craglorn daily quests

Craglorn Daily Quests Guide

Craglorn like most DLC zones in ESO offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well, like the Year One Celebration and can reward you with Event Tickets!

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Where to get Craglorn Dailies

Craglorn is a quite rich zone in Daily Quests. A unique area, with higher difficulty that used to be an almost end-game zone for groups. Almost all side quests you can find in the zone are repeatable and can reward you with zone Armor Sets and Motifs. Daily Quests in Craglorn are divided in Upper and Lower Craglorn Quests. In the zone there are also three Trials that offer a weekly Quest each! The quests are tied to the various points of interest in the zone and the quest giver NPC can be found nearby.

craglorn daily quests
Repeatable Quests Location

Lower Craglorn Quests

These are Daily quests that you can find at the Lower part of the Craglorn zone, as the name implies! In total there are seven Daily Quests in Lower Craglorn. These are:

  • The Fallen City of Shada
    • The Reason we Fight
    • Water Run Foul
  • Critical Mass
  • The Seeker’s Archive
  • Supreme Power
  • The Trials of Rahni’za

The Fallen City of Shada. Talk to the Greban NPC in the Shada’s Tear point of interest. The ultimate goal is to cleanse the waters of Shada’s Tear. This quest unlocks two more Daily Quests, The Reason we Fight and Waters Run Foul.

For The Reason we Fight, Nhalan will ask you to help him. Finally for the Waters Run Foul, talk to Ralai and release the researchers from the Nereid Queen’s influence.

Critical Mass will ask you to stabilize the core of the giant obelisk located at Spellscar. Talk to Sara Benele to begin the quest.

For The Seeker’s Archive talk to Ibrula and uncover the secrets in the ancient library.

Supreme Power quest’s objective is to free the town of Elinhir from the Blackcaster Mages. Talk to Fights-With -Tail outside of the town to begin the quest.

Finally The Trials of Ranhi’za will have you completing specific Trials in order to discover what happened in Ranhi’za, the school of warriors. Talk to Fada-at-Glina to begin the quest.

Upper Craglorn Quests

These are Daily quests that you can find at the Upper part of the Craglorn zone! In total there are seven Daily Quests in Upper Craglorn. These are:

  • The Gray Passage
  • The Truer Fangs
  • The Blood of Nirn
  • Iron and Scales
  • Souls of the Betrayed
  • Taken Alive
  • Uncaged

The Gray Passage and The Truer Fangs quests can start from the town of Dragonstar. Talk to Safa al-Satakalaam, inside the inn, to begin The Truer Fangs quest. Defeat her three Acolytes around Craglorn to complete it Go to the upper floor of the inn and read the book found there to begin the The Gray Passage quest. Conclude the pilgrimage to complete the quest successfully.

The Blood of Nirn quest takes place at Skyreach Hold. Talk to Nendirume and prevent the Sealed Court inside the area from acquiring a supply of Nirncrux.

Find Lashburr Tooth-Breaker near the Exarch’s Stronghold to begin the Iron and Scales Quest. Defeat Agganor to complete the quest.

To begin the Souls of the Betrayed quest, talk to Crusader Dalamar. Enter and explore the Skyreach Catacombs. Defeat strong enemies inside to complete the quest.

For Taken Alive, talk to Scattered-Leaves near the Valley of Scars wayshrine. He will ask you to find the fate of his guards after being ambushed by the Iron Orcs nearby. FInd the guards, defeat Gulzog the Butcher and retrieve guards’ badges.

Finally for Uncaged you will have to seal an ancient laboratory filled with Celestials. Talk to Mederic Vyger outside Skyreach Pinnacle to begin the quest.

Trials Quests

The zone of Craglorn offers three Trials and each one of those has a weekly quest you can complete. The Trials are Hel Ra citadel, Aetherian Archive and Sanctum Ophidia. These three Trials are a great way for new players to jump into Trial level group gameplay and take a first glimpse of ESO end game PVE gameplay. They are also a great way to farm some nice Armor Sets, like Berserking Warrior, Twice-Fanged Serpent, Infallible Mage and more.

To begin the Weekly Quest for Hel Ra citadel, you can talk to Kailstig the Axe inside the Trial or at the Crossroads Tavern at Belkarth. To begin the Weekly Quest for Aetherian Archive, talk to Mighty Mordra inside the Trial or at the Crossroads Tavern at Belkarth. Finally to begin the Weekly Quest for Sanctum Ophidia, talk to Turuk Redclaws inside the Trial or Atildel in the Star-Gazer’s Observatory.

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