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ESO Grind XP Spots

This ESO Grind XP Guide will show you the best places to grind XP in ESO! There are several different ways to level up your character in The Elder Scrolls Online. From clearing Dolmens to questing and exploring to the all time favorite grinding. Which method you choose, depends on your play-style and favorite way of enjoying the game.

Grinding XP, farming NPC repeatedly in order to level up your character, can be quite effective as long as you are doing it at the right place. There are several good spots you can visit in order to grind XP in ESO and level up. Some of those spots can also help you earn a decent amount of Gold in the process. The spots below can also help you level up your Companions fast!

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Where is the Best Place to Grind XP in ESO?

These are some of the best Grind XP Spots in The Elder Scrolls Online. Many of them will reward you with Gold and good drops as well, that will help you progress faster in the game. Every location mentioned here is available with the base game. No DLC is required to access it.

1. The Vile Manse – ESO Grind XP

The Vile Manse is a Public Dungeon, located in the Reaper’s March zone. It consists of two floors and offers a circular route you can follow in each floor. In order to enter the Dungeon you have to accept a short quest in the Villa above first.

The upper floor is full with groups of human enemies that can be killed easily. In general Humans are great enemies to also make Gold while grinding XP. The Bosses on this floor can drop additional loot but they are not placed on the route we are following. Breaking your loop to kill them might not be worth it.

At the west part of this floor there is a hole on the ground that will lead you to the lower floor. The lower floor of the Vile Manse offers a smaller circular route with a mix of humans and skeletons enemies. This route is also good for XP and Gold Grind. This is a quite popular Grind XP place so you might have a hard time finding it empty.

eso grind xp
Vile Manse Second Level

2. Obsidian Scar – ESO Grind XP

A Public Dungeon located in the Rivenspire zone. It offers a circular route you can follow and has plenty of human enemies inside. The Bosses are well placed and you can farm them while clearing normal enemies. They have a chance to drop Necropotence pieces which you can sell to other players for extra profit. Another very popular Grind XP and Gold place.

3. Razak’s Wheel – ESO Grind XP

Another Public Dungeon, located in the Bangkorai zone. Half of the enemies inside are humans and the other half are dwarven constructs. The Bosses are well placed and will allow you to farm them for Spriggan’s Thorns and Seventh Legion Brute pieces while clearing the area. Quite popular as well.

4. Spellscar – ESO Grind XP

Spellscar is one of the best spots for pure grind XP in ESO!! It is located in the Craglorn zone, North of Belkarth and offers a large area with many groups of enemies around. Great place to grind XP but very poor if you are after Gold. One of the best spots to level up but also one of the most popular areas.

eso grind xp
Craglorn zone

5. Sentinel Docks – ESO Grind XP

The entire area of the docks and North of Sentinel in the Alik’r Desert zone is a great Grind XP spot. This area is full of zombies that respawn very fast. XP gains are great but gold gains not so much. The zombies however drop Fleshfly Larva, an alchemy material, that you can sell to other players for some Gold. Known and popular spot.

Sentinel Docks in Alik’r Desert

6. Verrant Morass – ESO Grind XP

A large open area in the zone of Greenshade, North of Marbruk. Several groups of Feral Bosmers to kill around. Easy to kill and fast to respawn. Although this is another type of a zombie enemy, Feral Bosmers do not drop Fleshfly Larva. So this spot is great for XP but not so good for making Gold.

eso grind xp
Greenshade zone

7. The Vile Laboratory – ESO Grind XP

Another large, open area full of zombies. This location can be found in the Coldharbour zone, South-East of the Hollow City and very close to the town. The zombies here also drop Fleshfly Larva, making The Vile Laboratory, a decent spot for XP and Gold gains.

eso grind xp
Coldharbour zone

8. Northglen

A small area, North of Evermore in the Bangkorai zone. There is a mix of human and zombie enemies you can farm here. A decent spot if there is no one else around to interrupt your grind.

eso grind xp
Bangkorai zone

9. Skyreach Catacombs

The Skyreach Catacombs is a group instanced area in the zone of Craglorn! It offers a simple circular route and a special Treasure Chest mini game(defeat hordes of enemies to loot the chest) inside. The only drawback of this place is that you will have to reset the instance every time you complete the room. Enemies inside will not respawn. Skyreach Catacombs is a popular power leveling area in the game. If you cannot deal with the enemies inside the Catacombs yourself, you can ask another player to power level you in there.. for a price! A great XP spot for two players! When inside the Catacombs, follow the circular route and ignore the other rooms.

10. Normal Blackrose Prison Arena

Blackrose Prison is one of the few group Arenas in the game and the place to farm the special ability altering Blackrose Prison Weapons! It is also one of the best ways to Grind XP in ESO as a duo! Team up with a friend and enter the Arena in normal difficulty. The Arena is located in the zone of Murkmire! When inside the Arena, complete the first four rounds of the first arena, then reset it. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied with your XP gained.

eso grind xp
Blackrose Prison Location in Murkmire

ESO Best Grind Build Setup

To be efficient while Grinding XP do not forget to use Armor Sets with the Training Trait. Training will increase the XP you get from killing enemies and help you level up faster. Experience Boost Potions and Scrolls will help as well.

Using AOE Skills is also very important to kill enemies fast and gain XP. It will be helpful to have certain skills unlocked and ready to use. For Magicka users Wall of Elements from the Destruction Staff line, your Class’ AOE skill and Mystic Orb from Undaunted will be enough. For Stamina users Cleave from Two-Handed, Whirlwind from Dual wield, Volley and Arrow Spray from Bow will work well.

What are the Best Public Dungeons to Grind XP in ESO?

The Best Public Dungeons to Grind XP in ESO include The Vile Manse in the Reaper’s March zone, Obsidian Scar in Rivenspire and Razak’s Wheel in Bangkorai.

These are the best because of their layout, that allows you to circle around fast, killing enemies and getting XP. They also have a lot Human enemies inside, which means that you can Make Gold from grinding there.

FAQ – ESO Grind XP Spots

What is the fastest way to level in ESO?

The fastest way to level up in ESO is to Grind XP while wearing Training Gear and using XP Boost scrolls and consumables! Some of the Best places to Grind XP in ESO include the Vile Manse, Obsidian Scar, Razak’s Wheel Public Dungeons!

What is the Best place to Grind XP in ESO as a Solo Player?

The Best place to Grind XP as a Solo Player in ESO is Spellscar in Craglorn! The Vile Manse, Obsidian Scar and Razak’s Wheel Public Dungeons are great alternatives.

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