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Baldur’s Gate 3 Phalar Aluve

Phalar Aluve is a Rare Longsword in Baldur’s Gate 3, that can assist your party in combat by either buffing your allies or debuffing your enemies! A powerful martial weapon that you can get early in the game. Phalar Aluve is a great option for your main melee character that can help you defeat strong opponents during the first Act of BG3!

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Phalar Aluve Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Sword is located in the Underdark area, near the Selunite Outpost! If you descend to the Underdark through the Goblin Camp, you will find yourself in the Outpost. From there you can easily reach the Sword. Alternatively, if you jump to the Underdark from the Whispering Depths chasm(use Feather Fall spell first!) under the Blighted Village you will land close to the sword!

Phalar Aluve Location

How to Get Phalar Aluve in BG3

The Longsword is stuck on a stone and in order to get it you will have to pass a check! There are a few ways to achieve this. The easiest is to have your strongest character, passing a Strength check. If they are successful, they will pull the Sword out of the stone and you can start using it. If you have a Drow or a Cleric of Eilistraee in your party, they will also be able to pull the Sword easily. Finally if none of the above options work for you, you can also pass a Religion Check that will show you the right ritual to release the Sword!

phalar aluve
Longsword Location

Phalar Aluve Weapon Stats in Baldur’s Gate 3

Phalar Aluve is a rare and powerful Weapon that you can get early in Baldur’s Gate 3! It deals 1d10(or 1d8 with One Hand) Slashing damage and has the Finesse and Versatile traits. Finesse means that you can use Dexterity to deal damage while Versatile means that you can use it with either both Hands or with One Hand only. The Longsword also offers:

  • Weapon Enchantment +1
  • Performance +1
  • Phalar Aluve: Melody(Class Actions)
phalar aluve
Weapon Stats

The Melody Class Actions it offers to your party is what makes this Longsword a powerful Weapon to have. There are two Actions that you can refresh after every Short Rest:

  • Sing
  • Shriek

Sing buffs your allies. The sword sings a melody. All Allies within 6m of range have a 1d4 bonus to Attack Rolls and Charisma, Wisdom and Intelligence Saving Throws.

Sing Melody

Shriek on the other hand debuffs your enemies. The sword Shrieks. All enemies within 6m of range have a 1d4 penalty to Charisma, Wisdom and Intelligence Saving Throws. Affected creatures receive an extra 1-4 Thunder damage.

Shriek Melody

A powerful Weapon that can deal good damage but also support your party with buffs and debuffs. Great for strong melee characters but also support characters that can wield it!

phalar aluve
Shriek Effect

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