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Mages Guild Daily Quests

The Mages Guild in ESO, offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards! These Quests are perfect to level up your Mages Guild rank, as well as the Mages Guild rank for your active Companion! To begin accepting these Daily Quests you will have to join the Mages Guild first!

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How to Join the Mages Guild in ESO

Joining the Mages Guild in ESO is very simple! At any level visit the Mages Guild in your Alliance Starter town(Vukhel Guard – Auridon, Davon’s Watch – Stonefalls, Daggerfall – Glenumbra) and talk to Curinure inside!


Curinure is near the Guild’s entrance and after a short introduction he will ask you to join the Guild. By accepting, you unlock the Guild’s skill line and can now also accept its Daily Quests!

Where can i find Mages Guild Dailies in ESO

Once you have joined the Guild, you can accept Daily Quests from Alvur Baren! You can find Alvur Baren inside the Mages Guild in your Alliance Capital(Elden Root – Grahtwood, Wayrest – Stormhaven, Mournhold – Deshaan). The quests are rather simple. Alvur Baren will ask you to retrieve Relics from Public Dungeons around Tamriel!

What are the Mages Guild Daily Quests Rewards

By completing the Guild’s Daily Quests you can earn various rewards. These can be:

  • Companion Gear
  • Overland Set Gear
  • Ornate Gear
  • Gold
  • Deconstructable Equipment
  • Crafting Materials
  • A small chance for a Guild Commendation
  • Draugr Motif Style Pages
  • Mages Guild XP

Mages Guild XP is a nice reward that can help you level up your Guild Rank but also one of the few ways you can level up your Companions’ Mages Guild rank!

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