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Melee Magicka Sorcerer PVE Build

Melee Magicka Sorcerer PVE

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Thunder is a Melee Magicka Sorcerer PVE Build, relying on Shock, AOE Damage! A hybrid Sorcerer PVE Build, that is using melee weapons and Magicka based skills to defeat enemies and create a fun gameplay.

Thunder is offering a Trial and a no Trial Gear setup designed for easier and more relaxing PVE gameplay. A perfect Build to use against Overworld Enemies, Public Dungeons, 4-man Dungeons and Trials.

If you are a new player, you can take a look at my Sorcerer Beginner Guide.

If you are looking for a Solo PVE Build for Arenas like the Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows, take a look at my Magicka Sorcerer Solo Build.

You can find more Builds in the Sorcerer Builds page.

Armor Sets

One piece of Slimecraw for Group content to boost Critical Chance. Kjalnar’s Nightmare if you prefer a full Monster Set.

(Perfected)Whorl of the Depths: Strong Frost damage based Trial Set. (Perfected)Bahsei’s Mania or (Perfected) Mantle of Siroria as an alternative.

(Perfected)Arms of Relequen: Great Set for Hybrid Builds.

Harpooner’s Wading Kilt: Boosts Critical Chance and Critical Damage when dealing Direct Damage.

(Perfected)Crushing Wall: Powerful Ability Altering Set that boosts overall damage.

Ilambris: Great Set that deals Shock and Flame Damage. Prior Therric is a nice alternative to boost your AOE damage more.

Overwhelming Surge: Deals Shock damage when dealing damage with a Class ability.

Thunder Caller: Deals Shock damage when dealing damage with a Heavy Attack.

Sets Location

Slimecraw: Veteran Wayrest Sewers I, Maj Al-Ragath

(Perfected)Whorl of the Depths: (Veteran)Dreadsail Reef Trial

(Perfected)Arms of Relequen: (Veteran) Cloudrest Trial, Summerset

Harpooner’s Wading Kilt: Antiquities Reward

(Perfected)Crushing Wall: (Veteran) Maelstrom Arena

Kjalnar’s Nightmare: Vet. Unhallowed Grave, Urgarlag Chief-Bane

(Perfected)Bahsei’s Mania: (Veteran) Rockgrove Trial

(Perfected) Mantle of Siroria: (Veteran) Cloudrest Trial

Ilambris: Veteran Crypt of Hearts I, Glirion The Redbeard

Prior Therric: Veteran Red Petal Bastion, Urgarlarg Chief-Bane

Overwhelming Surge: Tempest Island Dungeon

Thunder Caller: Red Petal Bastion Dungeon

Trial Gear

HeadSlimecraw/Kjalnar's NightmareLightDivinesMax. Magicka
Shoulders(Perfected)Whorl of the Depths/Kjalnar's NightmareLightDivinesMax. Magicka
Hands(Perfected)Whorl of the DepthsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
LegsHarpooner's Wading Kilt/(Perfected)Whorl of the DepthsMedium/LightDivinesMax. Magicka
Chest(Perfected)Whorl of the DepthsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
Waist(Perfected)Whorl of the DepthsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
Feet(Perfected)Whorl of the DepthsLightDivinesMax. Magicka
Necklace(Perfected)Arms of RelequenJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
Ring(Perfected)Arms of RelequenJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
Ring(Perfected)Arms of RelequenJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
Two Handed Weapon(Perfected)Arms of RelequenGreatswordPrecisePoison
Two Handed Weapon(Perfected)Crushing WallFire StaffInfusedWeapon Damage

No Trial Gear

HeadIlambrisLight/Medium/HeavyDivinesMax. Magicka
ShouldersIlambrisLight/Medium/HeavyDivinesMax. Magicka
HandsOverwhelming SurgeLightDivinesMax. Magicka
LegsOverwhelming SurgeLightDivinesMax.Magicka
ChestOverwhelming SurgeLightDivinesMax. Magicka
WaistOverwhelming SurgeLightDivinesMax. Magicka
FeetOverwhelming SurgeLightDivinesMax. Magicka
NecklaceThunder CallerJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
RingThunder CallerJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
RingThunder CallerJewelBloodthirstySpell Damage
Two Handed WeaponThunder CallerGreatswordPreciseShock Damage
StaffThunder CallerLightningInfusedWeapon Damage

Beginner Setup

There are various sets you can use as a beginner. Armor Sets that can help you understand the play-style while boosting your Stamina and Magicka offensive capabilities. Some of these sets are:

Stormfist, Selene, Ilambris as full Monster Sets. A combination of Hunding’s Rage, Law of Julianos, Night mother’s Gaze, Morkuldin or Armor of the Seducer can work well.

HeadIlambris/StormfistHeavy/Medium/LightDivinesMax. Magicka
ShouldersIlambris/StormfistHeavy/Medium/LightDivinesMax. Magicka
HandsLaw of JulianosLightDivinesMax. Magicka
LegsLaw of JulianosLightDivinesMax. Magicka
ChestLaw of JulianosLightDivinesMax. Magicka
WaistLaw of JulianosLightDivinesMax. Magicka
FeetLaw of JulianosLightDivinesMax. Magicka
NecklaceHunding's RageJewelArcane/RobustMagicka Recovery/Spell Damage
RingHunding's RageJewelArcane/RobustMagicka Recovery/Spell Damage
RingHunding's RageJewelArcane/RobustMagicka Recovery/Spell Damage
Two Handed WeaponHunding's RageGreatswordPrecisePoison
Two Handed WeaponHunding's RageFire/Lightning/Frost StaffInfusedWeapon Damage


 Front BarBack Bar
Skill 1Endless FuryLightning Flood
Skill 2CarveUnstable Wall of Elements
Skill 3Boundless StormBarbed Trap/Elemental Drain
Skill 4Bound AegisCritical Surge
Skill 5Summon Volatile FamiliarSummon Volatile Familiar
Ultimate SkillGreater Storm AtronachElemental Rage

Endless Fury: Deals Shock Damage, restores Magicka and works as an execute.

Carve: Deals AOE damage and provides a shield.

Boundless Storm: Great boost to our resistances and good AOE damage.

Bound Aegis: We use this skill to get the Max. Magicka bonus. No need to activate it when fighting.

Summon Volatile Familiar: Can DPS and stun enemies with its ability.

Greater Storm Atronach: Our primary Ultimate. Summons a strong Pet that stuns enemies and deals shock damage.

Lightning Flood: Strong AOE Damage skill.

Unstable Wall of Elements: Great AOE shock/fire damage.

Barbed Trap: Additional DOT damage but we are mainly using it for the boost to our Critical Damage. You can replace it with Elemental Drain in Solo gameplay, if you are struggling with Magicka Sustain.

Critical Surge: Boosts Spell/Weapon Damage and heals with every Critical Damage.

Elemental Rage: Secondary Ultimate. Very strong shock damage, able to melt most enemies.

Passive Skills

  • All Passive Skills from your Class’ Lines
  • All Passive Skills from Weapon Lines you are using
  • Passive Skills from Armor Lines you are using
  • Passive Abilities from Guild lines(Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Psijic Order) that affect your skills/Build
  • Fighters Guild Passives: Intimidating Presence, Slayer, Banish the Wicked, Skilled Tracker
  • Mages Guild Passives: Mage Adept, Everlasting Magic, Magicka Controller, Might of the Guild
  • Undaunted Passives
  • Your Racial Passives
  • Medicinal Use Passive from Alchemy to boost the effectiveness of Potions

Champion Points


Slottable Stars: Biting Aura, Master-at-Arms, Wrathful Strikes/Fighting Finesse, Backstabber

Passive: Eldritch Insight, Piercing, Flawless Ritual, War Mage, Battle Mastery, Mighty, Precision, Quick Recovery, Hardy, Elemental Aegis, Blessed


Slottable Stars: Rationer, Liquid Efficiency, Master Gatherer, Plentiful Harvest

Passive: Gilded Fingers, Fortune’s Favor, Wanderer, Steadfast Enchantment, Treasure Hunter(slottable, required for path)


Slottable Stars: Siphoning Spells, Rejuvenation, Boundless Vitality, Strategic Reserve

Passive: Sprinter, Hasty, Tireless Guardian, Hero’s Vigor, Mystic Tenacity, Tumbling, Defiance


We are using Clockwork Citrus Filet and Essence of Spell Power as Potions.


Attribute Points

All points to Magicka

Mundus Stone

The Thief.


Dark Elf – High Elf – Khajiit

Vampire or Werewolf

Neither is necessary.


Buff yourself with Critical Surge, Boundless Storm, set Barbed Trap or apply Elemental Drain in Solo and Drink a Potion. Attack with Lightning Flood, Unstable Wall of Elements, Volatile Familiar and switch bars.

Continue with Carve, Endless Fury as spammable. Heavy Attack often when wearing Thunder Caller to trigger its effect. Switch bars and continue with Lightning Flood, Unstable Wall of Elements, Barbed Trap or Elemental Drain, Volatile Familiar. Reapply Critical Surge, Boundless Storm when necessary.

Use your Ultimates when ready and Light Attack before skills to boost damage.

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