Merciless Charge Set ESO

Merciless Charge is a powerful Ability altering Set in ESO, that boosts the damage of your Critical Charge Two Handed Weapon skill! A Two Handed Weapon that can complement Stamina DPS Builds but also Hybrid Builds thanks to its special bonus.

Set Bonuses

Merciless Charge is a powerful Set that you can use as a Back bar Weapon in Stamina DPS Builds. These are the Bonuses you get when you equip this Two Handed Weapon:

  • 2 items(Perfected only): Adds 1190 Offensive Penetration
  • 2 items: Activating Critical Charge stirs up a barbarous lust for battle within you for 18 seconds, increasing your damage done with direct damage attacks by 93, up to a maximum of 560. This effect scales off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.

Its primary use is that of a Back bar weapon that boosts the overall DPS of your Build. However you can use it as your front bar weapon if you wish.

Where to Get Merciless Charge Set

The Set drops from the Final Boss only, inside the Maelstrom Arena in the Wrothgar zone in two versions, Normal and Perfected. The Perfected version drops only in Veteran difficulty and offers extra Offensive Penetration, which makes it slightly better to use than its normal version. To get this Set you will need good knowledge of the Maelstrom Arena Mechanics but also a strong Solo Build! On the map below you can see the Arena’s Location in the Wrothgar zone! To access the zone and the Arena the Orsinium DLC is necessary.

merciless charge location
Maelstrom Arena Location