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Necrom Daily Quests Guide

The Necrom Daily Quests in ESO is a set of Quests you can accept in the Capital of the Telvanni Peninsula zone, Necrom! The quests will send you to the zones of Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. They are a great way to explore the two zones and become familiar with the Delves and Overworld Bosses found there, as well as completing Bastion Nymics, the two zones World Events. By completing these Daily Quests you can earn overland Item Sets from the zones or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well and can reward you with Event Tickets!

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Where to Get Necrom Dailies in ESO

There are four repeatable Quests you can accept in the Telvanni Peninsula and one in the Endless Archive, in Apocrypha. You can get Three Daily Quests in the Capital, Necrom, one Weekly Quest inside the zone’s Trial, Sanity’s Edge and one inside the Endless Archive from Master Malkhest!

Telvanni Peninsula

The Daily Quests you can get in the Capital will send you to both zones of Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha, to defeat Overworld Bosses, complete tasks in Delves and clear Bastion Nymics. To travel to Apocrypha, begin Necrom’s main quest. This will guide you into a room with portals to the Apocrypha zone.


All three quests are available immediately upon entering the zone. Near the town’s entrance read the “Adventurers, Take Heed!” poster. This will give you the “Call of the High Ordinator” quest and ask you to talk to High Ordinator Boryn! Talk to him to complete this short introductory quest and earn some gold. This is an optional quest and not necessary to complete before you can talk to the NPC offering Daily Quests. Next to him you can find the three NPC offering Daily Quests, Ordinator Tilena, Ordinator Nelyn and Ordinator Tandasea.

  • Ordinator Tilena offers Delve quests. In total there are six delves in the zones, two in the Telvanni Peninsula and four in Apocrypha. You can complete those while looking for the Skyshards inside the Delves!
  • Ordinator Nelyn will ask you to kill one of the six Overworld Bosses of the zones. Again two in Telvanni Peninsula and four in Apocrypha.
  • Finally Ordinator Tandasea will ask you to clear Bastion Nymics in the two zones. There are two gates in each zone.

Bastion Nymic is a Group oriented content! Its difficulty is similar to Dungeons and Group Arenas, so you will need a group of players to clear it or a very good Solo Build! Clearing a Bastion Nymic is also a lengthy task! First you need to hunt Herald Seekers in the two zones, gather their Ichor, then use the Ichor to open Bastion Gates and clear the content!

Sanity’s Edge Weekly Quest – Necrom Daily Quests

You can also accept a Weekly Quest from Wizard Twelvane inside the Sanity’s Edge Trial. The “War Within” Quest will require a full group, able to finish the Trial, in order to complete it.

Endless Archive Daily Quest – Necrom Daily Quests

The Endless Archive is a rogue-like Duo Arena in the Apocrypha zone, that is however available with the Base Game! To accept the “Replication Elimination“ Daily Quest from Master Melkhast inside, you need first to clear the first Arc of the Archive and complete “The Margins of Ire” Quest.

Rewards – Necrom Daily Quests

By completing Necrom Daily Quests you can earn pieces from Overland Sets that drop in the zone, as well as style pages for the zones’ Motifs like Dead Keeper! Endless Archive Daily Quest will reward you with Archival Fortune, the Archive’s unique currency and other related items!

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