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West Weald Daily Quests Guide ESO

Where to find and how to accept all available West Weald Daily Quests in ESO Gold Road! These Dailies are a set of quests you can accept in the Capital town of the West Weald zone, Skingrad. Accepting and completing them is a great way to explore the West Weald zone and becoming familiar with the Delves, World Bosses and Mirrormoor Incursions that are available there. By completing these Daily Quests you can earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well and can reward you with Event Tickets!

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Where to Get West Weald Dailies in ESO Gold Road

There are four repeatable Quests you can accept in the West Weald zone, three Daily Quests in Skingrad and one Weekly Quest in the Lucent Citadel Trial. To accept every available Quest in the zone all you have to do is have access to the Gold Road Chapter and travel there.

west weald daily quests location
West Weald Dailies Locations

In the Capital Town of the zone you can accept three Daily Quests, that will ask you to complete a variety of tasks. From defeating World Bosses and checking the Delves of the zone to clearing Mirrormoor Incursions, which is the zone’s World Event. When you enter Skingrad, find and read the note “Skingrad Seeks Adventurers“. This interaction will unlock a quest that will ask you to talk to Legionary Castus. Talk to him for a short introduction of the available Daily Quests you can accept in West Weald. Next to Legionary Castus you can find the three Daily Quests NPC givers of the zone:

  • Legionary Jaida
  • Lieutenant Agrance
  • Commandant Salerius
gold road daily quests eso
Daily Quests NPC Location

Legionary Jaida is responsible for the Mirrormoor Incursions that are taking place in the zone. Mirrormoor Incursion is the equivalent of a World Event(like Dolmens, Harrowstorms etc) for the West Weald zone. There are four incursion sites around the zone. Clear Incursions successfully to complete this type of Daily Quests. Lieutenant Agrance will send you to hunt down the World Bosses of the area. There are six Overworld Bosses around the zone you can defeat in order to get her rewards. Finally Commandant Salerius will ask you to complete various tasks in one of the Six available Delves of the Zone! You can combine those Daily Quests with collecting Skyshards in the zone.

quests npc
Gold Road Daily Quests NPC

Lucent Citadel Weekly Quest – Gold Road Daily Quests

You can also accept the “The Knot AwaitsWeekly Quest from Keshargo inside the Lucent Citadel Trial. This Quest will require a full group, able to finish the Trial, in order to complete it.

weekly trial quest
Keshargo inside Lucent Citadel Trial

West Weald Dailies Rewards – Gold Road Daily Quests

When you complete one of the above Daily Quests you can earn pieces from Overland Sets that drop in the zone, style pages as well as style materials for the zone’s Motif’s!

ESO West Weald Daily Quests Summary

West Weald Daily Quests in ESO are Quests that you can accept in the Capital of the zone, Skingrad but also from Lucent Citadel Trial. There are four repeatable Quests in total that you can accept in the zone, as long as you have access to the Gold Road Chapter. These Quests will ask you to defeat World Bosses, check Delves in the area but also complete Mirrormoor Incursions, the zone’s World Event. By completing them you will earn pieces from item Sets that drop in West Weald, style pages and materials from the area’s motifs!