throne and liberty skills upgrade
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Throne and Liberty Skills Upgrade

How to Upgrade your Skills in Throne and Liberty, in order to become stronger and be able to clear harder content! The Weapon Skills of your character is the core of every Build, that define your play style and role in the game. Upgrading your skills is one of the best ways to become stronger in Throne and Liberty, along with Gear Upgrades. Leveling up your skills though can be costly and time consuming so you will have to plan ahead!

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Weapon Skills in Throne and Liberty

Every Weapon in Throne and Liberty offers its own unique skills to the player. The skills are divided in Active and Passive. Players can combine two weapons and choose twelve Active Skills, one Defense Skill(also active) and eight Passive Skills of their choice from them. Picking the skills that synergize well with each other is important to create a useful and efficient Build for your favorite role. But that is only the beginning. As you level up and gain access to new areas with harder enemies, it is important to Upgrade your Skills as well. Upgrading your skills will allow you to deal more damage and defeat enemies faster.

throne and liberty skills upgrade
Active Skill Level Up

How to Upgrade your Skills in Throne and Liberty

You can upgrade your Throne and Liberty Skills with the use of Special Skill Books! There are two types of Skill Books you can choose, Training and Improvement Book. Training Books can upgrade your Active Skills while Improvement Books can upgrade your Passive Skills. Depending on the Quality of your Skill, you will have to use the appropriate Quality of Books to Upgrade it. For example if you are trying to Level Up an Uncommon(Green) Active Skill, you need to use Uncommon(Green) Training Books. Weapon Skills unlock gradually as you level up. Your first skills are Uncommon but the skills you unlock later will be Rare(Blue) or Epic(Purple). To upgrade all your skills you will need a variety of Skill Books.

Passive Skill Upgrade

Every Skill has five(5) levels before you can improve its quality. When leveling an Uncommon Skill, you have to increase its level five times before it turns into a Rare Skill and then you have to increase its level five more times to turn it into an Epic Skill. As the skill’s level increases, the Book requirements increase as well. You will need many Books to get a Skill to the maximum level. However this is a process that is worth doing, not only because it boosts the damage of the skill but also because it can add additional effects to it. If you take a look at Zephyr’s Nock Longbow Skill below you can see that its Epic(Purple) version has increased base damage but also inflicts more damage to Crowd Controlled enemies!

The percentage of Growth you can get by increasing the level of a skill with books is:

  • Common – 40% for 40% growth
  • Intermediate – 30% for 50% growth
  • Greater – 20% for 70% growth
  • Special – 10% for 100% Growth

Which means that if you are lucky and get Special, you will only use one batch of Skill Books to reach the next level!

How to Get Skill Books in Throne and Liberty

There are a few ways you can get Skill Books in Throne and Liberty. You can acquire them as Main or Side Quests rewards, earn them from Contracts or Craft them yourself! As you level up you will earn quite a few Skill Books that can help you level up your Active and Passive Skills. However this is not an endless stream of skill Books. To be efficient with them you will need to decide early which two Weapons you will be using and focus on leveling up your favorite skills from them. Completing Contracts and participating in Dynamic Events is the most reliable way to earn Skill Books for your Weapon Skills. Pick the Contracts that reward you with Books for the Skills of your Weapons and complete them.

Crafting the Skill Books yourself is another way you can get enough Books to upgrade your Skills in Throne and Liberty. But in order to do this you will need a good amount of Parchments and Marind! You can earn Parchments from Dynamic Events while the most reliable way to get Marinds is by farming Open World Dungeons! When you have the required materials, visit the Skills Researcher NPC in one of the main Towns and craft your Skill Books!

You can also get them as a random reward from Mystic Globes and Portals! To discover Mystic Globes and Portals you need to purchase Mystic Keys(five limit per day) from the Contract Coin Merchant. Precious Almighty Parchment is another type of Parchment you can use to create Books for specific skills. These Parchments drop in the Challenge Difficulty of 1-Star Dungeons, as well as 2-Star Dungeons.

throne and liberty skills upgrade
Crafting Skill Book

How to Swap Skills in Throne and Liberty

It is possible to swap skills of your active Weapon with skills from another Weapon. This allows you to swap weapons and your Build without wasting all your effort and materials used to level up your existing skills. With the use of Skill Conversion Books, you can transfer the level of your most advanced skills to new ones. Click on the level up arrow of a skill then pick the Swap Tab. Pick a new skill to transfer your progress! In the example shown on the pic below we transfer the Epic Level 2 of Zephyr’s nock(Longbow) to Predatory Strike(Dagger). Zephyr’s Nock will be an Uncommon Level 1 skill after the swap while Predatory Strike will earn the Epic Level 2 status!

Swap Skills

Throne and Liberty Skills Upgrade Summary

Upgrading your Skills in Throne and Liberty is one of the best ways to become stronger and tackle tougher content! Weapon Skills are divided in Active and Passive and in order to upgrade them you will need the appropriate Skill Books. Skill Books are hard to get by so you will need to decide early which two Weapons you are going to use and focus on leveling up your favorite skills from them. Upgrades boost the Damage of your Skills but also add extra effects to them. The Best Ways to earn Skill Books is by completing Quests, Daily Contracts and Dynamic Events. It is even possible to swap progress between skills, if you wish to play with a different combination of Weapons!