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The best Magicka DPS Armor Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online! The Elder Scrolls Online has a plethora of Armor Sets you can use and combine to create the build of your choice. These Armor Sets can fulfill different roles and help you play as a Damage Dealer, Healer or Tank.

With this post we will take a look at the best Magicka DPS Sets as well as the Best Monster Sets for Magicka DPS roles in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Magicka DPS Armor Sets PVE

Mantle of Siroria

Location: Summerset, Cloudrest Trial – Standard & Perfected Version

The Mantle of Siroria is one of the Best Magicka DPS Sets at the moment. Its 5-piece bonus, increases Damage and DPS significantly. Its perfected version adds more Magicka. That means that both versions are quite effective and you can “farm” the standard Set, which is easier, while achieving almost the same results.

A common misconception about Siroria is that it is not a good Magicka DPS Set for mobile fights because you have to stand still to get the 5-piece bonus.

That is not true since you can refresh the bonus by re-entering the circle created by the Set.

Bahsei’s Mania

Location: Blackwood, Rockgrove Trial – Standard & Perfected Version

The Bahsei’s Mania is a great DPS Set that can boost your damage based on missing Magicka. Easier to use with Magicka builds. Stamina Builds can use it as well with a few Magicka abilities to help keep Magicka low.

Whorl of the Depths

Location: High Isle, Dreadsail Reef Trial

Whorl of the Depths is a powerful Frost damage based DPS Set. The set can boost the damage of pure Frost DPS Builds, like Ice Queen, but also normal Magicka DPS Builds. Its Perfected version offers extra Critical Chance.

Kinras’s Wrath

Location: Black Drake Villa Dungeon

Kinras’s Wrath is a great DPS Set that grants you Major Berserk and buffs your entire group with Minor Berserk as well.

Great option for both Solo & Group content. Medium Armor Set that is best usedas Weapons and Jewelry.

Berserking Warrior

Location: Craglorn, Hel Ra Citadel Trial

Berserking Warrior or Advancing Yokeda as it is also known, is another great DPS Set. Since this is a Heavy Armor Set we are mostly using its Jewels and Weapons in PVE gameplay.

It requires Melee Weapons to use it effectively.

False God’s Devotion

Location: Elsweyr, Sunspire Trial – Standard & Perfected Version

False God’s Devotion is one of the top Magicka DPS Sets for better Magicka Management. This Set is offering better Magicka sustain in the form of reduced cost for your Magicka skills and the ability to restore Magicka after every kill.

A very good Magicka DPS Armor Set if you are struggling with Magicka management and a great option for harder Solo PVE Gameplay like Arenas.

Mother’s Sorrow

Location: Deshaan, Overland

One of the best Sets for Magicka Builds to boost your Critical Chance.

Mother’s Sorrow can help you achieve really good DPS. Perfect for almost every Magicka DPS and situation.

You can use this Set to fight strong single targets or large groups of enemies.


Location: Arx Corinium Dungeon, Normal & Veteran

Medusa is a Heavy Armor Set very similar to Mother’s Sorrow. It boosts Critical Chance and provides a permanent Minor Force buff. Since it is a Heavy Armor Set it is best used as Jewels and Weapons.

Law of Julianos

Location: Wrothgar, Crafted

A crafted Armor Set, perfect for almost everyone and every situation. Despite being considered a starter Magicka Armor Set, Law of Julianos can be great for Stamina Builds and veteran players as well. Easy to get and use.

War Maiden

Location: Vvardenfell, Overland

War Maiden is an excellent option for classes and builds that rely a lot on Magic Damage based skills, like the Templar.

Order’s Wrath

Location: High Isle, Crafted

Order’s Wrath is a great option for Stamina and Magicka DPS Builds, that can boost Critical Chance, Damage, Weapon and Spell Damage!


Location: Blackwood, Overland

Frostbite increases your damage done with Frost abilities but also your damage done against Chilled enemies and enemies afflicted with Minor Brittle. A very good option for Frost based Builds and Frost Wardens.

Diamond’s Victory

Location: Blackwood, Crafted

A great Crafted Set for Magicka and Stamina DPS Builds. Diamond’s Victory can boost your offensive stats when fighting in close combat or from range.

Unleashed Ritualist

Location: The Cauldron Dungeon, Normal & Veteran mode

Unleashed Ritualist is a great set for Classes and Builds with Pets. When wearing the Set you mark the enemies and your Pets deal more damage to them.

Burning Spellweave

Location: City of Ash I & II, Normal & Veteran mode

Another good Magicka DPS Set. Burning Spellweave is best combined with builds that use a lot of fire damage skills. Relatively easy to get and one of the stronger Magicka DPS Sets you can wear on your character.

Elf Bane

Location: Cyrodiil, Vlastarus Vendor

Elf Bane is a Heavy Armor Set best combined with Fire Damage based Builds. The set boosts the duration of Fire Damage over Time abilities and is a great option for Magicka Dragonknights.

Since it is a Heavy Armor Set it is best used as Jewels and Weapons.

Spell Strategist

Location: Cyrodiil – PVP Rewards

Spell Strategist is a strictly single target Set and will assist you more when fighting strong enemies, like dungeon or Trial bosses.


Location: Rivenspire, Overland

Necropotence is the go-to Set for Pet Sorcerers and in general classes that can have a Pet assisting them in combat.

A very simple but strong Armor Set for that specific type of gameplay.

Crafty Alfiq

Location: Elsweyr, Overland

The no-Pet version of Necropotence.

Crafty Alfiq is a very easy Set that basically boosts your Magicka without the need to have a Pet around. An excellent option for classes that want to get a higher Magicka pool but do not have access to Pets.

Icy Conjuror

Location: Frostvault, Normal & Veteran mode

Icy Conjuror is a strong offensive Magicka DPS Set. The Frost damage it applies when de-buffing an enemy boosts our DPS.

Its Frost damage also makes it a great fit for Frost-based Magicka builds, giving another, refreshing option to that part of the game.


Location: Maelstrom Arena, Normal and Veteran

Winterborn is another strong Frost Damage based set in The Elder Scrolls Online. Similar to Icy Conjuror and another good option for Frost Damage based Builds.

Master Architect

Location: Vvardenfell, Halls of Fabrication Trial

Master Architect is basically a Trials buffing Set. Essential for your Trial group and in general organized group gameplay.

Not a good Set for solo-overland gameplay.


Location: Daily Dungeon Reward – Imperial City

Willpower is a Magicka Set with 3 bonuses only. We use it often as a starter Set.

We can also use it to complete builds with special weapons or without a Monster Set.

Magicka DPS Armor Sets PVP


Location: Vvardenfell, Crafted

Shacklebreaker is the best PVP option for almost every Magicka DPS Build. The Set boosts Magicka sustain, Damage as well as Stamina sustain. An important trait for every Magicka DPS PVP Build that should never be neglected.

Spinner’s Garments

Location: Malabal Tor, Overland

Spinner‘s Garments is an excellent offensive Set that boosts Damage and Penetration. Thanks to these stats it is a potent PVP Set.

Good for PVE as well.

Heartland Conqueror

Location: Blackwood, Crafted

Heartland Conqueror is a potent Crafted Set that boosts the effectiveness of Weapon Traits by 100%.

Amber Plasm

Location: Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon, Normal and Veteran

Amber Plasm is very similar to Shacklebreaker. It boosts all of our attributes as well as our Damage and Critical Chance.

Eternal Vigor

Location: Western Skyrim, Overland

Eternal Vigor is an amazing PVP support Set. A Heavy Armor Set that can boost your attributes’ recovery but also grant you superb Health Recovery when low on Health. A must have survival Set for Magicka and Stamina PVP Builds.

Crafty Alfiq

Location: Elsweyr, Overland

Crafty Alfiq is a very easy way for builds to increase their Maximum Magicka.

New Moon Acolyte

New Moon Acolyte is an excellent crafted Set that is boosting Weapon/Spell Damage-Critical and can be used by every build/character.

Very potent PVP Set thanks to its raw boost to Damage/Penetration. Works well with Gank PVP Builds.

Caluurion’s Legacy

Location: Fang Lair Dungeon, Normal and Veteran

Caluurion’s Legacy is a powerful Burst Damage PVP Set. Especially good for Nightblades and Gank Builds.

Spell Strategist

Location: Cyrodiil – PVP Rewards

Spell Strategist is a strictly single target Set and that makes it great against other players in PVP.

Clever Alchemist

Location: Hew’s Bane, No Shira Workshop, Crafted

Clever Alchemist boosts Weapon and Spell Damage when you drink a potion during combat. Reliable PVP set since that is easy to trigger.

War Maiden

Location: Vvardenfell, Overland

War Maiden is an excellent option for classes and builds that rely a lot on Magic Damage based skills, like the Templar.


Location: The Reach, Overland

Voidcaller is a great Magicka DPS Set for PVP Builds. Its special effect, increases your Damage whenever you take damage.

Dark Convergence

Location: Rewards for the Worthy

Dark Convergence is a crowd control based set that can deal strong Magic Damage to enemies.

Hrothgar’s Chill

Location: Rewards for the Worthy

Hrothgar’s Chill deals strong Frost damage to enemies that you have stunned or immobilized. Great option for Crowd Control Builds in PVP.

Stuhn’s Favor

Location: Western Skyrim, Hunter’s House

Stuhn’s Favor is an offensive Crafted set that can boost your Penetration when you damage an Off-Balance enemy.

A great option for PVP Builds.

Bright-Throat’s Boast

Location: Murkmire, Overland

Basically a Magicka Sustain Armor Set that is focusing on giving us more Magicka and better Magicka Recovery.

Bright-Throat’s Boast is a nice option if you are struggling with Magicka management and is mostly used in PVP Builds.

Vicious Death

Location: Cyrodiil, PVP Rewards

The Bomb Build Armor Set. Vicious Death is perfect for dealing with big groups in open world PVP.


Location: Coldharbour, Overland

Stygian boosts our Damage when we leave sneak or invisibility. This makes it good for stealth, assassin-like DPS PVP Builds.

Since it is a Medium Armor Set, it is best used as Jewels and Weapons.

Monster Sets

Kjalnar’s Nightmare


Head – Veteran Unhallowed Grave

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief-Bane

Kjalnar’s Nightmare is a powerful Monster Set for Magicka DPS Builds thanks to its great damage.



Head – Veteran Scalecaller Peak

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief Bane

Zaan is a strong DPS Monster Set. It deals significant damage to enemies, boosting overall DPS. Great for PVE and PVP Gameplay.



Head – Veteran Wayrest Sewers I

Shoulders – Maj Al-Ragath

Slimecraw is one of the best options to boost our Critical Chance and get the Minor Berserk buff permanently. Great option for PVE, decent for PVP as well.

Encratis’s Behemoth


Head – Veteran Black Drake Villa

Shoulders – Urgarlag Chief Bane

Very important Group PVE Monster Set. Encratis’s Behemoth boosts your group’s Fire damage and reduces your Fire Damage taken.



Head – Veteran Direfrost Keep

Shoulders – Glirion the Redbeard

Iceheart is a very nice Monster Set for Critical based builds but also Frost damage based Magicka builds. Solid option for PVE Frost Damage based builds and Magicka DPS PVP Builds.

Maw of the Infernal


Head – Veteran Banished Cells II

Shoulders – Maj Al-Ragath

Maw of the Infernal is a strong Fire Damage based Pet Monster Set. Good mostly for PVE but can work in PVP as well. Nice option to complement Pet Sorcerer Builds.



Head – Veteran March of Sacrifices

Shoulders – Urgarlarg Chief-Bane

Balorgh boosts Weapon and Spell Damage, as well as Physical and Spell Penetration significantly when using an Ultimate. Mostly a PVP Monster Set that works well with Gank Builds.



Head – Veteran Crypts of Heart I

Shoulders – Glirion the Redbeard

Ilambris is a very good Monster Set for new and veteran players. Can proc from flame or shock damage, making it perfect for almost all classes. A PVE primarily Monster Set.

Zoal the Ever-Wakeful


Head – Imperial City – Elven Gardens District, Zoal the Ever-Wakeful

Shoulders – Tel Var Merchant

Zoal the Ever-Wakeful is a PVP Monster Set that can fear enemies and boost your Damage.



Head – Veteran Vaults of Madness

Shoulders – Glirion the Redbeard

Grothdarr is a great AOE Flame Damage Monster Set that works well with PVE and PVP Builds.

Valkyn Skoria


Head – Veteran City of Ash II

Shoulders – Glirion the Redbeard

Valkyn Skoria is the first option for every DOT based Magicka DPS Build. The more active Damage Over Time abilities we have the higher our chances to proc it and increase our Damage.

Engine Guardian


Head – Veteran Darkshade Caverns II

Shoulders – Maj Al-Ragath

Engine Guardian restores Health, Magicka and Stamina when we use an ability. Mostly a PVP Monster Set that increases our survivability.

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