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Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

Scrivener’s Hall is one of the two new 4-man Dungeons, that were added to ESO with the Scribes of Fate DLC! The dungeon entrance is located in the zone of The Rift. Scrivener’s Hall adds new achievements, challenges and four new Armor Sets to ESO.

In total there are Three main bosses you can defeat in the dungeon. This Dungeon also introduces a unique Vault system to ESO! Players can obtain Vault Keys inside the Dungeon, that allow them to unlock chests in a special room as well as a Secret Boss!

This Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights, their attack patterns and how to unlock The Vault.

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Armor Sets in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Main Bosses in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon ESO

There are three main Bosses in the dungeon. You can find them all by simply progressing inside and reaching the final area of every map! All main Bosses have their own unique attack patterns and will summon adds that will make your life miserable!

Riftmaster Naqri

Riftmaster Naqri is the first Boss of the Dungeon and provides an exciting as well as challenging fight! He is waiting for you inside a massive library!

scrivener's hall
Riftmaster Naqri & The Vault

How to Defeat Riftmaster Naqri in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

Riftmaster Naqri is a formidable enemy with devastating normal and heavy attacks. The tank should keep aggro and not let him attack the damage dealers. Naqri will also summon Big and Smaller Tornadoes that move around dealing damage. Avoid the Tornadoes. During the fight several adds will spawn and start dealing damage to your group. Deal with them fast.

Naqri’s signature move is the summoning of three colored Books, floating around him. The Books will appear one by one at around 85%, 55%, 35% of Naqri’s Health. The Book that appears can be White, Red or Green! Each Book introduces a new mechanic.

  • The White Book(85%) summons an add that deals damage with a Heavy Attack.
  • The Green Book(55%) summons an add that sets an AOE under your feet. Block to reduce damage.
  • The Red Book(35%) summons an add that attacks with Projectiles.

The Books will keep summoning adds until you make them disappear. Every time a Book appears, it shoots colored flares towards random sections of the library. Follow each flare to find a colored book on the shelf nearby. Interact with the colored books to make the floating Books disappear.

Naqri can also summon another Book that deals massive AOE damage after a few moments. When he does that he leaves two green AOEs on the ground. A player should stand on each AOE for the group to survive.

scrivener's hall
Riftmaster Naqri

Riftmaster Naqri important mechanics:

  • Large and smaller Tornadoes.
  • White, Green, Red Books at 85%, 55%, 35%. Follow the flares and interact with Books on shelves.
  • Massive AOE. Stand on Green AOEs.

Ozezan the Inferno

This is the second Boss of the Dungeon and offers another challenging but hard fight!

Ozezan & Cartoklepts Locations

How to Defeat Ozezan the Inferno in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

Ozezan is a tough and unforgiving Boss with several mechanics to keep an eye on! The Tank should hold aggro and block to survive its Light and Heavy Attacks. Periodically Ozezan will burrow into the ground, leave a large lava AOE behind and emerge on the other side of the room. The lava AOE is permanent so the Tank should lure the Boss near the walls. Like this you will have enough room to fight.

Ozezan will also fire beams to players that summon an AOE on the ground. Avoid overlapping to survive. During the fight the Boss will shoot larvae around the room. The larvae will grow into Evolved Broodlings! To avoid this, step on the larvae when you see them spawning. Stepping on them is enough to kill them and avoid the creation of minions! Other minions will also spawn during the fight, so it is better to destroy the larvae if you can.

Vile Secretions is Ozezan’s deadliest attack! A front conal poison spew attack that will kill anyone but the Tank! Tank should hold aggro and turn Ozezan away from the rest of the group. The Healer should keep the Tank alive!

Occasionally Ozezan will burrow into the ground and emerge at the center of the room. When he does that he will pull players towards him. Stay as close to the wall as possible to survive this move. At around 40% and 20% Iron Atronachs will also spawn!

Ozezan the Inferno

Ozezan the Inferno important mechanics:

  • Burrows and leaves permanent lava AOE behind.
  • Fire Beams that spawn AOEs at players. Avoid overlapping.
  • Spawn larvae that evolve into adds. Step on the larvae.
  • Poison front conal attack. Tank should hold aggro and turn Ozezan away from the group.
  • Pulls players in the center of the room.
  • Iron Atronachs spawn at 40% and 20%.

Valinna and Lamikhai

This pair is the final Boss fight of Scrivener’s Hall! You will have to fight them in three different areas before you can finish the dungeon! Valinna is a Mage while Lamikhai is a huge Spider. Both have their own unique mechanics.

Final Boss and Cartoklepts Location

How to Defeat Valinna and Lamikhai in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

Lamikhai is an enormous spider that can deal significant damage to players. The Tank should hold aggro and block! The Spider will eventually enrage. Lamikhai will glow red when this happens. The Tank should lure the spider inside the green AOE to lose its enrage status. In the second area, Lamikhai will summon a smaller spider that throws web to a player and pulls them to her. If the player reaches the spider they die instantly. Kill the smaller spider as fast as possible to avoid this.

Valinna will mark players during the fight. After some time the mark will disappear but leave a permanent AOE on the ground. Try to be at the edge of the area when that happens so you can have more room to move and fight. She can also summon circles around players! Players with circle on their feet should stay inside until it disappears and avoid entering other players circles. Doing so will result in massive damage and probably instant death. Valinna can also attack with a flamethrower type of skill. The tank should hold aggro and face her away from the group.

In the last area, Valinna will summon meteors on the ground. These meteors will explode after some time and deal massive damage to your group. Destroy them as fast as possible.

scrivener's hall

Valinna and Lamikhai important mechanics:

  • Lamikhai can enrage. Lure the spider inside the Green AOE.
  • Lamikhai summons a smaller spider that immobilizes a player and pulls them to her. Kill the spider as fast as possible.
  • Valinna marks players and leaves permanent AOE on the ground.
  • Vallina’s flamethrower.
  • Valinna summons circles around players. Stay inside and avoid entering other players circles.
  • Valinna summons meteors. Destroy the meteors before they explode.

All Secrets in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

Scrivener’s Hall introduces a new interesting mechanic to ESO with the Secret Vault! The Vault is located near the Dungeon’s entrance and before you can fight Riftmaster Naqri. Reinfyr standing in front of the door will explain to you how to unlock it!

scrivener's hall
Vault Door

How to Unlock the Vault in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

To unlock the door you must first obtain a Small or Large Vault key. You can get these keys by killing special enemies inside the Dungeon, the Cartoklepts! Small Keys drop in normal difficulty while Large Keys drop in Veteran difficulty. Cartoklepts are special scamp-like enemies, hidden between the first and second boss and between the second and third boss areas! You can find two Cartoklepts in every Dungeon run. They are hiding in areas(caves and ruins) on the side of the main Dungeon path. If you fail to kill them fast they will teleport in another area of the Dungeon, so make sure to throw everything you have at them!

Once you obtain a Key, you can return to the Vault and Reinfyr will unlock the door for you. You do not have to finish the dungeon to enter the Vault! Inside the Vault there are several Large and Small Chests that you can open with the keys! Chests can reward you with various items including pieces from the Dungeon Sets, as well as a special Treasure Map that grants you the Cartoklept Map tool that you can use in future runs to pinpoint the location of Cartoklepts in the dungeon!

scrivener's hall
Vault Chests

How to Summon The Vault Secret Boss in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

There is a Secret Boss you can spawn inside the Vault as well, the CartoQueen! To spawn her you must unlock all small chests(normal difficulty) or all large chests(veteran difficulty) inside the Vault at the same visit! Which means that you and your group will have to farm keys during multiple runs for this to happen! The Cartoqueen will drop a special treasure map that will reward you with the Cartoklept map tool!

scrivener's hall

How to Unlock the Cartoqueen Secret Boss in Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon

All the necessary steps to spawn the Cartoqueen Secret Boss in The Vault and find the Cartoklept map!

  1. Find and Defeat Cartoklepts in the dungeon.

    Inside Scrivener’s Hall you can find and defeat special enemies called Cartoklepts. You can find one in the map before Ozezan the Inferno Boss and one more in the map before the Final Boss. Every dungeon run offers two Cartoklepts enemies.scrivener's hall

  2. Collect 20 Small or 20 Large Vault Keys.

    When you defeat a Cartoklept, they drop a small or large Vault Key. Small drop in Normal difficulty while Large drop in Veteran difficulty. Every player can get 2 keys per dungeon run.

  3. Open the Chests.

    Once you have enough Keys, return to The Vault and open 20 small or 20 large chests to spawn the Secret Boss.

  4. Defeat the Cartoqueen.

    The Boss will spawn and you can defeat her. She is similar to Cartoklepts enemies and ports around the area often. The Boss will drop a Rift Treasure Map, Scrivener’s Treasure.scrivener's hall

  5. Find the map location and obtain the Cartoklept map Tool!

    Go to the Rift zone and dig out the treasure chest on the spot, North of Mammoth Ridge point of interest. This will reward you with the Cartoklept map Tool. You can now use the tool inside Scrivener’s Hall to reveal Cartoklepts’ location!cartoklept map location

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