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ESO Hellfire and Brimstone

Hellfire and Brimstone is an easy achievement you can complete in the Deadlands DLC ESO. The achievement requires you to find all four lectures from Sister Celdina, inside the Brandfire Reformatory delve in the Deadlands zone. You can complete the achievement very fast, during your first visit in the delve.

eso hellfire and brimstone

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How to get the Hellfire and Brimstone Achievement in ESO

All four lectures can be found inside the second area of the Delve, the Reformatory Keep. There are two entrances to the keep on the Northern part of the Delve’s first area.

Inside the keep you can find four Lectern Stones. Interacting with each stone, activates one of the four lectures from Sister Celdina. They are located in four of the rooms of the keep, as seen on the map above.

Interact with all four Lectern Stones inside the Reformatory Keep Delve in The Deadlands zone, to complete the Hellfire and Brimstone Achievement!

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