Moon-Bishop Azin-jo.

Southern Elsweyr Daily Quests

In Southern Elsweyr you can accept two Daily Quests in the Capital Senchal and two more in the Dragonguard Sanctum, located on the Tideholm island, off the coast of Senchal.

Senchal Daily Quests

The two NPC Quest givers in Senchal, Guybert Flaubert and Bruccius Baenius, can be found South of the Town’s Wayshrine. You can accept their quests immediately after visiting the zone.

  • Guybert Flaubert will ask you to complete certain tasks in one of the two Delves of the zone, Forsaken Citadel and Moonlit Cove.
  • Bruccius Baenius on the other hand will ask you to defeat one of the two Overworld Bosses in the area.

Dragonguard Sanctum Daily Quests

In order to accept the Daily Quests found there, you must first Unlock the Dragonguard Sanctum. To achieve this you will have to complete the first two Quests of the Southern Elsweyr main Quest Line, “The Dragon’s Lair” and “Reformation“. You can continue completing quests in the area(Daily Quests and Main Story line Quests) to upgrade the Sanctum and gain access to all of its services.

Dirge Truptor and Chizbari the Chipper, are the two Daily Quests NPC givers in the area. Dirge Truptor quests, ask you to retrieve treasures, related to the Dragonguard, from all over Tamriel. Chizbari the Chipper offers Dragon Hunts quests.

Pan Elsweyr Celebration Event Tickets & Impresario

During the Event, you can earn one Event Ticket per day, the first time you complete a Daily Quest in each of the two Zones. So in total you can earn up to two Event Tickets every day. You can use those to purchase items from the Impresario. During this event she will offer:

  • All Unstable Morpholith Base Fragments
  • The First Fragment for the Dagonic Quasigriff Mount
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Ja’zennji Siir Style Pages
elsweyr celebration event

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