eso keeping the peace

ESO Keeping the Peace Achievement Guide | Deadlands

ESO Keeping the Peace

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Keeping the Peace is an easy and fast to complete General Achievement in the Deadlands DLC. To complete it, all you have to do is find and defeat the three Bosses in the Shambles area of Fargrave City.

The Bosses are easy to kill and respawn quite fast.

eso keeping the peace

Achievement Details

The three Bosses are all close to each other, around the center of the area. Each Boss represents a different faction in the Shambles, so it is easy to find them.

eso keeping the peace

Boss Kezo is located SouthEast of the area’s Wayshrine, right above the Outlaws Refuge entrance.

Enzir of the Vanquished spawns in the Southern part of the Shambles above a crossroads.

Finally Shaermeta can be found South of the Skein Row point of interest.

Defeating all three will complete the achievement!

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