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High Isle Daily Quests

High Isle like most DLC zones in The Elder Scrolls Online offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well and can reward you with Event Tickets!

There are quite a few repeatable quests you can get in the High Isle zone! Quests to defeat Overworld Bosses, complete tasks in Delves but also quests for the “Tales of Tribute” Card game!

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Where to get High Isle Dailies

You can find four repeatable quests in the zone of High Isle and Amenos! Three Daily Quests available from NPC in the Capital, Gonfalon Bay and one Weekly Quest in the Dreadsail Reef Trial!

high isle daily quests
High Isle and Amenos

Gonfalon Bay Quests – High Isle Daily Quests

All three quests are available immediately upon entering the zone. There is no prerequisite quests you have to complete first. Near the town’s wayshrine read the “Work in Gonfalon Bay” poster. This will give you the “Aiding the Archipelago” quest and guide you towards the NPC Daily Quests givers! Talk to Ghruzeg to complete this short introductory quest and earn some gold. This is an optional quest and not necessary to complete before you can talk to the NPC offering Daily Quests.

Gonfalon Bay

Near Ghruzeg there are three NPC offering Daily Quests, Parisse Plouff, Wayllod and Druid Peeska.

  • Parisse Plouff offers Overworld Bosses quests. In total there are six Overworld Bosses in the zone, four in High Isle and two in the Amenos island.
  • Wayllod will send you to one of the six Delves of the zone to complete specific tasks!
  • Finally Druid Peeska will ask you to deal with the Volcanic Vents around the area. You can find four in High Isle and three in Amenos!
Gonfalon Bay Daily Quests NPC

Dreadsail Reef Quest – High Isle Daily Quests

You can also accept a Weekly Quest from Admiral Galvendier inside the Dreadsail Reef Trial. The “Reevers of the Reef” Quest will require a full group, able to finish the Trial, in order to complete it.

Tales of Tribute Dailies – High Isle Daily Quests

In Gonfalon Bay you can also accept Tales of Tribute Daily Quests! Once you complete the tutorial quest line for the Tales of Tribute Card game, you will unlock Kishka the Broker and Marunji the Broker! You can find both inside the Gonfalon Bay Gaming Hall. Kishka will ask you to defeat NPC in Tales of Tribute games, around Tamriel. Marunji on the other hand will ask you to defeat players! The quests’ rewards depend on how many wins you got. Three wins will earn you the best reward!

high isle daily quests
Kishka and Marunji

Rewards – High Isle Daily Quests

By completing High Isle Daily Quests you can earn pieces from Overland Sets that drop in the zone, as well as style pages for the Steadfast Society, Systres Guardian and Syrabanic Marine Motifs!

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