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ESO Companions System Guide

ESO Companions

The Companions System allows players to summon companions that can aid them in their adventures.

A great new addition that can help players to complete harder content alone. Especially new players that have not maxed out their characters, will find the companion’s’ assistance valuable when trying to defeat a harder opponent.

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Unlock & Types of Companions

Players can unlock Companions NPC by completing certain Quests in Blackwood and High Isle zones. In total there are four Companions available to players.

Bastian has a chivalrous Knight kind of personality and an interesting background you can unlock through his Quest Story. Mirri on the other hand is more of a sneaky, Thief character. Ember is skilled with magic while Isobel is an aspiring Knight.

You can find Bastian in the Deepscorn Hollow objective along the southwest coast of Blackwood. Mirri is found in the Doomvault Vulpinaz objective in northern Blackwood. Once you complete these objectives, you can unlock the Companions.

You can find Ember near the Tor Draioch point of interest, North of Gonfalon Bay, the Capital of the High Isle zone. In order to unlock her as a companion complete her Quest “Tower of Trouble“.

You can find Isobel near the Castle Navire point of interest, West of Gonfalon Bay, the Capital of the High Isle zone. In order to unlock her as a companion complete her Quest “Tournament of the Heart“.

You can summon your companions any time from the Allies tab in the Collection menu. You can also assign them any role you wish in order to complement your play-style, by choosing the right skills and armor.

Companions cannot follow you in Arenas and PVP zones though. When participating in group content, companions will count as players and occupy a player slot. This can be helpful for a group unable to find enough players to complete a Dungeon or a Trial.

Companions however cannot replace players in terms of efficiency and DPS, so it is better to use them for easier PVE content.

Companions Story Quests

You can talk with your Companions, choose among several dialogue options and unlock their personal quest stories. Unlocking their quest stories will help you learn more about them.

Companions have their own unique identities, likes and dislikes. The way you treat them, the options you choose in your dialogues and your actions in-game, will affect your relationship with them. The more quests from their Story you complete, the better you understand your Companions, who they are and where they came from. The system is expected to evolve in the future with a lot more options available to players.

Romance between your characters and a Companion is one of the team’s goals but is also something that will come in future updates and after the system has improved and expanded more.

This new system adds a single player RPG tone to The Elder Scrolls Online and has the capacity to expand into a groundbreaking feature for ESO.

eso companions

Rapport is the system that measures your relationship with each companion. Increasing Rapport can unlock more options for the specific companion, like new background quests, while decreasing rapport with them can make them dislike you and even unsummon themselves for a while.

Companions Skills & Customization

You can level up your Companions, gear them up to fulfill their desired role, unlock skills and set up their gear and combat behavior.

Companions start at level 1 and level up as they adventure and gain experience along with you, up to level 20. Every companion has a unique set of Class skills you can choose from. As they level up they unlock more skills, that can assist you in combat.

There are plenty of other skill lines to choose from as well. Weapon, Armor, Guild and Racial lines will all help you create a unique Companion Build.

  • Class Skill Lines increase with the combat level of the companion
  • Weapon Skill Lines increase through combat based on the weapon equipped
  • Armor Skill Lines increase through combat based on the armor weight equipped
  • Guild Skill Lines increase by completing daily quests associated with the guild
  • Racial Skill Lines are unlocked from the beginning

Companions use a cooldown and priority system when choosing which skill to use. The order in which you place skills on their skill-bar is the order in which they will try to use them.

eso companions


Companions use special equipment that is independent from players’ gear. Armor for Companions drops from enemies but is rarer than player Armor Sets and its maximum quality is Epic(purple). Bosses have a better chance to drop equipment for your companions but you can also buy it from specific merchants.

This special gear is shared for all companions. You cannot craft, research or deconstruct this type of equipment.

Equipment above White quality offers unique Companion traits. These Traits are:

  • Quickened,Cooldown Reduction
  • Prolific, Ultimate Generation
  • Focused, Critical Strike Chance
  • Shattering, Penetration
  • Aggressive, Damage Done
  • Soothing, Healing Done
  • Augmented, Ability Buff and Debuff Duration
  • Bolstered, Reduce Damage Taken
  • Vigorous, Max Health


You can customize your companions, exactly like you customize your characters. From their collectibles menu, you can have them wear a costume you have unlocked and assign them one of your mounts. It is also possible to change their outfit at the appropriate station.

You can use the same cosmetics on you and your characters if you wish!

eso companions

Companions Additional Info

Companions in general are account based but in order to use them with a character you will have to complete their introductory quest first. Their overall progress however remains even when you are switching characters.

They can die in combat and be resurrected like other players. Even if you do not resurrect them, they will get up once the combat is over. It is possible to have some form of control over their actions in combat by using the already existing Pet command system.

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