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Banished Cells 2

Banished Cells 2 is one of the hardest Base Game Dungeons you can complete in ESO! The Final Boss fight especially will wipe your group multiple times, if you are not familiar with the mechanics and do not have enough DPS! The Dungeon takes place in the same area as Banished Cells 1 and continues basically the story of this first dungeon. The Dungeon is available with the Base Game(no DLC required) and its entrance is on the Northern part of the Auridon zone! In total there are six Bosses in the Banished Cells 2 Dungeon. This Banished Cells 2 Dungeon Guide will focus on the Boss fights and their attack patterns.

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Armor Sets in Banished Cells 2 Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can get from enemies in the Dungeon, a Light, Medium, Heavy and a Monster Set. The armor Sets you can farm here are:

Bosses in Banished Cells 2 Dungeon ESO

You can find the Bosses of the Dungeon by simply following the path inside. They are all quite challenging to defeat and have a few interesting mechanics. Some of their hardest mechanics only appear in Veteran Difficulty.

banished cells 2
Banished Cells 2

Keeper Areldur – Banished Cells 2

The first Boss of the dungeon that is using Fire based attacks to deal damage. She also has two Flame Atronachs as adds, that are easy to kill.

Keeper Areldur

She is mostly attacking with a weak fire projectile that you can block easily or ignore. During the fight she will raise her staff and cast two fire projectiles. When the projectiles reach the ground, they will create fire AOEs. Her most deadly attack is a channel! Periodically she will crouch and start shooting ground Fire AOEs around her. These can deal significant damage to players with low Health, so try to avoid them.

Maw of the Infernal – Banished Cells 2

The first main Boss of the Dungeon with a few nasty Fire attacks!

banished cells 2
Maw of the Infernal

The best way to deal with this Boss is to face him away from the group as the Tank, and stand still! His Light Attack is a Swipe that can deal good damage. The Tank should Block all the time to avoid unnecessary damage. He will also use a Fire Breath attack, which is basically a conal Fire attack towards the player with aggro. This can deal significant damage and is the main reason to face the Boss away from the group.

His deadliest attack though is his Bite. He will Bite the player with aggro(Tank) and stun them. The Bite will place a fire DoT on the player and leave a permanent ground fire AOE. The damage from this attack can be devastating. Despite that you should stand still as a Tank, or else the fire will spread around the room. If you have to move to avoid damage, try to step slightly left or right and out of the AOEs. After you defeat this Boss press the two switches in the room in any order, to open the door and proceed!

Keeper Voranil – Banished Cells 2

The easiest Boss of the Dungeon with a couple only attacks. He has two adds that are easy to kill with AOEs.

Keeper Voranil

His Light Attacks are weak and easy to Block or ignore. His Heavy Attack can deal significant damage and knock you back though. Block to reduce incoming damage. His main skill is a whirlwind type of attack that deals damage in a short area around him. Block or move out of its AOE.

Keeper Imiril – Banished Cells 2

Keeper Imiril is quite challenging. She can teleport, disappear and summon several adds to assist her!

Keeper Imiril

The two Orbs she commands will move randomly around the room and deal significant damage to players near them. She will use them to disappear and summon her adds. The Orbs will also multiply as the fight drags on! Her attacks are basic. Light attacks you can block or ignore and a large charged AOE you can block or move out of it to avoid damage. Her main mechanic is the summoning of adds during the fight. She can summon three groups of enemies in the following order:

  1. Dark Banekins
  2. Dark Twilights
  3. Dark Clannfears

She will disappear in an orb and summon one of the above groups of enemies. The enemies will stay around until killed. So if you fail to kill them fast, the adds will overwhelm you. They are easy to deal with though, especially if you use strong AOE attacks.

Sister Sihna and Sister Vera – Banished Cells 2

Identical Bosses with the same attacks that are relatively easy to kill.

Sister Sinha & Vera

They throw Magic projectiles as their Light Attacks, which are easy to block or ignore. Their strongest attack is a charged front attack that summons ground AOEs moving towards the Tank(or whoever has aggro). The Tank should Block this attack and the other players should avoid standing behind the Tank!

During the fight one of the Sisters will spawn a shield around her, that will reduce incoming damage significantly. When that happens, the group should focus on the other Sister. To bring them together and deal faster with them, the Tank should aggro both and hide behind one of the pillars. The Sisters will move in an effort to get a view on the Tank! They can also summon Orbs that heal them!

High Kinlord Rilis – Banished Cells 2

The final Boss of the Dungeon and one of the hardest fights in a Base Game Dungeon! High Kinlord Rilis returns in Banished Cells 2 to torment us!

banished cells 2
High Kinlord Rilis

Rilis is now using a Staff and throws Shock projectiles as his Light Attacks. He will occasionally put a player inside a Bubble that will raise them high to the sky! The Bubble will not deal damage but will place a curse on the player that deals damage and slows them down. There are two runes on the ground, a blue and a red one. Depending on the color on the player after the Bubble, head to the rune of the same color to lift the curse.

Rilis can also summon deadly coldfire ground AOEs that deal significant damage. He will also teleport around the room a lot. During the fight he will spawn Daedroths and orbs. You should kill them both as fast as possible! If the Orbs reach him, they will heal him, dragging on the fight! Daedroths have nasty fire based attacks that deal good damage and leave fire AOE’s behind! The Tank should try to aggro all Daedroths and the group should use AOEs to kill them. If you do not kill them fast, they will overwhelm you!

How to Activate Banished Cells 2 Veteran Hard Mode – High Kinlord Rilis Boss Fight

If Banished Cells 2 is one of your Daily Undaunted Pledges, you might want to earn two Undaunted Keys by completing it in Veteran Hardmode difficulty. Unlike most other Dungeons, there is no Scroll of Glorious Battle in here.

So in order to activate and complete the Veteran Hard Mode difficulty in Banished Cells 2, you should leave three(3) Daedroths alive while fighting the Final Boss, High Kinlord Rilis! The Boss has to die with at least three Daedroths alive to complete the Hardmode difficulty!

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