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ESO Mount Guide

Riding a Mount in ESO is the best way to travel fast and reach your destination sooner! This ESO Mount Guide will show you all the possible ways to get a Mount in ESO and how you can use them. Mounts are purely cosmetic and cannot participate in combat. They all come with the same stats(Speed, Stamina, Carry capacity) that you can upgrade by visiting the right NPC.

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How to Get a Mount in ESO

There are a few ways you can get a Mount in ESO! Some give you a mount for free via leveling or as an Event Reward while other require you to spend Gold or Crowns(Premium Currency). These are all the possible ways you can earn a Mount in The Elder Scrolls Online!

1. Reach Level 10

For New Players the best way to get their first mount is by simply reaching Level 10 with their first character! When you reach Level 10 you will unlock your first Mount for free for every character in your account.

eso mount
Buy Mounts from Stable

2. Buy Mounts from Stable

If you can afford their price, you can buy mounts from the Stable! The available mounts offer the same service but have a different look. Their price is identical. They will all cost you 42700 Gold! Buying mounts from the stable is a nice way to expand your collection early in the game.

eso mount
Stable on Map

3. Earn Mounts from Events

Another way to get Mounts for “free” is to earn them as an in-game Event reward! Events in ESO reward you with Event Tickets. You can use those tickets to purchase fragments for various rewards, such as skins, emotes and of course Mounts. The Quasigriff Mount that used to be available as a Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Morph is a nice example of mounts you can earn like this! Another example of mounts you earn like this is the family of Indrik Mounts that are now permanently available via the Indrik Vendor!

indrik mount
Crimson Indrik Mount

4. Buy Indrik Mount from the Indrik Vendor

The Indrik Mounts were first introduced to ESO as an Event reward during the Witches Festival Event 2018! Players were able to acquire those mounts until the New Life Festival Event in 2020. With the addition of the Indrik Vendor to ESO during the Zeal of Zenithar Event in 2022, Indrik Mounts are now a permanent(available every time an Event is live) option to the game.

Indrik Mounts are seasonal and you can only buy fragments for certain types every season(Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter. To find out more about Indrik mounts, the Indrik Vendor and which mount is available every season, you can read this ESO Indrik Mount Guide!

eso mount
Mounts in Crown Store

5. Buy from Crown Store or earn from Crown Crates

The most common way to get a Mount in ESO is to earn it through Crown Crates or simply buying it directly from the Crown Store! Opening Crown Crates offers the chance to obtain Mounts that are available during the Crown Season. If you do not wish to rely on luck, you can go ahead and buy the Mount of your choice from the store! Obviously this method will cost more, since you will have to first buy Crowns, the Premium Currency of the game. But it is the most reliable way to acquire the mount of your choice.

Seals of Endeavor

6. Buy Mounts with Seals of Endeavor

This method offers you the option to buy Mounts available in the Crown Store by simply playing the game! Seals of Endeavor is the currency you earn when you complete Daily and Weekly Endeavors in ESO. Completing a few, simple tasks every time you log into ESO, earns you Seals of Endeavor. When you have enough Seals, you can buy any Mount that is available at the moment in the Crown Store.

So basically you can earn expensive Crown Mounts for free! Seals of Endeavor may be slow to accumulate but it is a currency you can earn everyday by simply adding Endeavors to your Daily Routine in ESO! To learn more about Endeavors and the Seals you can earn by completing them, you can read this ESO Endeavors Guide!

7. Special Promotions and other purchases

It is also possible to get a mount from a special ESO promotion or by purchasing a pack in-game. For example you can unlock the Imperial Horse when you buy the Imperial upgrade in-game. Pre-purchasing a new Chapter usually also offers a new mount!

Equip Mount

How to Use your Mount in ESO

To use your Mount in ESO, you will need first to equip it! To do this go to Collections(U), then Mounts. Pick the mount you wish to use and double click on it to equip it. To summon and ride it all you have to do is press(H). To unsummon your mount press the same button. In total there are thirteen categories of Mounts in ESO:

  • Arthropods
  • Bipedals
  • Camelids
  • Canines
  • Cervines
  • Constructs
  • Equines
  • Felines
  • Heavyweights
  • Serpentes
  • Toys
  • Ursines
  • Multi-Rider

ESO has a great variety of Mounts and types of Mounts to choose from!

Riding Skills

How to Upgrade your Mount in ESO

When you start the game the Mounts, although faster than walking or sprinting, are quite slow. To travel faster with them you will have to upgrade your Riding Skills! There are three available Riding Skills in ESO:

  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Carry Capacity

Speed will allow you to go faster with your Mount, Stamina will allow you to sprint for more with your mount and Carry Capacity will increase your Carry Capacity! To upgrade the skills simply talk to the Stable NPC in any town. Each skill has 60 points but you can only increase one point every day. The timer resets at 3am UTC for European servers and 10am UTC for North American servers.

The riding skills apply to every mount you own but are not account wide! Which means that you will have to repeat the process with every character you are planning to use often.

FAQ – ESO Mount Guide

Can you get a free mount in ESO?

You can get a free Mount in ESO when you reach level 10 with your first character! You can also earn mounts for free as Event Rewards or parts of special promotions!

How do you Equip Mounts in ESO?

To equip your Mount in ESO go to Collections(U), Mounts, pick the mount of your choice and double click on it. Now press (H) to summon and ride it. Press (H) again to unsummon it.

What Mounts are available in ESO?

ESO offers a variety of Mounts to choose from. In total there are 13 types of mounts, Arthropods, Bipedals, Camelids, Canines, Cervines, Constructs, Equines, Felines, Heavyweights, Serpentes, Toys, Ursines and Multi-Rider!

Can Companions use Mounts in ESO?

Companions can use mounts in ESO and ride along with you! From the Companion menu, go to the Collectibles tab, Mounts and pick the mount you want your Companion to use.

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