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Baldur’s Gate 3 Blood of Lathander

The Blood of Lathander is a Legendary Mace in Baldur’s Gate 3, that you can get early in the game by solving a simple puzzle in the Rosymorn Monastery! The Mace is actually located in the Githyanki Creche under the monastery, but to retrieve it without any issues, you will need to solve the puzzle above. This is a great Mace for your Cleric or Paladin character but also for every support character that can use it.

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How to Find the Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3

This Legendary Mace is waiting at the end of the road inside the Githyanki Creche, under the Rosymorn Monastery. You can choose to steal it or retrieve it if you have already found the Dawnmaster’s Crest. To find the Crest you need to solve a simple puzzle in the Monastery above. Just interact with the base of the Mace’s hold and insert the Crest there to get the Blood of Lathander. If you do not have the Crest you can still choose to steal the Mace. But this will start a countdown for the destruction of the monastery and the Creche. You will have four turns to escape. If you fail it is game over! So the easiest way to get the Mace is by solving the puzzle and finding the Crest.

blood of lathander
The Blood of Lathander

How to Find the Dawnmaster’s Crest in BG3

While inside the Monastery and before you descend to the Githyanki Creche, head to the top floor and find the room with Glass on the floor. There you will find four altars dedicated to one of the previous Dawnmasters of the Monastery. On one of the Altars there is a Ceremonial Longsword placed on top that is glowing. If you collect the other three Ceremonial Weapons in the monastery and place them to the proper Altar, the wall on the opposite side of the room’s entrance will open and reveal a pouch. Inside the pouch you can find the Dawnmaster’s Crest!

Ceremonial Weapons and Pouch

The three weapons you need to find are:

  • Ceremonial Battleaxe
  • Ceremonial Mace
  • Ceremonial Warhammer

Where to Find the Ceremonial Battleaxe in Rosymorn Monastery BG3

You can find the Ceremonial Battleaxe near the room with the Altars, inside the first room on the right. There is a Guardian of Faith in the same room as well that will turn hostile when you collect the weapon. Defeating the Guardian should not be difficult.

Battleaxe Location

Where to Find the Ceremonial Mace in Rosymorn Monastery BG3

To collect the Mace you will have to descend in the Monastery and reach the Wine Cellar. There are a few Kobold Looters in that room that you will need to defeat and loot in order to obtain the Ceremonial Mace!

blood of lathander
Ceremonial Mace

Where to Find the Ceremonial Warhammer in Rosymorn Monastery BG3

Finally for the Warhammer reach the top floor of the Monastery and go outside until you find the Ancient Eagles. The weapon is placed in their nest and you can decide how to deal with them. Take the Warhammer and return to the Altars room.

Warhammer Location

Place the Weapons to the right Altars and the hidden storage area will appear. Interact with the pouch to loot the Dawnmaster’s Crest! You can now descend into the Creche and deal with the Githyanki!

Dawnmaster’s Crest

Inquisitor’s Chamber in BG3

Your interaction with the Githyanki will eventually lead you to the Inquisitor’s Chamber. From there head to the Western smaller room where there are two large statues on each side. If you turn them to face the right direction, the wall will open and you can continue to the weapon’s location.

blood of lathander
Hidden area

Turn the Statue on your left to face West(based on the minimap) and the Statue on your right to face East. Proceed through the new area to reach the Blood of Lathander!

Blood of Lathander Location inside Creche

Blood of Lathander Weapon Stats in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Blood of Lathander is a Legendary Mace that deals 1d6 Bludgeoning and 1d4 Radiant Damage! The Mace also offers the following:

  • Lathander’s Blessing – Once per Long Rest, when your hit points are reduced to 0, you regain 2-12 hit points. Allies within 9m also regain 1-6 hit points.
  • Lathander’s Light – Sheds holy light in a 6m radius. In combat, fiends and undead standing in the light are Blinded, unless they succeed a Constitution Saving Throw.
  • Weapon Enchantment +3
  • Sunbeam Level 6 Evocation Spell

A powerful Mace that you can get easily and early in the game for your Cleric or Paladin Build(Normal and Oathbreaker)!

blood of lathander
The Blood of Lathander Stats

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