deadlands skyshards

Deadlands Skyshards Location

The Deadlands DLC adds six new Skyshards in the Elder Scrolls Online, that will reward you with two new Skill Points. The Skyshards are located Overworld and inside the two Delves of the Deadlands zone, as well as The Shambles part of Fargrave city. By collecting all six of them you can also unlock the Deadlands Skyshard Hunter Achievement.

Deadlands Skyshards Location

You can find five of the Skyshards in the Deadlands zone. Two of those are located inside the zone’s Delves and they are relatively easy to discover. One more skyshard is located inside The Shambles part of Fargrave.

1. Atop a natural bridge cut in half, north of the Raging Coast. North of the Raging Coast Wayshrine, on the zone’s southern part.

2. In a deep pit below a toiling foundry. Inside a pit, East of the Jynd’s Foundry.

3. Looming over a small camp in the shadow of Annihilarch’s Summit. South of the Annihilarch’s Summit Wayshrine.

4. Resting atop the sharp teeth of a dead giant in the Shambles. In the middle of The Shambles, South East of the Wayshrine.

5. Cradled within an altar inside the Brandfire Reformatory. Inside the first room of the Brandfire Reformatory Delve.

Brandfire Reformatory

6. On a ledge overlooking green pools inside False Martyrs’ Folly. On the eastern side of the False Martyrs’ Folly Delve.

deadlands skyshards
False Martyr’s Folly

Happy Skyshard hunting and enjoy your new Skill Points!

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