year one celebration event

Year One Celebration Event

The Year One Celebration Event begins Thursday, August 26 at 10:00 AM EDT and will run until Tuesday, September 7 at 10:00 AM EDT. The event celebrates the released content of ESO’s first year and will take us back to familiar places! During the event, players can earn extra rewards by exploring and completing activities in the zones of Craglorn, Wrothgar and the Imperial City. In order to access Wrothgar, the Orsinium DLC is necessary. For the Imperial City, the Imperial City DLC is required and is currently available for free in the Crown Store. Finally everyone can access Craglorn, since it is available with the base game.

elsweyr celebration event

Table of Contents

How to Participate

In order to participate in the event, you can accept the Event Quest: Sand, Snow and Blood from the Crown Store. An introductory quest to the three zones that will help you become familiar with their content. It is not necessary however to complete the quest for the event. You can simply travel to the three zones and start collecting rewards. Completing it though will earn you a Year One Coffer, which is also the main reward of the event.

Year One Celebration Event Rewards

During the event, you get double rewards and when you defeat Boss type enemies and completing other activities(harvesting materials, looting enemies etc) in the three zones, you will have a chance to receive Year One Coffers.

These can contain various items such as motifs, crafting materials, zone gear Set items, pages for the Old Orsinium Weapon Style and more! Completing Daily Quests in the three zones will always reward you with a Year One Coffer. The first Daily Quest you complete every day, will reward you with a Glorious Year One Coffer. These contain the same items with their normal version but have a guaranteed drop of a Style Page.

Year One Celebration Event Daily Quests

There are several Daily Quests you can accept and complete in the zones of Craglorn, Wrothgar and the Imperial City. This is where you can find them all.

Wrothgar Daily Quests

In Wrothgar you can accept Daily Quests from Arzorag and Guruzug. Arzorag is offering Overworld Bosses Daily Quests and you can find her inside the Skalar’s Hostel inn, at the outskirts of the capital, Orsinium. You can find Guruzug inside the Clan Longhouse, in the Morkhul Stronghold, North West of Orsinium. He is offering Delve related Daily Quests. You can talk to both NPC immediately after entering the zone. There are no special requirements to unlock them.

You can also accept and complete the Maelstrom Arena Quest. During the event it is the best time to farm Maelstrom Weapons, since you get double drops in here as well. You can also take a look at my Maelstrom Arena Guide if you wish.

Craglorn Daily Quests

Most side quests in Craglorn are repeatable and you can complete them daily for the event and its rewards. Almost all of them are tied to a Point of Interest in the zone and the NPC Quest giver can be found nearby. The zone has three Trials with a Weekly Quest each. These are Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive and Sanctum Ophidia. Completing the Dragonstar Arena during the event will also reward you with double rewards. Perfect time to also farm the Master Weapons. The Quests here are lengthier and designed for group gameplay. A good Solo build however will be enough to complete them.

craglorn daily quests

Imperial City Daily Quests

Finally in the Imperial City you can accept six Daily Quests, one on each City District! From your Alliance Base, use one of the ladders that lead to the Districts. When there, talk to the NPC Quest giver to accept the quest of the area. You can access the NPC and accept the quests only through the ladders from your Alliance. The Imperial City is a PVP enabled zone so you will have to be cautious when doing PVE Quests there. In general the quests are easy and fast to complete.

imperial city daily quests

Year One Celebration Event Tickets & Impresario

During the event it is possible to earn two tickets every day. One from completing your first Daily Quest in the Imperial City and one from completing your first Craglorn or Wrothgar Daily Quest. You can exchange those at the Impresario for a variety of items. This time the items available to purchase are:

  • All three base fragments for the Unstable Morpholith
  • The first two fragments for the Dagonic Quasigriff Mount
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Pages for the Old Orsinium Weapon Style

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