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Stone Garden Dungeon

Stone Garden is a challenging Dungeon in ESO, that was added to the game with the Stonethorn DLC! The Dungeon’s entrance is located in the Blackreach Caverns of the Western Skyrim zone! The Bosses inside the Dungeon are tough to defeat with a few deadly mechanics! In total there are three Bosses in the Stone Garden Dungeon! This Stone Garden Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights and their attack patterns.

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Armor Sets in Stone Garden Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Alchemy Rooms in Stone Garden Dungeon

Inside the Dungeon there are three special rooms with Alchemy equipment. Each room is guarded by a Bloodknight special enemy. Defeat this enemy and loot his Bloodknight Ichor. Combining the Ichor with specific reagents will earn you a strong buff that will help you in the rest of the Dungeon. The Buffs you can get from each room are:

  • Room 1: Ichor + Stinkhorn = Alchemized Super Strength, a boost to Weapon & Spell Damage, Behemoth Swipe and mutilate attacks also deal Cold damage
  • Room 2: Ichor+ Spider Eggs = Alchemized Super Vigor, a boost to Magicka & Stamina Recovery, Behemoth Ultimate generation is increased
  • Room 3: Ichor + Luminous Russula = Alchemized Super Recilience, a boost to Health & Damage Reduction, Behemoth Health Recovery is increased

Werewolf Behemoth & Skills

You can turn into a Werewolf Behemoth while inside the Dungeon! This transformation has its own unique skills and will help you in the Final Boss fight! The Werewolf Behemoth Skills you can use in the dungeon are:

  • Vicious Bite: Deals damage, bleeds and taunts the enemy
  • Rampage: Deals AOE damage
  • Bonecrusher: Deals massive damage, interrupts and stuns enemies
  • Thunderous Stomp: Deals damage and knocks back enemies
  • Bestial Frenzy: Reduces damage taken, heals you and can convert into Hircine’s Howl
  • Hircine’s howl: Deals Ice AOE damage
  • Lead the Pack: Ultimate that deals massive damage with a leap attack and provides a synergy that can reset cooldowns and generate Ultimate

Bosses in Stone Garden Dungeon ESO

You can find the three Bosses by simply following the path inside the Dungeon. Every Boss is at the end of each area!

Exarch Kraglen

A massive Werewolf Behemoth that deals strong damage and has a few deadly mechanics! You can find him at the end of the first area inside the dungeon.

stone garden
Exarch Kraglen

How to defeat Exarch Kraglen in Stone Garden Dungeon

He deals significant damage with his attacks, so the Tank should hold aggro and block all the time! His Heavy Attack is a strong twin slash that can kill most players! The Tank should Block it to survive. He will also pick a player and charge to them! Block or roll dodge to avoid damage. Another strong attack is a ground stomp that deals good damage and leaves smaller AOEs behind. After this attack, smaller ground AOEs will move around, dealing damage to players.

During the fight he will Howl and knock back players. This move will also drain your resources and can be devastating in higher difficulty. When you see the howl animation, interrupt him!

Stone Behemoth

The second boss of the Dungeon that you can find inside Testing Chamber, at the end of the second area.

Stone Behemoth

How to defeat Stone Behemoth in Stone Garden Dungeon

A chaotic fight but with overall simple mechanics. The Stone Behemoth has a few attacks it keeps repeating. Stone Husks will activate during the fight to assist it and Arkasis will affect its mechanics during the fight. Arkasis throws fire and ice mixtures to this Boss that determine the nature of its attacks(fire or ice).

Its Heavy Attack can be devastating. The Tank should Block to survive. Quite often it will throw vials to a random player causing AOE explosions. It will also pick its “heart” out and deal AOE damage. Block or stay out of its range to survive. The attacks will be of either ice or fire nature! At the end of each fire or ice phase, the boss will cause a big explosion with different results. The Ice explosion will stun players while the fire explosion will deal massive damage!

The Stone Husks adds will fire a beam to a player, draining resources. This can be dangerous later when more than one are active. The Beam has a ground AOE that you should avoid! They also mimic the Boss’ vial throw attack, so be careful of the explosions. After the third add activates, shock AOEs will appear under the players that stun them. Get out of their range to avoid damage or block!

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist

The Final Boss of the Dungeon! A tough fight with interesting mechanics. During this fight you will have to transform into a Werewolf Behemoth a couple times! You can find Arkasis inside Arkasis’s Laboratory at the end of the third area.

stone garden
Arkasis the Mad Alchemist

How to defeat Arkasis the Mad Alchemist in Stone Garden Dungeon

To begin the fight transform into a Behemoth and destroy the four Pressure Valves around the room! After they are destroyed Arkasis will come to fight you. In this first phase of the fight, he is enhanced with fire!

His Heavy Attack is deadly and the tank should block it. Arkasis will throw vials on the ground that will shoot fire projectiles to players. The projectiles leave fire AOEs behind. There are also moving fire AOEs that you should avoid. He can light up his weapon with fire as well and deal more damage with it after! Adds spawn during the fight but it is easy to kill them with AOE skills.

At around 60% Health, he will leave and activate four Stone Husks. At this point you should transform into a Werewolf Behemoth. Each player must taunt one Stone Husk and take it away from the other(if they are close, they enrage each other in Hard mode difficulty). When the Husk starts channeling, you must interrupt it with the Bonecrusher Behemoth skill. Shock artifacts will also spawn from time to time. You can deal ranged damage to those with the Thunderous Stomp Behemoth skill.

Once the husks are destroyed, Arkasis will return. He is dealing fire damage like before, only now he throws poison vials on the ground. The vials will fire poison around the room and eventually explode dealing poison damage. At 20% Health he will leave again and the Husks will return. They do the same attacks like before but they also have an instant kill for you in store! When your Husk starts glowing, you should switch enemies with another player! Use the Rampage Behemoth skill to switch fast.

After the Husks are dead, Arkasis returns. He is now enhanced with shock and healed back to 40% Health. He can summon moving shock AOEs that you have to avoid and use a front conal shock attack to whoever has aggro. The Tank should face him away from the group when using this attack. The moving Shock AOEs will follow players around. Move around to avoid them until they are gone.

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