How to unlock the Dragonguard Sanctum in ESO


Dragonguard Sanctum

The Dragonguard Sanctum is a hidden haven, on the island of Tideholm, found in the Southern Elsweyr zone, off the coast of Senchal. A forgotten Sanctuary of the Dragonguard Order that you can unlock and upgrade. The Sanctum is very important for the zone’s main quest as well, so you will have to unlock it in order to proceed with its story. Unlocking and upgrading it, also offers unique rewards, like a supply chest, Daily Quests NPC, crafting stations and more. This Guide will show you how to unlock the Dragonguard Sanctum but also how to upgrade it.

Southern Elsweyr Zone

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How to Unlock the Dragonguard Sanctum

To gain access to the Island of Tideholm and basically unlock the Dragonguard Sanctum, you will have to accept and complete the first Quest of the zone’s main story line, “The Dragon’s Lair“! Completing this quest will give you access to the area and allow you to teleport to and from the island by using the wayshrine in the Sanctum.

Completing the second quest of the main story line, “Reformation” will give you access to the two Daily Quest NPC givers of the Sanctum, Dirge Truptor and Chizbari the Chipper. Dirge Truptor quests, ask you to retrieve treasures, related to the Dragonguard Order, from all over Tamriel. Chizbari the Chipper offers Dragon Hunts quests.

Completing their quests, not only offers nice rewards but also counts towards unlocking new features for the Sanctum. To further upgrade the Sanctum actually, you will have to complete more Dragonguard related quests, including Daily Quests in the zone(Tideholm, Senchal quests) but also quests from the zone’s main story line. Depending on the number of completed Quests, you unlock achievements and gain access to more features of the Sanctum.

Dragonguard Sanctum

How to Upgrade the Dragonguard Sanctum

The more quests you complete, the more features of the Sanctum you unlock! There are also certain achievements tied to your progress in the Dragonguard Sanctum. These are the achievements and what upgrades they offer to the Sanctum once unlocked:

  • A Call to Arms. Complete four(4) Quests and unlock a Chef Vendor
  • Restoring the Order. Complete twelve(12) Quests and unlock the Dragonguard Armory. The Crafting Stations for the Ancient Dragonguard Armor Set.
  • Reforging the Dragonguard. Complete twenty(20) Quests and unlock an Achievement Furnisher vendor. Also the quest “The Good Bits” becomes available, granting access to a rare Alchemy Reagent(Dragon Rheum).
  • Dragonguard Operative. Complete thirty(30) Quests and unlock the Dragonguard Supply Chest.

The Dragonguard Supply Chest is located in front of Dirge Truptor and offers several great rewards. You can access the Chest once every day to receive Motifs, pieces from Overland Sets in the area, crafting materials and more!

How do you get to Dragonguard Armory

The Dragonguard Armory is a special part of the area that offers access to the Ancient Dragonguard Crafted Set. To gain access to the Armory, you must complete the Restoring the Order achievement by completing twelve(12) quests in the zone.

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