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The Best Hybrid Builds for ESO

ESO Best Hybrid Builds

The Best Hybrid Builds for ESO! Hybrid Builds for PVP, Solo and Group PVE! Here you can find Builds for every playable Class in the game(Sorcerer, Warden, Necromancer, Nightblade, Dragonknight, Templar, Arcanist). Hybrid Builds for every type of content and play style! The Builds are divided in Stamina or Magicka based, depending on their primary attribute. Hybrid Builds are powerful but they still rely on one dominant attribute to work efficiently. Picking Magicka or Stamina as your attribute will determine the majority of Skills and Sets you can use!

ESO Class Hybrid Builds

Below you can find a Magicka based and a Stamina based Hybrid Build for every playable Class in ESO! These are PVE focused Builds that can clear group content but also play Solo.

Can You be a Hybrid in ESO?

Playing as a Hybrid Build in ESO is a viable way to enjoy the game but boost your DPS potential. Hybrid Builds rely on a primary ability like most Magicka or Stamina based Builds but they are free to combine different weapons and skills! The most common categories of Hybrid Builds are Magicka based Builds that use melee weapons and a few Stamina abilities, as well as Stamina based Builds that utilize a destruction staff with Magicka Skills in the back bar! Hybrid builds are fun but also powerful for Group and Solo content in ESO!

Hybrid Builds, like normal Builds, can also utilize Mythic Items and become stronger! For the best Mythic Item for every role, you can take a look at this ESO Best Mythic Sets Guide. To find Mythic Items, take a look at this Mythic Items Leads Page!

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