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Graven Deep Dungeon

Graven Deep is one of the two new 4-man Dungeons, that were added to The Elder Scrolls Online with the Lost Depths DLC! The dungeon entrance is located in the zone of High Isle. Graven Deep adds new achievements, challenges and four new Armor Sets in ESO.

In total there are Six bosses you can defeat in the dungeon, three main bosses and three secret, optional bosses. Defeating the three secret bosses, rewards you with buffs that will help you complete the dungeon objectives. This Graven Deep Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights, their attack patterns and where to find all secret, optional bosses.

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Armor Sets in Graven Deep Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Main Bosses in Graven Deep Dungeon ESO

You can find each main Boss at the end of one of the three areas of the Dungeon. The first two Bosses are easier to deal with, while the last Boss, Zelvraak, the Unbreathing, is quite challenging. All three have their own unique attack patterns and will summon minions to assist them. Some of their hardest mechanics only appear in Veteran Difficulty.

The Euphotic Gatekeeper

The Euphotic Gatekeeper – Graven Deep Dungeon Guide

This is the first Boss of the Dungeon, which you can fight at the end of the first area, the Uncharted Island. It acts as a gatekeeper, and you will have to defeat him to proceed to the underground part of the Dungeon.

Before you can fight the Boss, you will have to defeat three pangrit enemies. When you fight the Pangrits, the Boss will throw poison at you. To get rid of it, approach the three open holes in the area and interact with them with the synergy that appears. You will have to repeat this action later, in the Boss fight.

How to Defeat The Euphotic Gatekeeper in Graven Deep Dungeon

Once you close all three holes, The Euphotic Gatekeeper will jump down and you can attack him. He is a quite agile enemy that moves around a lot. His Light Attacks are not very dangerous but his Heavy Attacks can kill you. He will throw poison at you like before, which you have to throw away as fast as possible. If you let it build up, it will deal massive damage fast. During the fight he will summon pangrits to assist him. The pangrits use holes to appear, so try to use the poison synergy and close them fast. If you cannot reach a hole fast enough for the synergy, it is better to throw the poison where you are and leave the hole open.

His signature move is to Jump around the area and then roll around, leaving small AOE behind. The AOE deal damage and if he touches you while he rolls, he will knock you down and stun you briefly. Another important mechanic of this Boss is when he teleports forward and leaves a decoy behind. The decoy will explode after a while dealing poison damage. Just make sure to get out of the AOE before it explodes.

graven deep

Varzunon – Graven Deep Dungeon

This is the second main Boss of the dungeon, which you can find at the end of the second area, The Dwarven Station. Varzunon is an interesting Boss that starts weak but keeps getting stronger as the fight progresses.

How to Defeat Varzunon in Graven Deep Dungeon

His Light and Heavy attacks are weak at first but if you let him get stronger they deal massive damage and they might even one-shot you. He can summon skeleton minions to assist him and stomps the ground. Try to kill the adds fast and block his stomp attack. Some of the minions are mages, so focus on them first. Remember that his attacks become deadlier as he is getting stronger. Periodically he will summon a Skeleton Sacrifice, a glowing Skeleton minion that moves toward him. If you let Varzunon absorb this minion he will grow bigger and stronger. Try to kill this enemy as fast as possible!

Another attack he can use, is to summon a cloud that is firing projectiles at you. Easy to block and outheal it. He can also create a charging AOE that when is filled, will fire water mini tornadoes around. Finally he also has the ability to create static ground AOE that deal damage to players inside them. Occasionally he will spawn a skeletal arm that grasps a player and kill him.

graven deep
Zelvraak The Unbreathing

Zelvraak The unbreathing – Graven Deep Dungeon

The final and hardest Boss of the Dungeon! You will find him at the end of the third area, Tempest Observatory, after a short walk underwater! An undead Lich basically with some difficult mechanics! To fight him, you will have to defeat three Mages and their summoned Flesh Abomination first. Easy to kill with the Abomination mostly using Light Attacks.

How to Defeat Zelvraak The Unbreathing in Graven Deep Dungeon

Zelvraak’s basic attacks include a Light Attack with his staff, a charged conal attack to the player holding aggro and Ice damage AOEs on the ground. He can also cast a mass fear. Zelvraak will summon a sea Orb that slowly descends to the ground. Deal damage to it before it touches the ground to survive!

He can also apply a deadly DOT to a select player. To get rid of the DOT, approach fast the glowing ghost that has appeared in the area and retrieve your soul back. This can be hard to survive if you do not start moving immediately towards the ghost!

When his Health drops to 50%, he will send the group to a void-like realm, copy of the same area. When in this realm you will gradually take damage. Collect the standing ghosts fast to return to the main area. When you get near them, they will also heal you a bit. While in this realm, Zelvraak summons a deadly AOE in the middle of the room and Fractured Souls will fly towards it.

Once you return from that realm you will have to fight another Flesh Abomination. Focus on killing it first then attack the main Boss. Zelvraak can also summon large ground AOEs that deal constant damage to players. Try to stay out of their range. Finally at around 75% and 25% Health, he will split into four Shades around the room. The Shades will start channeling and you must interrupt them. Kill them as fast as possible to return to the fight.

All Secret Bosses in Graven Deep Dungeon ESO

In total there are three secret Bosses in the Graven Deep Dungeon. These are completely optional to defeat but will grant you specific buffs, that will make it easier to complete the Dungeon. To reach them you will have to solve a short puzzle first.

Mzugru, Security Drone – Graven Deep Dungeon Guide

This is the first secret boss of the Graven Deep Dungeon.

Where to Find Mzugru, Security Drone in Graven Deep Dungeon

You can find the entrance to its area, in Uncharted Island right before The Euphotic Gatekeeper. Get into the Security Depot to fight him.

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Uncharted Island area

Before you can find him, you need to solve the puzzle and lift the shield. There are four Control Knobs you need to activate in the right order. The order is:

  • Delta – Beta – Alpha – Gamma. The shield will drop and you can fight him.
graven deep
Mzugru, Security Drone

How to Defeat Mzugru, Security Drone in Graven Deep Dungeon

His Light Attacks do not deal much damage but make sure to block his Heavy Attacks. Around the area, Power Transmitters will occasionally activate, shielding him from damage, while he bombards you with projectile attacks that leave ground AOE. Destroy the active Power Transmitter to drop the shield and attack him again. He can also make a spin attack that will knock you down if you do not block it. When you defeat him, you will receive the Shield Generator Buff. This Buff increases Health by 10% and grants you a shield when taking damage.

Xzyviian, Defense Crawler – Graven Deep Dungeon Guide

This is the second secret boss of the Graven Deep Dungeon

Where to Find Xzyviian, Defense Crawler in Graven Deep Dungeon

You can find Xzyviian in the Dwarven Station area of the Dungeon. This Boss is located on the Southern part of the area and before you can reach it you will have to pass through a moving lasers challenge.

The Dwarven Station

Activate the Defense Systems and pass through the moving lasers. If they touch you, you lose health and teleport at the beginning of the path. Use Plate Stomp to “clear” paths and “save” your progress.

Laser Systems

How to Defeat Xziviian, Defense Crawler in Graven Deep Dungeon

Another Dwarven Automaton with deadly Heavy Attacks! Make sure to block them or it will one-shot you. Its Light Attacks are nothing to worry about. It will also attack with a front conal Fire breath, shoot fire projectiles that leave fire AOE on the ground and jump around the area.

Xziviian, Defense Crawler

Easy Boss to deal with as long as you stay focused. Once you defeat it, you will receive the Defense Systems Buff. This Buff increases Magicka by 10% and allows you to use laser defense systems around the dungeon.

Chralzak Sphere 9402-A

This is the third and final secret boss of the Graven Deep Dungeon.

Where to find Chralzak Sphere 9402-A in Graven Deep Dungeon

You can find Chralzak Sphere 9402-A on the Southern part of the last area, Tempest Observatory! You will have to solve another puzzle to spawn this boss.

Tempest Observatory

The entrance to its area is easy to miss, so keep an eye for it. The puzzle is also rather simple. Use the Levers to create a path to the other side. Once you have opened the path, get to the other side, use the lever there and spawn the Boss.

How to Defeat Chralzak Sphere 9402-A in Graven Deep Dungeon

Another Dwarven Automaton with simple attacks, that is easy to defeat. Its Light Attacks are easy to deal with. It will perform a weak spin attack and throw a shock ground AOE.

graven deep
Chralzak Sphere 9402-A

Once you defeat it, you will receive the Remote Battery Buff. This Buff increases Stamina by 10% and when stamina is reduced to 30% or less, Stamina Recovery is supercharged. A quite fun Dungeon with a challenging Final Boss. In Graven Deep, you will also have the chance to walk underwater for the first time in ESO!! Have Fun!

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