wrothgar daily quests

Wrothgar Daily Quests Guide ESO

Wrothgar like most DLC zones in ESO offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well, like the Year One Celebration or Guilds and Glory Celebration and can reward you with Event Tickets! Daily Quests in Wrothgar will ask you to defeat Overworld Bosses, clear Delves but also clear one of the game’s Solo Arenas, the Maelstrom Arena! The Quest givers can be found in different places around the zone.

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Where to get Wrothgar Dailies in ESO

The Daily Quests in the zone are divided in Overworld and Delve quests. There is also a third quest you can get from the Maelstrom Arena. The appropriate NPC can be found at different locations.

wrothgar daily quests
Wrothgar Dailies

Overworld Quests – Wrothgar Daily Quests

Arzorag is the NPC that will give you Overworld Bosses quests in the zone. An Orc you can find inside Skalar’s Hostel at the outskirts of Orsinium, the capital of the zone. Arzorag will ask you to defeat one of the six Overworld Bosses in the zone every day.

You can only accept one quest every day but if you are in a group with other players, you can share more! You can talk to Arzorag immediately after entering the zone. There are no special requirements to accept her quests. Once you accept one of her quests and before you depart to complete it, you can talk with one of the NPC inside the tavern. They will provide you with additional info, that can help you complete the quest faster.

Arzorag Location

Delve Quests – Wrothgar Daily Quests

The second NPC Quest giver is Guruzug. You can find Guruzug inside the Clan Longhouse in the Morkul Stronghold. The Stronghold is located North West from the Capital Orsinium. Again there are no special requirements to talk to this NPC either. Guruzug will ask you to complete certain tasks in one of the six delves of the zone. You can only accept one quest every day but you can complete them all through sharing, if you group with other players.

Guruzug Location

Maelstrom Arena – Wrothgar Daily Quests ESO

The Maelstrom Arena is one of the Solo Arenas in the Elder Scrolls Online. A challenging Arena for solo players that rewards you with some of the best Ability Altering Weapons in the game! This is one of the toughest challenges for Solo players that requires good understanding of the game’s but also the arena’s mechanics. Before you start clearing the arena, you can accept a Quest from Fa-Nuit-Hen NPC. This quest also serves as a save point for your progress inside.

The Arena has two different difficulty modes. A normal one to figure out the mechanics and understand how to play and a Veteran one, where the real challenge lies. You can earn the Maelstrom Weapons by completing both modes. Normal version of weapons when completing the normal Arena and their Perfected version when completing the Arena in Veteran difficulty. During events in the zone, completing the Arena can reward you with double the weapons! To better understand the Arena, you can take a look at my Maelstrom Arena Guide. If you need more info on the best Class to complete the Arena, you can take a look at my Best Solo Class Guide for ESO!

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