mourning frost bg3

Mourning Frost BG3

Mourning Frost is a Very Rare Staff in BG3 that you can get early in the game to boost your Cold Damage! An excellent Weapon for Classes and Builds that rely on Cold Damage to defeat their opponents like the Sorcerer and the Wizard! Mourning Frost offers a nice boost to your Cold Damage and is a Versatile weapon that you can get early in Act 1! This Mourning Frost BG3 Guide will show you where to find the Weapon and how to get it.

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How to Get Mourning Frost in BG3

In order to obtain Mourning Frost, you must first discover and combine its three pieces! The Staff is broken in the following parts:

  • Icy Crystal
  • Ice Helve
  • Icy Metal

You can collect all three by completing certain tasks or defeating specific enemies in the Underdark during the first Act of Baldur’s Gate 3. There are several ways you can enter the Underdark in BG3, with the easiest being through the Whispering Depths or the Goblin Camp.

mourning frost bg3
Mourning Frost Location

Where to Find Icy Crystal in BG3

You can obtain Icy Crystal by defeating Filro the Forgotten. You can find Filro in the Western part of Underdark near the Sussur Tree and its waypoint. Filro will attack you on sight along with a few Hook Horror creatures. Defeat and loot him to get the first part of the Mourning Frost Staff.

Filro – Icy Crystal

Where to Find Icy Helve in BG3

You can find Icy Helve by defeating and looting another Drow, Dhourn, near the Selunite Outpost. When you reach the area shown on the map, use Basilisk Oil(found in the Cellar in Blighted village and other areas) on the petrified Drow. This will initiate a fight with a beholder. The Beholder will use other petrified Drow in the area to attack you, one of which is Dhourn. Kill him during the fight or after(he will attack you either way) and loot him to get the second part of the Staff.

mourning frost bg3
Dhourn – Icy Helve

Where to Find Icy Metal in BG3

Finally you can get Icy Metal from the Pale Corpse in the Myconid Colony! The easiest way to gain access to this locked area is by accepting the Myconid Leader’s request to kill the Duergar in the beach. Once you have killed them all, return to the Myconid and gain access to the area. Loot the Pale Corpse to get Icy Metal. Next to the Corpse you will find the Shadow of Menzoberranzan Head Armor Piece as well, which is excellent for stealthy Builds like an Assassin Rogue!

mourning frost bg3
Pale Corpse – Icy Metal

All three Drow will also share hints for the Adamantine Forge, which you can find in the next Underdark area, the Grymforge! The Adamantine Forge is a legendary forge where you can create strong Weapons and Armors with the right materials. Now that you have all three pieces in your inventory, right click on them and select the combine option. Place all three in the combine layout and you will get the Mourning Frost Staff in your inventory.

Combine Items

Mourning Frost Stats in BG3

The Mourning Frost Staff is an excellent Weapon for Cold Damage based Builds, that you can get early in Baldur’s Gate 3! A Very Rare Staff that offers the following effects:

  • Heart of Ice: When dealing Cold damage, the wielder deals an additional 1 Cold damage.
  • Insidious Cold: Dealing Cold damage with a spell possibly inflicts Chilled upon the target.
  • Weapon Enchantment +1
  • Ray of Frost Cantrip
  • Versatile
mourning frost bg3
Mourning Frost Stats

A great weapon if you wish to focus on Cold Damage based Spells to deal massive damage in Baldur’s Gate 3!

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