blackwood daily quests

Blackwood Daily Quests Guide

Blackwood like most DLC zones in ESO offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well and can reward you with Event Tickets!

There are only a few Daily Quests in the zone of Blackwood, that you can start accepting immediately. Completing these Daily Quests can also reward you with cool items during the Bounties of Blackwood Event!

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Where to Get Blackwood Dailies

There are three repeatable quests you can find in the Blackwood zone. Two are available in the capital of the zone, Leyawiin. You can get the third in the Rockgrove Trial.

City Daily Quests

You can find the two NPC, offering Daily Quests, at the Western part of the city, close to the Wayshrine. Like always the quests are dedicated to Delves and Overworld Bosses.

Britta Silanus will ask you to defeat one of the six available Overworld Bosses in the zone. Deetum-Jas on the other hand will send you to one of the six Delves, found in Blackwood, to complete a task. Deetum-Jas might also ask you to speak with another NPC before completing his quests.

You can accept the Help Wanted in Leyawiin quest first, by reading the poster “Work for Hire in Leyawiin“, found nearby. This quest will send you to Servatius Leontulon, standing right next to the two NPC.

He will then tell you to ask them for a job. However this step is not necessary. You can go directly to them and start accepting their quests.

blackwood daily quests

The quests can reward you with pieces from Overworld Sets that drop in the zone as well as new Style materials and Motifs.

Rockgrove Trial Weekly Quest

You can also accept a Weekly Quest in the Rockgrove Trial. To accept the quest, visit the Trial and talk to Dust-on-Scales inside the Trial area. This quest requires a full group that is able to complete the Trial, in order to complete it.

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