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Icereach Dungeon

Icereach is a quite challenging Dungeon in ESO, that was added to the game with the Harrowstorm DLC! The Dungeon’s entrance is located on the Northern part of the Wrothgar zone! The Bosses are in general simple to defeat but each has a few interesting and potentially deadly mechanics! In total there are five Bosses in the Icereach Dungeon! Paying attention to their mechanics will also help you clear the dungeon in Veteran Hardmode difficulty if you wish! This Icereach Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights and their attack patterns.

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Armor Sets in Icereach Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Bosses in Icereach Dungeon ESO

You can find the five Bosses by simply following the path inside the Dungeon. To proceed further ahead, you need to defeat each one of them! They are all rather simple but some of their mechanics can be brutal!

Kjarg The Tuskscraper

Kjarg is a Giant and the first Boss of the Dungeon! His attacks are straightforward and easy to deal with. However he can also enter an “Enraged” mode where he can simply destroy your entire group.

Kjarg the Tuskscraper

How to Defeat Kjarg The Tuskscraper in Icereach Dungeon

His Light Attacks are weak and the Tank can deal with them by simply blocking! Kjarg can also throw five mini ice tornados in front of him, towards the direction of whoever has aggro! This is why the Tank should turn him away from the group!

His Heavy Attack can be deadly! He will raise his weapon and a large AOE will start expanding on the target’s feet! The best way to deal with it, is to get out of its radius. During the fight Ice Shards will spawn! From the shards, Ice Atronachs will emerge. Your group should focus on killing those fast. Another way to deal with them, is to lure the Boss near the shards and wait for his Heavy Attack to shatter them!

Another mechanic that takes place during the fight is an Ice AOE “chasing” a random player around the area! The AOE deals damage to everyone nearby, so the player should stay away from the rest of the group.

The Boss will also enter an “Enraged” mode during the fight. He will shout and start glowing red! His attacks are deadly when in this mode and he can still use his other mechanics. The best way to deal with this, is for the Tank to kite him around the area until the mode is off!

Sister Skelga

The second Boss of the Dungeon and the easiest overall. Sister Skelga is a Hag type of enemy that deals fire damage and can summon adds!

Sister Skelga

How to Defeat Sister Skelga in Icereach Dungeon

Her Light attacks are weak but she can also shoot a pair of Beams that drains resources! Skelga will summon Ice AOEs on the players’ feet that can freeze and immobilize you but also a large Fire AOE under a random player! That player should stay away from the rest of the group or else everybody will die from the damage!

Skelga will also fire Ice ground AOEs from her towards every direction! Block or try to avoid them! Finally she will summon stranglers to assist her. They attack with projectiles and they are protected with a Frost Shield! You cannot deal damage to them while the shield is intact! To deal with them, the player with the fire AOE on their feet should get closer and melt the frost shield! Then you can focus on them and kill them!

Vearogh The Shambler

A Flesh Atronach, controlled by one of the Coven’s Witches! The Witch that summons him will also assist in the fight by shooting projectiles to players! They are not very dangerous though!

Vearogh The Shambler

How to Defeat Vearogh The Shamber in Icereach Dungeon

His Light Attacks are weak but the Tank should Block his Heavy Attacks to avoid getting damaged! He can summon ground Fire AOEs that you should avoid by simply stepping out of their radius. Vearogh will also charge his attack with fire, leaving a Fire AOE on the ground.

When his Health drops, Fire Tornadoes will start moving around the area. Try to avoid them. From the four runes on the ground, minions will start spawning as well. Your goal is to kill them as fast as possible! Some of them have unique mechanics and cannot be aggro-ed!

Stormborn Revenant

A fighter using Shock, Ice and melee attacks to defeat you! He is not that hard to kill but you will have to pay attention to the mechanics!

Stormborn Revenant

How to Defeat Stormborn Revenant in Icereach Dungeon

His Heavy Attack can be deadly so make sure that you block it! He will stab his Sword on the ground and summon Ice Pillars that can freeze and immobilize you! Shock AOEs also rain down from the sky during the fight. Move around to avoid them.

He will Jump and after a moment crash down along with a couple adds, dealing significant damage! You should kill the adds fast and focus on the Boss again. The Boss will jump again and summon Storm Atronachs! They will start channeling energy to him and Empower him. Kill them as fast as possible. When his health drops below 40% the Revenant will summon a Storm that deals damage to players. Stay close to your healer to out heal the damage and try to burn him down fast!

Mother Ciannait

The Final Boss of the Dungeon! This fight is rather simple if you know the mechanics but has a rather brutal and chaotic Hard Mode!

Mother Ciannait

How to Defeat Mother Ciannait in Icereach Dungeon

Before you can kill Mother Ciannait, you will have first to defeat the other four witches of the Coven:

  • Gohlla
  • Hiti
  • Bani
  • Maefyn

The Witches will jump down and stand on the four corners of the room. All but one will be protected by an impenetrable shield. Your goal is to focus on the witch without the shield and defeat her as fast as possible. Some of the mechanics you have already encountered in the dungeon will also be present during this fight!

So while you fight the Witches, Shock AOEs will rain down from the sky, a tornado will chase a random player around, a random player will have a fire AOE on their feet and adds will spawn and attack you! These mechanics are happening at the same time! When you defeat all four witches, they will start channeling a spell. Interrupt all of them fast or else you will wipe!

Once you interrupt them, you will have to fight them again. They become vulnerable in the same order as before(Gohlla-Hiti-Bani-Maefyn) but now after every time you defeat one of them you will have to interrupt their channeling!

When the Health drops to 20%, Mother Ciannait will come down as well and start channeling along with the other four witches! Focus on her and kill her fast to avoid a wipe! You should keep your Ultimates available for this moment!

Mother Ciannait Hardmode Icereach Dungeon

The Hardmode of this Boss is quite brutal, since it adds mechanics and enemies! Also the Witches will now be enraged so the Tank will have to keep them aggro-ed! Each Witch will bring a mechanic you have already seen in the dungeon!

  • Gohlla will summon a Giant like the first Boss! The Giant will get into an “Enraged” mode, so the Tank will have to kite it like before. Kill first the Giant, then the witch!
  • Hiti will spawn stranglers with a frost shield, like sister Skelga did before. The player with the fire AOE on their feet should get closer to melt the shield and then you can kill the stranglers.
  • Bani will summon wraiths, Skeletons and zombies! Kill them before you deal with the Witch!
  • Finally Maefyn will summon the Stormborn Revenant! He will use the same mechanics as before so this fight can be harder. Kill him first, then the witch!

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