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ESO Indrik Mount

ESO Indrik

The Indrik is a special and beloved mount in The Elder Scrolls Online, since it was the first mount players could get for free via the Event Tickets system. The Indrik was introduced to ESO during the Witches Festival Event 2018. Different variations of the mount kept coming with new Events until the end of 2020.

In total there are nine different Indriks in ESO, the base Nascent Indrik and eight more evolutions. This type of mount was retired with the end of New Life Festival 2020 but you can still acquire it today, from the special Indrik Vendor(coming with the Zeal of Zenithar Event).

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How to Get Indrik Mount

In order to get the base Nascent Indrik Mount, you need to collect four Feathers. These Feathers are:

  • Emerald Indrik Feather
  • Gilded Indrik Feather
  • Onyx Indrik Feather
  • Opaline Indrik Feather

Each feather used to cost ten(10) Event Tickets when the mount was available but their cost now is at five(5) tickets. When an event is live follow its directions to collect Event Tickets and then use them to buy the Feathers.

Once you collect all four feathers go to Collections, Fragments, Nascent Indrik and double click(or use) on any of the feathers to form the mount.

The Nascent Indrik is necessary for the other evolutions as well.

eso indrik
Indrik Evolutions

Indrik Evolutions

You can evolve your Nascent Indrik into other, more colorful mounts by feeding it Enchanted Berries. The eight(8) available evolutions are:

  • Crimson Indrik
  • Dawnwood Indrik
  • Icebreath Indrik
  • Luminous Indrik
  • Mossheart Indrik
  • Onyx Indrik
  • Pure Snow Indrik
  • Spectral Indrik

To get one of the evolutions, you must first collect their corresponding Berries of Bloom, Budding, Growth and Ripeness. Each Berry costs ten(10) Event Tickets. So in order to get an Evolved Indrik, you will need twenty(20) Event Tickets for the base Nascent Indrik and forty(40) Event Tickets for the berries. In total you will need sixty(60) Event Tickets for a single evolution.

You will need a new Nascent Indrik for every new evolution!

Indrik Vendor

Indrik Vendor

Nenulaure is a special vendor, found outside Belkarth, Craglorn. She offers Feathers for the Nascent Indrik and Berries for its evolutions. Nenulaure will make her debut with the upcoming Zeal of Zenithar Event 2022. This special vendor will be a permanent addition to the game but will only appear when an Event is live!

She will offer a selection of past Indriks from previous years, based on season with a cycling inventory as seasons change. The Nascent Indrik Feathers will always be available along with the Berries of two seasonal evolutions and their two baby Indrik Pets that match them!

The available Indrik Mounts and Pets per season are:

  • Spring(start of year): Dawnwood and Spectral Indrik berries, plus Springtide and Haunting Indrik pets
  • Summer(middle of year): Luminous and Icebreath Indrik berries, plus Shimmering and Rimedusk pets
  • Autumn(after Zeal of Zenithar and before Witches Festival): Onyx and Mossheart Indriks, plus Ebon-Glow and Sapling pets
  • Winter(Witches Festival to end of year): Pure Snow and Crimson Indriks, plus Frost-Light and Rosethorn pets

All Indriks will not be available for New Life Festival Event.

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