Thieves Guild Daily Quests Guide ESO


Thieves Guild Daily Quests ESO

You can find the Thieves Guild Daily Quests in the zone of Hew’s Bane! Most DLC zones in The Elder Scrolls Online offer a set of Daily Quests you can complete for various rewards. These Daily Quests are perfect for exploring and becoming familiar with Overworld Bosses and Delves in the area. They are also a great way to earn overland Item Sets from the zone or valuable Motifs. Daily Quests are essential for zone celebrations as well, like the Guilds and Glory Celebration and can reward you with Event Tickets!

All daily quests in the zone revolve around the Thieves Guild and will require stealing! To accept them, you will have to visit the Thieves Den in the capital Abah’s Landing. Some are available almost immediately, while a few require you to progress the zone’s main quest line.

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Where to Get Thieves Guild Dailies in ESO

In total there are three types of Daily Quests you can accept in the zone. Heists, quests from Tip Board and quests from Reacquisition Board! You can find the Reacquisition Board right outside the Thieves Den, while the other two are available inside.

thieves guild daily quests
Abah’s Landing

Reacquisition Board – Thieves Guild Daily Quests

When you visit the Thieves Den and talk to Spencer Rye, the Reacquisition Board will unlock for you. You can find the Board right in front of the Den’s entrance, inside the city. The quests you can accept here, will send you to the Delves and Overworld Bosses of the zone, to retrieve lost items! You are not required to kill Overworld Bosses to complete the quests!

Tip Board – Thieves Guild Daily Quests

The Tip Board is located inside the Thieves Den and offers stealing tasks! It will send you to random zones around Tamriel to steal items by pickpocketing NPC or opening safeboxes. A dedicated Thief character like my Cloak and Dagger Nightblade Thief, is going to be very useful for this type of quests!

Tip Board

How to Unlock Heists in ESO – Thieves Guild Daily Quests

Heists are also located inside the Den but they are not available immediately.

thieves guild daily quests
Thieves Den

To unlock them, you need first to advance the zone’s(and Thieves Guild) main story line. Complete “The Long Game” quest and the “Master of Heists” quest that will unlock after it. Fa’ren-dar will now wait for you next in front of the Heist Board, inside the Den. Before you can accept a Heist though, you must also have reached rank 5 in the Thieves Guild Skill line!

Heists will take you to a new instanced area, where you will have to steal specific items. Completing the task before the time runs out will result in more rewards!

Rewards – Thieves Guild Daily Quests in ESO

By completing Thieves Guild Daily Quests you can gain reputation for the Guild and advance your rank, earn pieces from Overland Sets that drop in the zone. You can also earn style pages for the Abah’s Watch and Outlaw motifs!

Thief Build in ESO

You can complete Reacquisition Board quests with every character and build but for the other two a dedicated Thief Build is going to be extremely useful, if not necessary. A good Thief Build relies on stealth to remain undetected while stealing items! It also has unlocked passive skills from the Thieves Guild line, that make your life a lot easier.

Using a Thief Build to complete the quests is also useful to advance your Guild Rank with that dedicated character! For a dedicated Thief Build, that can help you complete the Thieves Guild Daily Quests fast and easy, you can take a look at my Cloak and Dagger Nightblade Thief!

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