secrets of the telvanni

ESO Secrets of the Telvanni Event

Secrets of the Telvanni is an ESO Event that celebrates the release of the Necrom Chapter! The Event begins on September 28th at 10AM EDT and will run until October 10th at 10AM EDT. While the Event is live, players can earn various rewards and Event Tickets. They can also complete Daily Quests in order to unlock Community Rewards and even earn a free House! To participate in the Event and be eligible to receive the Community Rewards, players must own the Necrom Chapter!

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How to Participate in Secrets of the Telvanni Event

To participate in the event, all you have to do is accept the Event Quest: The Telvanni Secret and talk to Master Faras outside Necrom, in the Telvanni Peninsula zone. This will complete the introductory quest and will unlock two new Daily Quests. One from Tralise and one from Mouth Gilvas Vedran.

Markings and Pet

Community Rewards in Secrets of the Telvanni Event

By completing the “Turn the Page” Daily Quest, you can help advance the Community meter and unlock the rewards for every Necrom Chapter owner. The Community Rewards are:

  • 33% – Dwarven Ebony Scarab Pet
  • 66% – Nightmare Nest Body and Face Markings
  • 100% – Kelesan’ruhn House

This time you can also unlock an additional reward by favoring one of Master Faras’ daughters, Yensa or Tralise! Picking one of them will unlock a different reward, an Apocryphal Tome Furnishing(Yensa) or the Oath of the Keepers Music Box(Tralise).

You can keep an eye on the community rewards and the additional reward on the official Secrets of the Telvanni Event Page!

Event Rewards for Secrets of the Telvanni

While the Event is live you can earn Secret Telvanni Coffers and double rewards from all Bosses in the Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula zone, defeating enemies, opening chests, harvesting resource nodes, completing Daily Quests and more. The first time you complete a Daily Quest in the two zones, you will earn a Sublime Secret Telvanni Coffer and Two Event Tickets! The Coffers can contain:

Both normal and Sublime coffers can drop the same rewards but Sublime Coffers have a higher chance to contain rarer items!

Kelesan’ruhn House

Daily Quests in Secrets of the Telvanni Event

There are three Daily Quests you can accept in the Telvanni Peninsula zone, that will send you to clear delves, Bastion Nymics and defeat Overworld Bosses in the Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula! You can find the NPC Quest givers near the Necrom’s entrance and you can immediately accept their Quests.

  • Ordinator Tilena offers Delve quests. In total there are six delves in the zones, two in the Telvanni Peninsula and four in Apocrypha. You can complete those while looking for the Skyshards inside the Delves!
  • Ordinator Nelyn will ask you to kill one of the six Overworld Bosses of the zones. Again two in Telvanni Peninsula and four in Apocrypha.
  • Finally Ordinator Tandasea will ask you to clear Bastion Nymics in the two zones. There are two gates in each zone.
necrom daily quests
Necrom Daily Quests NPC

To the above we should add the two new Daily Quests you unlock for the Event but also the Weekly Quest you can get from Wizard Twelvane inside the Sanity’s Edge Trial. So in total there are six repeatable quests you can complete in the area while the Event is live! To find more about Daily Quests in the two zones, you can read my Necrom Daily Quests Guide!

Impresario during Secrets of the Telvanni Event

During the Secrets of the Telvanni Event you can buy from the Impresario:

  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom Pet Fragments
  • All three Passion Dancer’s Garment(Attire) Costume fragments
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations
  • NEW Apocrypha Expedition Style Pages(Bound)

From the Impresario’s Assistant, Philius Dormier, you can also buy:

  • All three fragments for the Unstable Morpholith Pet
  • All three fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker Personality

Indrik Vendor during Secrets of the Telvanni Event

Finally the Indrik Vendor will have available for purchase:

  • Feathers for the Nascent Indrik Mount
  • Berries for the Onyx Indrik Mount
  • Berries for the Mossheart Indrik mount
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet
  • Sapling Indrik Pet

Enjoy the Secrets of the Telvanni Event!