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Armory System ESO

The Armory System is an amazing quality of life feature, that allows players to save and switch fast between Builds in ESO! The system can save the skills setup, Champion Points, Attribute Points, Mundus, Outfit and even switch on or off curses, like Vampire or Werewolf! Every player can access the system by simply acquiring an Armory Station from the in-game Crown Store for Free! This new system however has a few limitations, since it can only be accessed through the Station or the special assistant NPC!

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How do you use the Armory System in ESO

The Armory Station is the heart of the entire system! A Furniture that makes it possible to save and equip your Builds! To begin accessing the system, acquire the Station from the Crown Store for Free! You can then place it to your House. To start using the Station, first equip your character and basically create a build. When you interact with the Station you have three options available to you:

  • Equip Build
  • Save Build
  • Build Settings

Save your Build to the first Build Slot with the Save Build option and you will be able to check it out on the Build window on the right part of the screen! The station will save your Champion Points, Attribute Points, Item Sets, Skills Points, Mundus, Curse if active, Poisons and any outfit you might be wearing.

armory system eso
Save Build Option

You can go ahead and change the name of the Build but also add a symbol to it, through the Build settings. This will help you recognize builds and their purpose faster. Now you can create a second Build with a different purpose than the first. Save the second build and switch to the first one if you wish by picking the first Build and pressing the Equip Build option. That is how easy it is to use the Armory Station! The Armory Station makes it easy to switch between PVE and PVP Builds or even between different PVE roles, DPS, Healer or Tank.

Armory Station in PVP zones

You can take advantage of the system in PVP zones(Cyrodiil, Imperial City) by using the available Armory Stations in Portal Keeps for Cyrodiil and Sewer Entries for the Imperial City! Every alliance has access to the stations, which makes it easy to switch between different Builds!

Armory System Slots in ESO

The Station comes with only two Build slots available. But you can increase the number of Build Slots up to ten, by simply purchasing them from the Crown Store. Build Slots are per character, so you can have as many Builds as possible saved with all of your characters.

Build Settings

How to Get and Use the Armory Assistant in ESO

It is also possible to access the Armory system even when you are not in your Home! You can do this by summoning the Armory Assistant, Ghrasharog, everywhere except PVP and Trial areas. You can purchase the Armory Assistant from the Crown Store! Once you have purchased him, go to Collections, Allies Tab. Double click on him to summon him. Talk to him to save your Build or equip an already saved Build!

Can you Switch between Vampire and Werewolf with Armory System in ESO

Yes, you can and this is actually one of its best features! You can save a Build with a curse, Vampire or Werewolf active, then cure the curse! Save the new Build without the curse on a different slot and now you can swap between the two, switching on or off the Curse(Vampire or Werewolf)! If you would like to learn more about the Vampire and Werewolf states, how to become one or how to cure them, you can read my Vampire vs Werewolf Guide!

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