new life festival event

New Life Festival Event

The New Life Festival Event returns to ESO in 2023, to celebrate the coming of a new year! The Event begins on Thursday, December 21st and will run until Tuesday, January 9th next year. During the Event, players can earn bonus rewards, a 100% experience boost, motif pages, NEW Morningstar Frostwear Armor Style Pages and many more valuables and collectibles. The goal of the Event is to introduce players to the different ways ESO Races celebrate the coming of the New Year!

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How to Participate in New Life Festival Event – Quest & Double EXP

To participate in the Event accept the free Crown Store Event Quest: “The New Life Festival”. The quest will guide you to the Event NPC Breda. You can find Breda, along with other relevant to the Event NPC, in the zone of Eastmarch, South of the Capital Windhelm at the Enchanted Snow Globe Home Location.

new life festival event

When you complete this short, introductory quest, you will unlock ten(10) Event related Daily Quests. The quests will send you all around Tamriel and introduce the different ways each playable race is celebrating the New Year!

The first time you complete the “The New Life Festival” Quest you unlock “Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug” Memento. While the Event is live all players earn a permanent(passive) 100% Experience Boost. There is no need to use the Mug for the Bonus anymore! The EXP Boost also stacks with other sources(non-event) of extra EXP, which makes the New Life Festival Event the perfect period to level up your characters or create new Alts!

New Life Festival Event Daily Quests

In total there are ten Daily Quests you can complete every day during the New Life Event. Each Quest represents one of the ten playable Races of ESO. You can accept nine from Breda and one from Petronius Galenus for the Imperial Race!You can find Petronius Galenus near Breda. The Quests are simple to complete and can ask anything, from fishing to jumping into frozen water to collecting cooking materials. These are the ten New Life Festival Quests:

1. Castle Charm Challenge – Breton Race

Location: Alcaire Castle, Stormhaven

Perform in and around the Alcaire Castle alone or with other players(optional). You can perform where Revelers are gathered with the tools given to you by the quest.

2. Fish Boon Feast – Argonian Race

Location: Shadowfen

You have to fish one of each Histmuck Blobfin, Shadowfen Creeping Leech, Black Marsh Cucumber. Head to the South-East Shadowfen area and fish in New Life Fishing Holes to catch the three different types of Fish. Once you have all three, visit Gentle-Heart in Hissmir Ruins to deliver them.

3. Lava Foot Stomp – Dark Elf Race

Location: Davon’s Watch, Ebonheart – Stonefalls

Visit the Watch House, Fish Stink Tavern, The Ebony Flask in Davon’s Watch and the Hlaalu House in Ebonheart to dance! Then return to Breda to complete the quest.

4. Mud Ball Merriment – High Elf Race

Location: Skywatch, Auridon

Throw mud balls at ten NPC or Players. Get into the Skywatch Manor inside the city and throw a mud ball at one of the three Alliance Ambassadors.

5. Stonetooth Bash – Orc Race

Location: Stonetooth Fortress, Betnikh

Matron Borbuga will ask you to retrieve two Stonetooth Mystery Meat and one Betnikh Honeycomb. You can get the items from wolves(meat) and wasps(honeycomb) in the adjacent areas. Return the items to the NPC, eat, drink and show your “appreciation“.

6. Signal Fire Sprint – Redguard Race

Location: Bergama, Alik’r Desert

Talk to Aubatha to start the challenge. Light the four signal fires before the time runs out.

7. The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile – Khajjit Race

Location: Rawl’kha, Reaper’s March

Talk to Tumira to start the challenge. Open the three locked Event chests before the time runs out.

8. Snow Bear Plunge – Nord Race

Location: Windhelm, Eastmarch

Jump into frozen water from Cub’s Tumble, Horker’s Drop and Dead Man’s Fall spots around the Windhelm city. After each jump you are afflicted with a Freezing Status Effect. Sit next to the fire to make it disappear faster.

9. War Orphan’s Sojourn – Wood Elf Race

Location: Temple of the Eight, Grahtwood

Talk to Ormurrel at the Temple of the Eight and choose between donating gold or killing encroaching wildlife. You can choose to do both.

10. Old Life Observance – Imperial Race

Location: Old Life Shrine, Random Zone

Petronius Galenus will ask you to light a candle at an Old Life Shrine and write a message to one who passed on. Additionally will ask you to deliver messages from Imperial Refuges(optional). Visit the Shrine, light a candle, write your message and burn it to complete the quest. Return to Petronius for your reward.

New Life Festival Event Rewards

Every time you complete one of the ten Event Daily Quests you earn a New Life Festival Box. The first time you complete an Event Daily Quest every day you also earn three Event Tickets. The New Life Festival boxes can contain various rewards, like motifs, collectibles, recipes, Evergreen Outfit Style pages, the NEW Morningstar Frostwear Style Pages, special Holiday Writs, furnishings and more!

new life festival event
Holiday Writ

Holiday Writs

These are special Deep Winter and Imperial Charity Writs that all players can complete. You can trade them with other players for gold or choose to complete them. Upon completion each type of Holiday Writ offers special rewards. They ask you to craft a simple and easy furniture. You can buy the recipes for these items from every laborer NPC(Carpenter, Blacksmith etc) around crafting zones in every city.

  • Completing a Deep Winter Charity Writ will reward you with a Skaal Explorer’s Bundle, that contains a random Skaal Explorer’s Outfit style page.
  • Completing an Imperial Charity Writ will reward you with a Refugee’s Gift, that contains a random Rkindaleft Dwarven Weapon style Page.

Completing twelve(12) of any writ will unlock the “Newly Charitable” achievement and the Crystallfrost Skin.

Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount

Impresario During the New Life Festival Event

The Impresario is back with every fragment from all of 2023’s quarterly event rewards. The New Life Festival this year is also the first and last chance to earn the Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount! During the Event you can purchase from the Impresario:

  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom Pet Fragments
  • All three Hoardunter Ursauk Mount fragments
  • All three Passion’s Muse Personality fragments
  • All three Meadowbreeze Memories Skin fragments
  • All three Passion Dancer Garment Costume fragments
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations
  • NEW Morningstar Frostwear(Bound)
  • New Life Festival Grab Bag

From the Impresario’s AssistantPhilius Dormier, you can also buy:

  • All fragments for the Unstable Morpholith Pet
  • All fragments for the Dagonic Quasigriff Mount

Indrik Vendor during the New Life Festival Event

Finally the Indrik Vendor will have available for purchase:

  • Feathers for the Nascent Indrik Mount
  • Berries for the Pure Snow Indrik Mount
  • Berries for the Crimson Indrik mount
  • Frost-Light Indrik Pet
  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet

Enjoy the New Life Festival Event and Happy New Year!!

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