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Erick Von Price Companion Starfield

Erick Von Price is one of the several NPC you can hire as a Companion in Starfield. Erick is a hidden Companion that you can hire only if you complete a side mission while picking the right dialogue options. Even if you find and complete the side mission it is easy to miss Erick as a Companion if you do not pick specific replies!

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How to Get Erick Von Price as a Companion in Starfield

In order to get Erick as a Companion, you will need to complete the “Start-Up Stopped” Mission. You can get the quest from Jane Weller in the Residential area of Cydonia, on Mars. Jane will ask you to find her Ship, the Berry Mule and its pilot, Erick Von Price. Travel to the ship’s location in the Sol System and hail them. In the dialogue that will follow pick the “The owner of that ship would like it returned. I wish to resolve this peacefully if possible” and they will invite you to board the ship.

Jane Weller

When talking to Gustavo inside the Berry Mule pick these dialogue options when they pop up:

  • Erick’s telling the truth. I think there’s been a mistake.
  • I can’t argue with your logic. Keep the ship, but I’m asking you to let Erick go.

Gustavo will agree, you can now take Erick back to your ship and return to Jane. When in your ship you can ask Erick to join your Crew! After that you can assign him to your Ship or one of your Outposts. If you try to persuade Gustavo to leave Erick and return the Ship, you will not have the option to recruit Erick afterwards!

Board Berry Mule

Erick Von Price Companion Skills in Starfield

Erick offers a couple skills only. They are:

  • Astrodynamics – 2
  • Payloads – 1
erick von price companion starfield
Pick the Second Option!

Best Builds for Erick Von Price in Starfield

Erick’s Skills make him a good addition to your Starship, especially if you are interested in Exploration, carrying loads of cargo or even Smuggling items! Some Builds you can use along with Erick as a Crew member are:

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