underdark bg3

Underdark BG3

How to Get to Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3, in order to discover new locations and mysteries but also to advance the story of BG3! The Underdark is a vast underground area in BG3 that you can visit early in the game. By exploring the Underdark during the first Act of the game you can discover several new quests to complete but also uncover mysteries that will help you progress. In this area you can also find a couple powerful weapons that will help you early in the game, the Phalar Aluve Longsword and the Mourning Frost Staff! Exploring the Underdark is also necessary to find Grymforge and advance the story but also locate the Adamantine Forge to craft some powerful items for your characters!

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How to get to Underdark in BG3

There are four entrances to the Underdark from the surface map in the first Act of the game! Some are easier to find than the other though. There is also an elevator in Grymforge that connects the Underdark with Shadow Lands in Act 2. You can use that Elevator from the Underdark to advance to Act 2 or enter Underdark if you have not already. You can find the Entrances to get to Underdark in the following locations:

  • Blighted Village – Whispering Depths
  • Goblin Camp – Defiled Temple
  • Waukeen’s Rest – Zentarim Hideout
  • Riverside Teahouse – Auntie Ethel’s
  • Shadow Lands -Entrance to Underdark

Whispering Depths Underdark Entrance in Baldur’s Gate 3

This is probably the first Entrance to Underdark that you will find in Baldur’s Gate 3. When you first visit the Blighted Village you can interact with the Well in the center of the area. By doing this you will descend to the Whispering Depths area. The area is full of hostile Spiders that you need to defeat. Once you have dealt with the Spiders head towards the Chasm nearby with a green glow!

Whispering Depths Underdark Entrance

The Chasm is connected to the Underdark and if you jump inside you will land near the Phalar Aluve Longsword location. However in order to survive the jump you will need to use a “Feather Fall” spell to your party. Otherwise you will die and it will be Game over.

Whispering Depths Chasm

Defiled Temple Underdark Entrance in BG3

The next entrance to the Underdark is located inside the Goblin Camp to the West of the map. You will eventually find yourself in the Goblin Camp in an effort to save Halsin(or betray the Grove if you wish). Once you get inside the Shattered Sanctum, find Priestess Gut. You can fight or persuade her in order to let you in the Priestess Private Room.

Shattered Sanctum

From there you can head to the Defiled Temple where an easy puzzle is waiting for you. Solving the Puzzle will open a hidden area with a ladder that will take you all the way down to the Underdark.

underdark bg3
Defiled Temple

To solve the puzzle all you need to do is rotate the circles until the black holes are in the same circle. This entrance will bring you to the Selunite Outpost in the Underdark, which again is very close to the Phalar Aluve’s Location.

underdark bg3
Defiled Temple Puzzle

Zentarim Hideout Underdark Entrance in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can find another entrance in Waukeen’s Rest on the Northern part of the map. When inside Waukeen’s Rest, head West and enter the building with crates in front of its door. There is a hatch inside that will take you to a secret area. Inside this new area find the hidden entrance behind the Wardrobe and descend to the Zentarim Hideout.

underdark bg3
Wuakeen’s Rest

After your interaction with Zarys and the rest of the Zentarim head North inside the hideout. Eventually you will find a Wolf sleeping in front of a wall. The Wall is an illusion and you can pass through it.

Underdark Elevator

Behind the Wall you will find a locked Elevator. Lockpick the Winch to unlock it and use the Elevator to enter the Underdark.

Underdark Elevator

Auntie Ethel’s Underdark Entrance in BG3

Head West on the map to the Riverside Teahouse to find Auntie Ethel. When inside her house interact with the fireplace, which is an illusion, to uncover a new area. Enter this new area and explore. Auntie Ethel will warn you to leave the place. If you wish to fight her but also discover a way to the Underdark, continue inside. There are four Whispering Masks on a table nearby. Grab one and pass through the fake wall(illusion) nearby.

underdark bg3
Whispering Masks

Get inside the Overgrown Tunnel and head to the middle of the area. You will find a Wall blocking the way. Wear the Whispering Mask and pass through it to find a Mushroom Circle.

Mushroom Circle

Interact with the Mushroom Circle to travel to the Underdark!

underdark bg3
Mushroom Circle

Shadow Lands Underdark Entrance in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you have not been in the Underdark before Act 2, you can still visit the area via the Entrance found in the Shadow Lands. The Entrance is located on the Northern part of the map, North East from the Last Light Inn.

underdark bg3
Entrance to Underdark in Shadow Lands

When you enter this area you will find an empty room with an Elevator. The Elevator will take you to Grymforge area in Underdark, close to the Adamantine Forge! You can use this Elevator from Grymforge during Act 1, to advance the story and enter Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate!

Entrance to Underdark

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