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Dark Heart of Skyrim Event Guide

Return to Skyrim with the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration Event! The Event begins on November 17 at 10:00 AM EST and will run until November 29 at 10:00 AM EST! While it is live, you can earn bonus rewards and new rewards from various activities in the zones of Western Skyrim and The Reach, as well as from enemies inside all four Dungeons of the Harrowstorm and Stonethorn DLC! The Event celebrates the Dark Heart of Skyrim story line and will take you back to its related places!

Table of Contents

How to Participate

In order to participate, you can accept the Event Quest: Bloody Reunion from the Crown Store for free! Completing this introductory quest will refresh your memories of the zone and the related story line! Alternatively you can jump right into the appropriate zones and start earning the Event’s rewards!

Dark Heart of Skyrim Event Rewards

When you complete the First Daily or Weekly Quest in Western Skyrim or The Reach zone every day, you can earn a Glorious Box of the Grey Host Pillage! Every other Daily Quest you complete after that in these two zones, will reward you with a regular Box of the Grey Host Pillage! Regular Boxes also have a chance to drop from a variety of other activities like:

  • Defeating Bosses in the zones & DLC Dungeons(Overworld, Delve, Kyne’s Aegis Trial, Vateshran Hollows, Icereach, Unhallowed Grave, Castle Thorn, Stone Garden)
  • Clearing Harrowstorms
  • Defeating normal enemies
  • Opening Chests, Safeboxes, Psijic Portals & Thieves Troves
  • Harvesting Resource Nodes

The Reward Boxes can contain various rewards. These include:

  • Skyrim Treasures
  • Skyrim Overland Sets
  • A chance to get Skyrim Crafting Style Item, Skyrim Crafting Motif Style Page
  • A chance to get Chaurus Egg, Vile Coagulant, or Crimson Nirnroot, treasure maps, survey reports, furnishing recipes, the NEW Saarthal Scholar Armor Style Page or a Sovngarde Stalwart Armor Style Page

Additionally you can also earn bonus rewards from completing Daily Quests in the two zones, Kyne’s Aegis Trial & Weekly Quest, completing Harrowstorm & Stonethorn DLC Dungeons, clearing Harrowstorms, defeating Bosses in the related zones, harvesting resource nodes and clearing the Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena!

Dark Heart of Skyrim Daily Quests

To earn the Event’s rewards reliably, you will have to complete Daily Quests in the zones of Western Skyrim and The Reach! There are a few repeatable quests available in both zones!

Western Skyrim Daily Quests

There are four repeatable Quests in the Western Skyrim zone! Three Daily Quests you can receive in the capital Solitude and one Weekly Quest in Kyne’s Aegis Trial! Jylta, Hidaver and Tinzen will offer you Daily Quests for Delves, Harrowstom and Overworld Bosses! You can find them South of the town’s wayshrine and you can talk to them immediately upon entering the zone! To find more about the available Quests in the zone you can read my Western Skyrim Daily Quests Guide!

Solitude Quests

The Reach Daily Quests

There are five repeatable Quests in The Reach! Four Daily Quests in Markarth, the Capital and one inside Vateshran Hollows, the zone’s Solo Arena! You can accept all but one immediately after entering the zone!

Nelldena, Gwenyfe and Bralthahawn will offer Quests for Delves, Harrowstorms and Overworld Bosses. To unlock Ardanir’s Daily Quests you will have first to complete the zone’s main story line(complete A Feast of Souls quest)! To find more about the available Quests in the zone you can read my The Reach Daily Quests Guide!

the reach daily quests
Markarth Quests

Dark Heart of Skyrim Event Tickets & Impresario

During the Event you can earn two Event Tickets every day! One from completing your first Daily Quest in Western Skyrim and one from completing your first Daily Quest in The Reach! You can use those to buy from the Impresario:

  • All three Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Fragments
  • The first two fragments for the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations
  • Saarthal Scholar Outfit Style Pages(Bound)

Indrik Vendor during the Dark Heart of Skyrim Event

Finally the Indrik Vendor will have available for purchase:

  • Feathers for the Nascent Indrik Mount
  • Berries for the Pure Snow Indrik Mount
  • Berries for the Crimson Indrik mount
  • Frost-Light Indrik Pet
  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet

Enjoy the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration Event!!

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