fish people bg3

Fish People BG3

The Fish People of Baldur’s Gate 3 is a well hidden secret in the first BG3 Act! The Kuo-Toa, as they are called, is a society of Fish people hidden in the Underdark area that can worship you like a God if you pick the right dialogue options. Discovering their secret area, The Festering Cove, will reward you with a fun encounter and a decent rare weapon early in the game. This Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide will show you where to find the Fish People and How to make them Worship you as their God!

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Where to Find the Fish People in BG3

You can find the Fish People in the Underdark area of the first Act of the game. There are several ways you can take in order to reach the Underdark from the surface. Visiting this part of the map will unlock new encounters and reward you with powerful items like Phalar Aluve, Mourning Frost and the Sussur Weapons! To find the Fish People you will need first to locate the entrance to their Festering Cove, which is easy to miss. The entrance appears as Cragged Rock on the map and you can find it West of the Selunite Outpost or South East of the Beach Waypoint.

fish people bg3
Fish People Location

You will recognize the area from the several explosive mushrooms around. Get to the point shown on the picture below and jump across the chasm. Interact with the Cragged Rock to descend to The Festering Cove. Once you enter the new area you will stumble upon the Kuo-Tua worshiping their God Boooal!

Cragged Rock

How to Become the Kuo-Toa God in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can choose to attack them immediately if you wish or attempt to become the Fish People’s God! If you succeed in your Investigation check you will realize that Boooal is just a Redcap and not a real God. Provoke him into a fight and defeat him to become the Fish People’s new God. The Kuo-Toa will also reward you with the Sickle of Boooal, a Rare Weapon. If you decide to attack the Kuo-Toa instead you can still get the Sickle by looting them after the fight. Before you leave the Cove, search around to find a few chests you can loot for some extra items but nothing spectacular!

Fish People, Kuo-Toa

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