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ESO Addons Guide | Best Addons for Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Addons Guide

Addons in the Elder Scrolls Online are powerful tools that can alter your UI, assist with sales and transform every aspect of the game. The use of specific addons can greatly improve your gameplay experience with helpful info but also improved visuals/UI.

Addons are very important not only for their impact on visuals and combat but also because of the utility they offer for making money, managing your inventory etc.

There are several great addons you should use or at least try.

This ESO Addons Guide will show you where to find Addons, how to install them and which are the Best ESO Addons to have.

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Find and Install Addons

You can find Addons for every ESO aspect at ESOUI. You can browse and find addons easily based on their category and how they affect the game.

Once you find the addons you are after you can download and install them. This can be done either manually or with the help of Minion, a special addon program.

Manual Install

From each addon’s page you can download its zip file. Extract the file to a folder and paste it to your ESO addons folder. This is usually at

C:\Users\< username >\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\

eso addons guide


Alternatively you can use Minion to install and manage your addons. Minion makes it easier to update your addons one by one or in bulk, find new addons to install and even create a backup of your setup. Clicking on addons reveals additional info about them.

After you have installed your addons you can activate or deactivate them from the add-ons option on character selection or from inside the game.

Certain addons have dependencies, which means that they require other addons to work properly. So you will have to install those as well.

You can configure your addons in the settings and even assign keybinds to use them faster.

Best Addons to use

Addons are powerful tools that are easy to install and use. There are some of the best ones:

Combat & UI Addons

Srendarr: Srendarr can help you with buff, debuff, skill timers. In general it makes it easier to monitor and recast skills.

You can assign different effects to different groups and place them anywhere on the screen.

eso addons guide

Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC): FTC allows you to adjust your and your enemies’ attribute bars as well as showing buffs and debuffs.

Action Duration Reminder: This addon tracks the duration of your skills and notify you when you need to recast them.

Inventory Addons

Auto Category: Auto Category defines the priority each item category has in your inventory. So basically what appears first.

Gridlist: Turns your inventory into a grid.

CDG Bank Stacker: Automatically adds items from your inventory to your bank if there is a stack of the specific item already.

FCO Item Saver: FCO allows you to assign your items to groups and protect them from accidents. You can customize icons and colors for every category.

GearSetsSort: Sorts your gear by Set name.

Very helpful tool to avoid selling or deconstructing items accidentally.

Map Addons

All these addons, add additional filters to your map, making navigation easier. They can be especially helpful when looking for Skyshards, Lorebooks, Surveys or hunting achievements.

You may want to disable some of their options though for a more realistic exploration feeling.

HarvestMap is a great tool for farming Crafting Materials. It adds a pin to every resource node you find and can help you create a farming path for maximum profit. Essential to use with your dedicated Farming Character for the best results.

Economy Addons

Tamriel Trade Center (TTC): Great addon to use for price comparison. The addon collects all the items listings that you see in guild stores and creates a database with item prices.

Requires an external client executable to work properly. Start the game first, then the external client.

Arkadius’ Trade Tools: Another very helpful economy based addon. Provides traders with info about their sales, purchases and statistics for them and their Guilds.

Combat Utility Addons

Combat Metrics: Offers a live DPS counter and is the best tool to measure your DPS parses.

Dressing Room: Can save several different Builds and help you switch Armor Sets and skills fast. Cannot save Champion Points so it is better to use it along with the Armory System.

dressing  room

Utility Addons

Votan’s Minimap: Ads a simple but useful minimap to the game.

Wykkyd Toolbar: Adds helpful info to a customizable toolbar that you can place anywhere on your screen.

Best Friends 2018: Removes friend login notifications from system. It displays a more discreet notice on the top right part of the screen instead.

Group Loot Notifier: Shows the loot of your entire group. Very helpful when farming a specific item.

Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter: Auto-accepts and completes your daily Writs. The addon works for every crafting profession except Alchemy and Provisioning. Essential addon for your Daily Routine in ESO.

Potion Maker: Helps you find potions and poisons based on selected materials. Can mark and save recipes as favorites in order to craft your Potions faster.

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