bounties of blackwood event

Bounties of Blackwood Event

The Bounties of Blackwood Event begins on Thursday, September 30 at 10:00 AM EDT and will run until Tuesday, October 12 at 10:00 AM EDT! The Event revolves around the Blackwood zone and celebrates the release of this new Chapter earlier this year. During the event, players can earn extra rewards from adventuring in the zone of Blackwood but also unlock global, Community rewards for every Blackwood Chapter owner!

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Bounties of Blackwood Event Community Rewards

While the event is live, whenever a player unlocks the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement(visit all six striking locales in the zone) with a character, the meter for Bounties of Blackwood progresses. When the meter reaches 33%, 66% and 100%, it unlocks rewards for every Blackwood owner. These rewards are:

  • The Pellucid Swamp Jelly at 33%,
  • The Shadows of Blackwood Markings at 66%,
  • a Cascading Bounty Box at 100%
  • Deadlands DLC available for free for all Blackwood Chapter owners at 100%

The Cascading Bounty Box that unlocks at 100%, can contain various items like Undaunted Plunder, materials, item sets and guaranteed attunable crafting stations as well as a unique Ogrim target dummy! The Deadlands DLC will become available for free for all Blackwood Chapter owners when the meter hits 100%! You can monitor the Bounties of Blackwood meter in this page. You can acquire the rewards from the in-game Crown Store for free until October 22nd!

bounties of blackwood event

Explorer’s Celebration Bonus Event

The Explorer’s Celebration is a bonus event unlocked at 100% of the Bounties of Blackwood meter! Players can unlock this event after the completion of Bounties of Blackwood by killing Overworld Bosses in the Blackwood zone until October 12th! A new meter has been added to the event’s page and for every 25% of progress, the Explorer’s Celebration event will run for two days after. So that means that the event will run for eight days at 100% of the new meter!

bounties of blackwood event

During the Explorer’s Celebration event players can earn double drops from resource nodes, double experience gains from every source in the game and double gold from monster kills, quest rewards and other sources! The perfect event to level up a new character since the experience bonus stacks with experience scrolls and potions! The Explorer’s Celebration extra Event will run from Tuesday, October 12th until Wednesday, October 20th.

How to Participate – Event Quest

To participate in the event, all you have to do is get the Event Quest: Bounties of Blackwood, from the Crown Store for free or visit the Impresario Tent. Talk to Chanil-Jei to begin the introductory Quest for the event. You can go ahead and start earning event rewards before you complete the introductory quest though.

Bounties of Blackwood Event Rewards

While the event is active, you can get extra rewards from Daily and Weekly Quests, from defeating Bosses of every type around Blackwood and the resource nodes yields are also increased. Additionally the first time you complete a Blackwood Daily Quest every day, you earn a Glorious Blackwood Legates’ Coffer and two(2) Event Tickets! You can earn more regular Blackwood Legates’ Coffers by completing more Daily Quests after your first every day or as a drop from Bosses, Oblivion Portals, resource nodes, chests and even normal enemies.

The Glorious Blackwood Legates’ Coffer can contain various items like, Crafting Materials, Valuables, Motifs, Item Sets, fragments for the Voriplasm Pet, Blackwood-themed Furnishings and Companion Gear as long as you have one of the companions active. The regular Blackwood Legates’ Coffers can contain the same items but have a lower chance to drop rarer rewards.

Bounties of Blackwood Event Daily Quests

In total there are two(2) Daily Quests and one(1) Weekly Trial Quest you can accept in the zone of Blackwood. Talk to Deetum-Jas and Britta Silanus, in Leyawiin to receive their Daily Quests. They are both located North of the Town’s Wayshrine and you can receive their quests immediately after entering the zone. You can accept the Help Wanted in Leyawiin Quest first, by reading the poster “Work for Hire in Leyawiin“, found nearby. This quest will send you to Servatius Leontulon, standing right next to the two NPC. This step is optional however, you can talk directly to the two NPC.

blackwood daily quests

Deetum-Jas offers Delve related Quests, while Britta Silanus offers Overworld Bosses Quests. Finally, talk to Dust-on-Scales, inside the Rockgrove Trial, to receive his Weekly Quest.

Impresario During the Bounties of Blackwood Event

During the event, you can exchange your Event Tickets at the Impresario for a variety of items. This time, the Impresario has available for purchase:

  • All three Unstable Morpholith Base Fragments
  • All three Fragments for the Dagonic Quasigriff Mount
  • Voriplasm Pet Fragments
  • Blackwood-Themed Furnishings
  • Group Repair kits

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