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Animation Canceling ESO

Animation Canceling is one of the most important player skills you can learn and master in ESO. The act of canceling Light Attacks, Heavy Attacks and Skills animations can boost your damage and help you increase your overall DPS. This player skill is important if you wish to increase your DPS and eventually participate in end-game PVE content. Animation Canceling can assist you in both PVE and PVP gameplay, thus it is a technique you should start practicing as soon as possible.

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How to Animation Cancel in ESO

There are a few possible ways you can perform Animation Canceling in ESO! The most important of them is of course Light Attack Weaving, a technique that can help you boost your overall DPS!

What is Light Attack Weaving in ESO? – Animation Canceling

One of the most important forms of Animation Canceling in ESO is Light Attack Weaving. Skills in The Elder Scrolls Online have a global cooldown, which prevents you from spamming them constantly. When you use a skill you have to wait for the cooldown to end before you can use another. This creates a “dead” time between skills, when you are not dealing any damage. To fill this gap you can use Light Attacks between skills in order to increase damage and boost DPS. The problem here is that Light Attacks have a specific animation and waiting for this animation to finish before using a skill, is a waste of DPS.

The goal of Weaving is to cancel the Light Attack Animation which allows you to use a skill as fast as possible. A staff light attack for example will have the staff moving forward to attack then pulling it all the way back to end the animation. With Light Attack Weaving you are preventing the animation to complete and can attack with a skill almost immediately. The trick in Light Attack Weaving is to tap your Light Attack key then immediately use your skill. Like this, the skill will cancel the light attack’s animation and allow you to dish out more damage faster.

To perform Light Attack Weaving correctly is important to remember that you are Light Attacking before every skill in the rotation and that it is the skill that cancels the Light Attack’s animation, not the other way around. This is the most important method of Animation Canceling that you should learn as fast as possible. The easiest way to learn Light Attack Weaving is by first implementing a light attack before every skill in your rotation. After you get the required muscle memory you can get the right timing.

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Heavy Attack Weaving in ESO – Animation Canceling

A similar to Light Attack Weaving method. Heavy attacks have a long animation that can mess with your DPS if you allow them to play until the end. You want to cancel the full heavy attack animation and use your skills as fast as possible. To perform this properly you should press the skill’s button shortly after starting your heavy attack.

Bar Swapping – Animation Canceling ESO

You can cancel the animation of skills as well. One of the easiest methods to do this is by swapping your skill bar. Skills have their own animations that sometimes can take a few moments to finish. To cancel that animation you can bar swap right after casting your skill. Press your Skill’s key and swap your bar fast! If you do it correctly you will see the skill’s effect on your target but not the animation. However this is not a method you can use often in PVE DPS, because you have to swap your bar frequently and that will mess with your rotation.

Blocking – Animation Canceling ESO

Finally blocking is another way to cancel a skill animation. Cast your skill and block immediately. The trick here is to block momentarily right after casting the skill but not allow your character to actually block. A somewhat more complicated method that will require a lot of practice to incorporate into your every day gameplay properly. Now that you know how to properly Animation Cancel you can read my Leveling Guide and put your knowledge to the test!

ESO Animation Canceling and Light Attack Weaving Summary

Animation Canceling in ESO is an important player skill that you should learn early if you wish to reach higher DPS numbers! Animation Canceling allows you to “cancel” the animation of Light or Heavy Attacks and Skills, so you can use more attacks faster and deal more damage in a shorter period of time. There are many ways you can utilize Animation Canceling in your rotation with the most important being Light Attack Weaving! Light Attack Weaving allows you to cancel the long animation of Light Attacks if you use a skill right after your Light Attack! Its goal is to boost your DPS by not allowing the Light Attack animation to complete. Other ways of Animation Canceling in ESO are Heavy Attack Weaving, Bar Swapping and Block.

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