deadlands daily quests

Deadlands Daily Quests Guide

Deadlands like most DLC zones in ESO offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring, becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area but also collecting Skyshards! They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well and can reward you with Event Tickets! There are only a few Daily Quests in the zone of Deadlands, that you can start accepting immediately.

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Where to get Deadlands Dailies

There are only a couple repeatable quests you can accept in the zone of Deadlands! The Quest givers NPC for both are located in Fargrave City!

Fargrave City Daily Quests

There are two Daily repeatable quests you can accept in the Fargrave City District. You can accept them immediately upon entering the area. The only requirement is to have access to the zone either by owing the Deadlands DLC or having an ESO Plus subscription.

deadlands daily quests

When you first visit the City, you can read the note “Work for Hire in Fargrave“. You can find the note on a wall West of the city’s Wayshrine. This note will begin the “Mercenary in the Making” Quest. Go to the designated area and talk to Hewlet Hexos NPC to complete the quest. The two NPC Quest givers are standing right behind him, in front of a library. You can talk directly to them without completing this short introductory quest.

deadlands daily quests

Luna Beriel represents the Gleaners while Vaveli Indavel represents the Saraathu Tong. You can accept Daily Quests from these two. Luna Beriel offers quests more suitable for solo adventurers, like completing easy tasks in the zone’s two Delves or Overworld. Vaveli Indavel‘s quests on the other hand are harder to complete and will require a group of players. Vaveli will send you to kill the two Overworld Bosses of the zone. The quests can reward you with pieces from Overworld Sets that drop in the zone as well as new Style materials and Motifs.

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