vvardenfell daily quests

Vvardenfell Daily Quests Guide

Vvardenfell like most DLC zones in ESO offers a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. In case of a zone Event, like the Tribunal Celebration Event or the Daedric War Celebration, the Daily Quests of each zone can reward you with Event Tickets!

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Where to get Vvardenfell Dailies

There are in total five repeatable quests in Vvardenfell. The Vvardenfell Daily Quests are divided in two different categories, Ashlander and Morag Tong. To unlock them you have to visit different locations and complete a few steps first. You can also accept a Weekly Quest inside the Halls of Fabrication Trial.

daedric war celebration
Vvardenfell Daily Quests

Morag Tong Quests – Vivec City – Vvardenfell Daily Quests

The first two Daily Quests are located in the Vivec City. In order to unlock the NPC quest-givers, you must first complete the “Call for Aid” quest. A short quest that will lead you to the appropriate NPC. On your way to Vivec Palace, outside of the Hall of Justice, you can find a poster named “Adventurers Wanted“. Read the poster to accept the quest.

Enter the Hall of Justice, talk to Unel Darano to complete it and unlock the two Quest-givers. Traylan Omoril offers Delve related Quests while Beleru Omoril will ask you to kill Overworld Bosses. Reward containers can drop Style Pages of the Morag Tong Motif.

vvardenfell daily quests

Ashlander Quests – Ald’Ruhn – Vvardenfell Daily Quests

The Ashlander Daily quests are located at the Ald’ruhn camp. To unlock the Quest-givers you have to complete first a few other quests. First talk to Drelyth Hleran, that is standing close to the Ald’ruhn wayshrine and accept the Ancestral Ties Quest. To complete the quest you must obtain four items and place them as offerings at specific locations around the camp. After you have done that, you can find and visit the Ancestral Tomb to pay your respects at the four shrines inside. Talk to Dranoth Hlaren and take his Spear. Deliver the Spear to Drelyth to complete the quest.

Your next step is to visit Udami at the Urshilaku camp, located North of Ald’ruhn. He will send you back to Ald’ruhn to speak with Zanammu and unlock the quest-givers. They are both located in tents nearby. Numani-Rasi will offer delve related quests while Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar will ask you to hunt a deadly Predator. Reward containers can drop Style Pages of the Ashlander Motif.

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Halls of Fabrication Weekly Quest – Vvardenfell Daily Quests

You can also accept a Weekly Quest in the Halls of Fabrication Trial. To accept the quest, visit the Trial and talk to Divayth Fyr. This quest requires a full group that is able to complete the Trial, in order to complete it.

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