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Castle Thorn

Castle Thorn is a challenging Dungeon in ESO, that was added to the game with the Stonethorn DLC! The Dungeon’s entrance is located on the Western part of the Western Skyrim zone! The Bosses are in general simple to defeat but each has a few interesting and potentially deadly mechanics! In total there are five Bosses in the Castle Thorn Dungeon! This Castle Thorn Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights and their attack patterns.

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Armor Sets in Castle Thorn Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Bosses in Castle Thorn Dungeon ESO

You can find the five Bosses by simply following the path inside the Dungeon. To proceed further ahead, you need to defeat each one of them! They are all rather simple but some of their mechanics can be brutal!

Castle Thorn Exterior

Dread Tindulra

The first Boss of the dungeon and in general an easy one! Tindulra has a few scary moves but you can defeat it easily if you are focused.

castle thorn
Dread Tindulra

How to Defeat Dread Tindulra in Castle Thorn Dungeon

It has both melee and ranged light attacks but they are not that strong! It can throw fireballs on the air that leave a fire AOE when they touch the ground. Avoid the AOEs to reduce incoming damage. It can also attack with a fire breath that can deal decent damage. The Tank should face it away from the group because of this attack.

Occasionally the Boss will howl and summon Death Hound Broodlings. Easy to kill with AOE abilities. Its most deadly attack is a Jump and stun on a random player! It will jump on a random player and pin them down. The Boss will continue attacking the player until they are dead. To stop this attack and save your group member, simply interrupt the Boss!

Blood Twilight

Second Boss of the Dungeon. Easy to defeat but with a strong attack that can kill your group fast!

How to Defeat Blood Twilight in Castle Thorn Dungeon

Its Light Attacks are not that dangerous and the Tank can simply Block or ignore them. The Boss will occasionally disappear and appear again to attack whoever has aggro. The Tank can simply Block to deal with this move. It will also fire multiple projectiles to whoever has aggro, hopefully the Tank. During the fight four Blood Channelers will spawn and buff the Boss. Try to kill them fast.

After the Channelers appear, it will go in the middle of the room and summon a Blood AOE. You cannot hurt it during this phase and you should get out of the AOE as soon as possible, since it deals significant damage.


Things are getting harder with this Boss but it is still easy to defeat if you follow the mechanics!

castle thorn

How to Defeat Vaduroth in Castle Thorn Dungeon

Normal Light Attacks that the Tank can block easily. His Heavy Attack can be devastating though! The Tank should Block to survive. Everybody else will have to avoid getting hit by it. During the fight, Vaduroth will throw his Sickle and will pull every player to it. Players will now have a growing AOE underneath them. When the AOE grows big enough it will explode. If the AOEs of players overlap each other, these players will die instantly! Stay away from each other until the AOEs explode to survive this attack.

Vaduroth can also summon a Reanimated Vampire add. Focus on this add since it can deal good damage. Can also summon a swarm of bats that follows a player and deals good damage if it touches them.


Simple to defeat if you follow the mechanics. Can be a challenging fight if you do not!


How to Defeat Talfyg in Castle Thorn Dungeon

His Light and Heavy Attacks are easy to block and the Tank should have no problem. He can fire a blood beam to whoever has aggro that deals decent damage. Tank should be able to block it with no issues. During the fight he will awaken the Gargoyles around him. They will start moving slowly towards you and attack you. It is better to deal with them as soon as possible, then return to the Boss.

Talfyg can also smash the ground and leave a Blood AOE behind. This AOE deals significant damage so try to avoid it! Finally when he is low on Health, he will raise his hand and fire multiple Beams on the ground. They deal massive damage and you need to avoid them! Wait for this phase to end before you can finish him.

Lady Thorn

The Final and deadliest Boss of the Dungeon! A quite challenging fight that can be very hard to clear, especially in hard mode difficulty.

How to Defeat Lady Thorn in Castle Thorn Dungeon

Lady Thorn is a strong Boss and her Light and Heavy Attacks hit hard! The Tank should hold aggro and Block all the time to survive! She will summon Blood Balls that will move towards players and deal good damage if they hit them. Get out of their way to avoid getting damaged. She can also summon the same Blood Balls and have them explode! So it is in general wise to move away from them when you see them.

During the fight a Light will appear around a small area and the entire room will fill with Bats. Stay in the Light to survive. The same mechanic will appear again at 60% and 20% Health of the Boss. Only this time the light area is moving and you will have to move along with it. If you stay outside of the light area, you will die. In this phase Lady Thorn will fly around the room and you cannot hurt her.

She will charge onto a random player and deal massive damage. Block this or die! Blood Scavengers will appear in the room. Kill them and use their synergy(throw blood on the boss) enough times to end this phase!

Lady Thorn Hardmode Castle Thorn Dungeon

In Hardmode difficulty when the second phase(20% Health) is over, the bats and the light area will remain. You can now deal damage to the Boss but you will have to keep moving around!

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