summerset celebration event

Summerset Celebration Event Guide

The Summerset Celebration Event begins Thursday, July 23rd at 10:00 AM EDT and continues until August 4th at 10:00 AM EDT. During the event players can earn double rewards from exploring and adventuring around the zones of Summerset and Artaeum. Along with the rewards that drop from enemies around those two zones, players can also earn a brand new Outfit Style, the Snowhawk Mage, as well as the two first berries for the new Mossheart Indrik Mount! Like its name implies the goal of the event is to celebrate the anniversary of the Summerset Chapter Release, a few years ago. This Summerset Celebration Event Guide will help you understand what you have to do and where you have to go in order to earn the event’s cool rewards.

summerset celebration event

Table of Contents

Summerset Celebration Event Rewards

As you explore around Summerset you gain extra loot from all Daily Quest Rewards, Resource Nodes, World Bosses, Trial Bosses, Delve Bosses and Psijic Portals (only in Summerset). The first time, every day, you complete an Abyssal Geyser, Delve, World Boss Daily Quest or the Cloudrest Trial Weekly Quest you will earn a Glorious Summerset Coffer in addition to your regular rewards.

In the Glorious Summerset Coffer you can find Set Items, crafting materials, furnishing pages and of course pages of the new Snowhawk Mage Outfit Style. After you have earned the Glorious Summerset Coffer, you can continue adventuring in order to earn normal Summerset Coffers. These do not include the same impressive rewards with the Glorious Coffer but there is no limit on how many you can get each day. Normal Summerset Coffers also have a chance to drop from safeboxes, Psijic Portals, resource nodes and more sources.

Summerset Celebration Event Daily Quests

There are four Daily Quests you can accept in Summerset. Two are immediately available from the Justiciar Tanorian and the Justiciar Farowel at the Rinmawen’s Plaza in the city of Alinor. Justiciar Tanorian will ask you to complete a task in one of the zone’s Delves while Justiciar Farowel will ask you to defeat one of the World Bosses around the zone.

A third Daily Quest is available from the Battlereeve Tanerline nearby and will ask you to complete Abyssal Geysers. You have to advance the zone’s main quest in order to unlock this NPC and its Daily Quests. You can also receive the Cloudrest Trial Weekly/Daily Quest from the NPC Olorime, right after entering the Trial area.

Mossheart Indrik & Impresario During the Summerset Celebration Event

During the event you can also earn the first two berries for the new Mossheart Indrik! You can buy those two from the Impresario with Event Tickets. Every day, for the duration of the event, you can earn three Event Tickets as an additional reward for your first Delve, World Boss, Abyssal Geyser or Cloudrest Trial quest you complete. To evolve the Mossheart Indrik you will eventually need its four berries (two available with this event, the other two coming at a later date) and a Nascent Indrik. All four feathers to get the Nascent Indrik will be available from the Impresario. Here is a list with everything you can buy from this special NPC during the Summerset Celebration Event.

summerset celebration event
  • All four Indrik Feathers (to get a Nascent Indrik)
  • The first two Mossheart Berries of Bloom and Budding
  • Group repair kits
  • Summerset furnishings
    • Alinor Wall Mirror, Ornate
    • Alinor Archway, Tall
    • Alinor Monument, Marble
    • Painting of Summerset Coast, Refined
    • Alinor Pergola, Blue Wisteria Peaked
    • Display Case, Specimen
    • Psijic Lighting Globe, Small
    • Alinor Winerack, Polished
    • Display Case, Standing Arched
    • Alinor Desk, Mirrored
  • Snowhawk Mage outfit style pages (bound to your character on purchase)

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